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What's Hap-pinning Wednesday: My Recent Favorite Amazon Purchases

Hey, friends! If you read my Friday Favorites posts, you'll know that I typically end them with my favorite Amazon purchases of the week. Because let's be honest, Amazon is life to a mom who doesn't want to drag her two boys to the store every time she remembers something she needs -- or wants. 

Our Amazon staples -- things I always buy -- are the following: the boys' probiotics, the boys' multivitamins, their Elderberry syrup, our Elderberry gummies, and each year I buy them a size up in these sandals -- they're my favorite for busy little boys! 

But here are some of my recent favorite "fun" purchases! 

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-ONE and TWO-
I bought the boys these water beads and these fun tools thanks to a recommendation from an Instagram friend, and the boys love them! But here's a tip: buy cheap Tupperware containers from a dollar store and put them in there, soak with water and let sit during nap time (or for a few hours) and then let your kids go to town -- but be sure to put a beach towel beneath them! 

I bought these earrings on a whim and love them! They're so fun for summer! They're lightweight and don't hurt my ears at all; they're so light that I sometimes forget I'm wearing them -- and they look good with my hair up or down. 

I found these sunglasses in a tiny convenience store in Angel Fire, New Mexico this winter after mine were broken. Well, leave it to my kids to scratch the mess out of those...sigh. But after an extensive Amazon search, I found them! I love them and they're perfect for the beach and pool (and skiing, of course!). They're less than $10 -- which is $10 less than I paid at the convenience store! 

My hairdresser used this hairspray on me and I loved it! It not only holds well, but has a rotating nozzle for three levels of hold (light, medium or heavy). Plus, it smells amazing. 

My best friend told me about this granola and we have fallen in love. It is SO GOOD! We use it on our nightly parfait with low-carb yogurt, fruit, hemp hearts, chia seeds and maybe some honey if we are feeling like it that night. 

My mom used this laundry soap (not detergent!) on my kids' clothes while they were at their house, and it smelled so good as I was unpacking them that I had to have it! It's all-natural and made with essential oils (plus coconut oil soap and baking soda -- that's it!). I was outside near our laundry room and could still smell it as my clothes were drying. I'm a convert! 

If you love the famous Capri Blue Candle from Anthropologie, then these wax melts are for you! They smell just like it at a fraction of the price. I love them!

I got a sample of this enzyme peel in my recent Sephora order and fell in love. It's a powder that you mix with a tad bit of water and rub on a clean, somewhat wet face. It smells DELICIOUS and it really works! I had to immediately order it from Amazon (thanks, Prime!) because I couldn't wait a week to get it shipped from Sephora. It was that good! It's expensive, yes, but the results I saw after one use were totally worth it to me. 

I wanted a fedora that I could wear on our upcoming beach trip, but didn't have time to go to the store to try them on. After reading reviews, I decided on this one. It came in and I love it! It's not too small (which I don't care for) and Brandon loves the way it looks on me -- and I love it, too. 

I ordered this shampoo and body wash liquid for the boys and it is wonderful! I love that it's hypoallergenic and tear-free, and, like most things on this list: it smells amazing! I love smelling their sweet little heads when they get out of the bath or shower -- and especially when they use this! 

The Lint Lizard has been a lifesaver for this clean freak! You attach it to your Shop-Vac (or regular vacuum if you have the right attachments; I don't) and it vacuums out your dryer's lint trap. It was oddly satisfying and this reminds me that I need to do it again. 

My friend Emily told me about this water bottle, which has been great for people like me who just simply don't drink enough water during the day. It has time markers so you can see your progress, and at the end of the day, you've had 64 oz. of water -- way more than I was drinking before! I'm super visual and this helps motivate me. 

I bought this matching swimsuit for Brandon and the boys and I can't get over the cuteness. You better bet I'm matching them as long as they let me, and swimsuits are no exception! ;) 

I have a hard time finding one-piece swimsuits for myself that are appropriate for playing with my kids. Either they're a 1980s-style, high-cut, odd-fitting style, they're a total coverup, or they're just ridiculous with no straps, support and random cutouts that leave lovely tan lines. Anyway, all of that to say, I hit the jackpot when I ordered this swimsuit! I loved it so much that I went back and ordered it in burgundy and aquamarine blue, too. 

And finally, this dress. It's cheap, it's comfy, it's cute, and I always get compliments on it when I wear it. It was one of those random, stumble-upon-it Amazon finds that I'm so glad I found because I wear the heck out of it! 

What are your recent favorite Amazon finds?! 

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  1. I just got something so similar to the Lint Lizard and agree it was crazy satisfying! Haha! Going to order some of that hair spray - the adjustable nozzle definitely piqued my interest.

  2. These posts are quickly becoming my fav since I'm finally trying to be more of an Amazon person! Seth has prime but um its looking like I need my own haha I've been eyeing that water bottle as well and I love those earrings!


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