Friday, June 14, 2019

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! 

The boys had swim lessons this week (Monday-Thursday) and did so well! Even though we have a pool and they technically know how to swim, I want them to get a refresher and hear the safe swimming rules each year. Our teacher is excellent and we love her to pieces! Plus, we had the most amazing weather this year for them: low 80's, little humidity and not at all like mid-June in Texas! 

Brandon traveled to Pennsylvania this week for business and we're so glad he's coming home today! Funny story, Walker was terrified that he was going to Pennsylvania because he said Dracula lives there. It took us a while to realize he was thinking of Transylvania! Ha! We assured him that was just a movie (they love the "Hotel Transylvania" series) and that Daddy was safe and sound there. 

But we are so excited to celebrate our favorite guy this weekend for Father's Day! He asked for his favorite meal (the Pioneer Woman's Comfort Meatballs and her homemade mashed potatoes) and for us to clean his car. Done and done! 

Y'all know I'm a total anglophile and obsessed with the British Royal Family. Well, I adored Catherine's look during their trip to Cumbria earlier this week! That ruffled-neck shirt underneath her sweater and jacket is so cute! Love her casual looks; I need to figure out how to pull this off this fall. 

I posted this on social media last week but wanted to share here, too:

"'Mommy! Kick your legs and swim with us!'" I realized today that these boys don’t care what I look like in a swimsuit, don’t care if I have flabby thighs or a pudgy lower belly that I’m not proud of. They don’t care about anything other than their mommy swimming in the pool with them, getting her hair wet and jumping off the diving board. They don’t care how much my swimsuit cost (or didn’t, let’s be honest) or even what brand it is. They just want their mommy to, as Walker says, “GET. IN. THE. POOL.” So mamas, get in the pool. Bikini, tankini, one-piece or muumuu...get it in the pool. I promise it’s worth it.

My Amazon orders have been pretty standard this week: birthday gifts for nephews (this pool game and this block set), swimsuits for the boys, and a new high-backed booster for Walker for Brandon's car as our extra one. Mom life to the max! 

But I did find a couple of things I'd been wanting: a new Capri Blue Volcano candle and the wax melts that are a total dupe for it! My house smells so good! 

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  1. All the swimming this summer. And I loved your post about just getting in the pool. so true.

  2. I loved her look too - total Kate fan here!

  3. I realized the very same thing a few years ago; I also join in with my boys jumping on the trampoline or at bounce house parties. All the kids think I'm the coolest and you know what? It is fun and I'm making memories with my boys.

  4. I’m glad Brandon didn’t encounter Dracula on his Pennsylvania travels haha! Super smart to do a refresher swim course!! Glad your guys is back home with you all!


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