Wednesday, June 12, 2019

June Confessions

Happy Wednesday! I thought I'd share a few confessions today, so buckle up, grab a cup of coffee, and join me! 

I confess that...

+ I am seriously ready to be on the beach. We usually go in late May, but have to go with Brandon's family in July for an extended family reunion and I'm itching to get to the ocean. 

+ I'm so unhappy with how I look these days. I know a lot of it is just me being hard on myself, but I just can't seem to lose these last four or so pounds that keep hanging on and I'm honestly really discouraged. Sigh. 

+ When I was little, I really wanted to be a meteorologist. But then I realized you have to be really good at math and science, and those I'm just not. However, I'm super obsessed with the weather to this day. (What did you want to be when you grew up when you were little?) 

+ We had a pool guy cheat us out of money -- as in, we paid him to do work and he never did it, but took our money -- and we are so bummed. We've been dealing with this since April and it's just so exhausting. I hate dishonest people. 

+ I saw something on Instagram last week that reminded me that I only have 18 summers with my children. It made me really sentimental and I can't believe I only have 13 left with Walker (after this year) before he goes to college. Sob. 

+ We have a dead tree in our backyard (Rose of Sharon) and I want to replace it, but have no idea what with. It's so hard to determine what we like vs. what will grow in our area...which, at this point in the year, is the humid surface of the sun. I'm from southeast Texas and adore dogwoods, azaleas and pine trees -- none of which grow well in North Texas. :(

+ I don't know how to take the comment, "You have your hands full," in relation to my children. Are you saying they're bad? I feel like, "You have your hands full" is the parenting equivalent of, "You look tired." 

+ I'm on a mission to modernize our house a bit. I love mid-century modern and traditional design, so I'm trying my hardest to mix the two without going overboard on either of them. 

+ Our 1999 kitchen is getting on my nerves. The previous owners hand-painted the old oak cabinets white, but didn't use the correct type of paint and I can scratch it off with my fingernail. We'd love to ultimately update our kitchen and knock out the wall that separates it from our living room. But whew, that is all so expensive! 

+ I'm so impatiently waiting for "The Crown" to come back out on Netflix. Hurry up! 

+ I just started "Big Little Lies" and am obsessed. SO GOOD! 

+ I've been loving following Just Ingredients and making simple swaps in our fridge and pantry for things we're already buying. The Simple Truth brand at Kroger, Annie's Organics and Siete are some of my favorite brands now! 

+ I'm SO TIRED of the working mom vs. stay-at-home mom, vaccinating your children vs. not vaccinating your children, screen time vs. no screen time debates. It's just so exhausting. I just wish we could all just stay in our own lanes and be respectful of each other and our decisions -- whether they were chosen or done out of family necessity. 

Anyway, what are y'all confessing today?!

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  1. Ugh how frustrating about the pool company. That is terrible! And I totally understand the frustration this time of year to lose a few pounds. I have had the same feelings looking in the mirror this season and it is frustrating when it just doesn't budge.

    Also nodding my head in agreement about the kitchen. Ours was built in 1992 and also has cabinets that were improperly painted. We are hoping to do a little "refresh" in the fall and have them sanded and repainted properly plus a few other projects.

  2. Sorry to hear about the pool company - that's just not right! Also Big Little Lies - SO GOOD and so happy the second season is back! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  3. I always hear "you have your hands full!" when I'm pushing a stroller and walking two dogs. I always take it to mean "I'm glad I'm not you!", which is annoying because what do you even say? I usually respond with "Yes, I do!" in a nice way. :/

    I hate the working/SAH mom debate. Everyone's situation is SO different. I do care if kids are vaccinated :)

  4. LOVING Big Little Lies, and I can't wait for the crown either!

  5. I cannot believe you are still dealing with the pool company. I hate that for you. I want to redo so much in our house too lady... wish money grew on trees.

  6. I hear you on the parenting debates friend, why can't we all just worry about ourselves and what we believe in and respect that other people are different?!

    Oh no, I am so sorry about the pool guy! That is so shocking!!
    I am dying to finish Season 1 of BLL so I can also start on this next season - Reese Witherspoon is my best! And don't get me started on body image :(

  7. Big Little Lies is soooo good!! In our first home (that was built in 1947), we couldn't afford to redo our entire kitchen so we just had new cabinet fronts made and painted. It saved us a ton of money and updated the look of our kitchen instantly. :)

  8. I hear you on personal image/body frustrations. I'm there, too, and I think a big part has been taking the time to focus on me, which can be so hard to do when you have littles. You can do it! Give yourself some grace and space, my friend <3 you'll get there!

  9. Oh gosh - 18 summers with the kids - that's crazy, they are going to all fly by!!

  10. UGH I hate the phrase "You have your hands full!" I have a toddler and am about to have twins and I hear that all the time. Do people think I can't handle it?

  11. Man I feel ya on every single confession! I'm also craving the beach and not going until July (and only for a few days instead of the entire week because of our circumstances) Did you finish BLL yet?? I watched season one like 4 times no joke! When you're ready for your kitchen overhaul, we'll book a flight haha!

  12. I think it depends on who is saying 'you have your hands full'. Because I am sure I have said that to someone, but probably in a wistful way, like goodness it has to be a lot, but I sure wish my hands were full in that way too. Big Little Lies fan over here, too - I am so curious to see where things go this season!


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