Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Life Lately

I took a bit of an unintentional pause here, so I wanted to share a bit of our life lately since I last posted about our Father's Day celebrations

Since I last posted...

+ The boys attended Camp Creativity at our local Michael's store. For $3/session, it's a great 30-minute craft time for them -- and I get to wander around the store in the meantime. They get to do fun crafts this non-crafty mom wouldn't dare attempt and they had a ball doing it! (Not sponsored)

+ We took them to see "Toy Story 4," which was just precious. We all loved it! We went to Moviehouse & Eatery and got to eat a delicious lunch while we watched and I think that helped keep Knox's attention. 

Our letter board is here
The boys' shirts are from the Snips & Snails Facebook group
Walker's faux-Natives are from last year; similar here
Knox's sandals are here 

+ We had play dates with friends and realized that after an odd June full of rain, Texas summer is officially here and we're loading up on sunscreen, water and finding all the indoor playtime now! 

+ The boys left Saturday afternoon for my parents' house -- for the week! They're attending Vacation Bible School (VBS) at the church I grew up in and getting to spend some special time with their grandparents. They couldn't have been more excited and didn't even look back when we dropped them off with my mom Saturday! 

The boys' shirts are here 

+ Brandon and I, meanwhile, have enjoyed some great one-on-one time! We'll go get the boys on Friday, but in the meantime, we have: had a delicious lunch at Sixty Vines in Dallas, gotten pedicures, gone to church (so weird getting ready in a quiet house!), had dinner with friends at Chef Point, done all the home improvement projects (painting, power washing, yard work, etc.), and I've had a couple of annual doctor appointments! It's been really a joy to get to spend this special time with my husband and I'm so thankful for my parents who have made that happen! 

Brandon's sunglasses are here
My sunglasses are sold out in my particular color, but there are plenty more available! Here is a dupe for the exact ones I'm wearing.  

My dress is here and earrings are here
Nicole's jumpsuit is here

Other than that, here's a little "Currently..." for you: 

+ Eating: All the salads as main dishes while the boys aren't here: a replica of the Nordstrom Cilantro Lime Shrimp Salad (Brandon loved this!); BLT Salad; and this wild mushroom pasta (I added chicken and used chickpea pasta). 

+ Loving: This ruffle-sleeve top (I have it in white, gray and olive -- I'm a creature of habit!); these adorable flamingo swim trunks I bought for the boys to match Brandon's; this self-tanner (amazing and the color is the perfect shade of bronze -- and gets you there quickly!); and Target Circle -- if you don't have it, sign up for's money straight back to you when you shop. 

+ Watching: "Big Little Lies," season 2. We flew through the first season and have become addicted! It's so good! 

+ Dreading: This oppressive Texas summer heat and humidity -- it's only going to get worse until mid-October and I'm just not ready! 

+ Excited About/Looking Forward To: Getting to see the boys this weekend and then our upcoming beach trip! I can't believe it's almost July! 

+ Wearing: I've been super casual this week, but I've been loving getting into my new pajamas early and curling up on the couch with a TV show and a glass of wine post-dinner. These are the comfiest, softest pajamas I've owned and I have them in four colors (black, gray, a pink floral, and a navy floral). I love them! 

I hope everyone has a great week! 

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  1. A week to get to get spend together sounds amazing!! As a couple we need that time since we are always focused on the kiddos. You have given me so many things to check into in this post..yay!! I didn't see your particular color sunglasses? Do you think they are sold out?

  2. Love the one on one time that you and Brandon are getting while the boys are enjoying some quality time with your parents!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Brandon's face in the pedicure chair is cracking me up! So glad you all have had some time this week. I bet getting ready to go out and to church with noone yelling mommmmmm has been amazing!

  4. So many fun activities! I need to see if our Michaels offers something like that or if Ella is too young. Definitely would do it next summer though if she is.
    I’m glad you two have had time to reconnect and recharge. It’s so important!

  5. Love this! The date time with B is so sweet and and I'm still trying to find a time to get Andi to the theater to see TS4! I'm with you on this heat - like um bring on Fall and I'd be a happy camper. Cheers to beach trips in July because I cannot wait!


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