Friday, June 28, 2019

Friday Favorites: Last One for June

How on earth is this the last Friday of June?! Crazy to think that this time next week, we will have already celebrated July 4. It's insane to me how quickly this summer is flying by! 

But anyway, let's get down to my favorites, shall we? 

We have had a kid-free week this week thanks to my parents. They have had the boys since Saturday and we are so excited to see them today! They've had a ball at VBS, playing in the lake and getting to spend some special time with their Foxy and Papa. It's been weird to be alone, but also so amazing and we are so grateful for this week we had at home just the two of us! 

We were able to have some date nights (alone and with friends), get a ton of stuff done around the house and I actually slept in until 8 a.m. one morning! (Cue "The Hallelujah Chorus!" 

My earrings are here and dress is here
Nicole's jumpsuit is here

And speaking of the boys, I did a little "life lately" post on Wednesday and shared a bit about what we've been up to and a few things I'm loving lately. Go check that out if you missed it!

I got my eyebrows microbladed again on Wednesday by the fabulous Tennille at BrowBeat. If you remember, I first had them done in December 2017, but of course they always shrink and I knew it would be a good 18 months-2 years when I had to have them done again. Well, here we are, and as always, I'm so thrilled with the outcome! These gals are fabulous and I wouldn't go anywhere else! 

(Not sponsored; I paid for this with my own money.) 



My latest post for the Fort Worth Moms Blog went live on Tuesday, and you can read it here. It's a helpful guide to aiding your friend whose spouse travels for work. I'm really loving getting to write for the FWMB and hope you'll follow along with us! 

I had to do a reorder of my Inkey List products earlier this week and just had to share with y'all again how much I love them! 

I used the first batch up so quickly that I had to go online and order more. I normally get the salicylic acid cleanser, beta hydroxy acidglycolic acid toner, the multi-biotic moisturizer and the caffeine eye cream. Well, I got those again, of course, but also added the kaolin mask and collagen serum to my order this time and I'm so excited about them! I have some fine lines around my eyes that I'm hoping the serum helps, and I'm a sucker for any mask. 

(Not sponsored; I paid for this with my own money.)

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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Life Lately

I took a bit of an unintentional pause here, so I wanted to share a bit of our life lately since I last posted about our Father's Day celebrations

Since I last posted...

+ The boys attended Camp Creativity at our local Michael's store. For $3/session, it's a great 30-minute craft time for them -- and I get to wander around the store in the meantime. They get to do fun crafts this non-crafty mom wouldn't dare attempt and they had a ball doing it! (Not sponsored)

+ We took them to see "Toy Story 4," which was just precious. We all loved it! We went to Moviehouse & Eatery and got to eat a delicious lunch while we watched and I think that helped keep Knox's attention. 

Our letter board is here
The boys' shirts are from the Snips & Snails Facebook group
Walker's faux-Natives are from last year; similar here
Knox's sandals are here 

+ We had play dates with friends and realized that after an odd June full of rain, Texas summer is officially here and we're loading up on sunscreen, water and finding all the indoor playtime now! 

+ The boys left Saturday afternoon for my parents' house -- for the week! They're attending Vacation Bible School (VBS) at the church I grew up in and getting to spend some special time with their grandparents. They couldn't have been more excited and didn't even look back when we dropped them off with my mom Saturday! 

The boys' shirts are here 

+ Brandon and I, meanwhile, have enjoyed some great one-on-one time! We'll go get the boys on Friday, but in the meantime, we have: had a delicious lunch at Sixty Vines in Dallas, gotten pedicures, gone to church (so weird getting ready in a quiet house!), had dinner with friends at Chef Point, done all the home improvement projects (painting, power washing, yard work, etc.), and I've had a couple of annual doctor appointments! It's been really a joy to get to spend this special time with my husband and I'm so thankful for my parents who have made that happen! 

Brandon's sunglasses are here
My sunglasses are sold out in my particular color, but there are plenty more available! Here is a dupe for the exact ones I'm wearing.  

My dress is here and earrings are here
Nicole's jumpsuit is here

Other than that, here's a little "Currently..." for you: 

+ Eating: All the salads as main dishes while the boys aren't here: a replica of the Nordstrom Cilantro Lime Shrimp Salad (Brandon loved this!); BLT Salad; and this wild mushroom pasta (I added chicken and used chickpea pasta). 

+ Loving: This ruffle-sleeve top (I have it in white, gray and olive -- I'm a creature of habit!); these adorable flamingo swim trunks I bought for the boys to match Brandon's; this self-tanner (amazing and the color is the perfect shade of bronze -- and gets you there quickly!); and Target Circle -- if you don't have it, sign up for's money straight back to you when you shop. 

+ Watching: "Big Little Lies," season 2. We flew through the first season and have become addicted! It's so good! 

+ Dreading: This oppressive Texas summer heat and humidity -- it's only going to get worse until mid-October and I'm just not ready! 

+ Excited About/Looking Forward To: Getting to see the boys this weekend and then our upcoming beach trip! I can't believe it's almost July! 

+ Wearing: I've been super casual this week, but I've been loving getting into my new pajamas early and curling up on the couch with a TV show and a glass of wine post-dinner. These are the comfiest, softest pajamas I've owned and I have them in four colors (black, gray, a pink floral, and a navy floral). I love them! 

I hope everyone has a great week! 

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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Belated Father's Day Weekending

Happy Wednesday, y'all! I couldn't get my act together Sunday to author this blog post, so I'm bringing you a belated Father's Day weekending post. If you saw my Instagram Stories on Sunday night, you'll know that I was told by a snarky follower that I "take more naps then [sic] anyone I know," so apparently I was napping too hard to get this post written. ;) 

Anyway, onto our weekend! 


+ We got to surprise Brandon at the airport! The boys were so thrilled to get to pick him up in the baggage claim, and he loved having us there. 

+ We went straight from the airport to Knox's makeup swim lesson; he did so well last week and we're so proud of him for his progress! 

Knox's "Toy Story" towel is here 

+ And then we went straight home from swim lessons to meet my grandparents, who were driving home from Angel Fire, New Mexico, and stopped on their way to have lunch with us. It was such a special treat to get to see them! 

+ The boys had the time of their lives when a local police officer stopped by to see them while he was on patrol. He was so kind and let them sit in his lap in the car, call dispatch, sit in the back, etc. He was so patient and answered all of their questions. So precious! 

+ Then, we all suited up and went swimming! It was the perfect Friday evening. 

My swimsuit is old from Target (similar here), my sunglasses are here and my earrings are old from Nordstrom (similar here); Knox's rash guard is here and swimsuit is here


+ I have absolutely zero pictures from this day (blogger fail!). But, I went to get my hair cut and colored while Brandon took the boys to Bass Pro Shops. We had a slow afternoon/evening at home; I grilled these kebabs and corn on the cob and made a peach cobbler for dessert. The boys did more swimming and Brandon started "Big Little Lies" to catch up with me. 


+ We woke Brandon up with breakfast in bed and showered him with his gifts, then went to church and Sunday School, then let Brandon pick out our lunch spot: Wildwood. We enjoyed a delicious meal and came home right as a big storm hit our area. It was the perfect nap weather (since I take too many naps and all!) and so we all rested while it rained, then I made Brandon's favorite meal: The Pioneer Woman's Comfort Meatballs and her homemade mashed potatoes (with green beans). 

It was a great day celebrating our favorite guy! 

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Friday, June 14, 2019

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! 

The boys had swim lessons this week (Monday-Thursday) and did so well! Even though we have a pool and they technically know how to swim, I want them to get a refresher and hear the safe swimming rules each year. Our teacher is excellent and we love her to pieces! Plus, we had the most amazing weather this year for them: low 80's, little humidity and not at all like mid-June in Texas! 

Brandon traveled to Pennsylvania this week for business and we're so glad he's coming home today! Funny story, Walker was terrified that he was going to Pennsylvania because he said Dracula lives there. It took us a while to realize he was thinking of Transylvania! Ha! We assured him that was just a movie (they love the "Hotel Transylvania" series) and that Daddy was safe and sound there. 

But we are so excited to celebrate our favorite guy this weekend for Father's Day! He asked for his favorite meal (the Pioneer Woman's Comfort Meatballs and her homemade mashed potatoes) and for us to clean his car. Done and done! 

Y'all know I'm a total anglophile and obsessed with the British Royal Family. Well, I adored Catherine's look during their trip to Cumbria earlier this week! That ruffled-neck shirt underneath her sweater and jacket is so cute! Love her casual looks; I need to figure out how to pull this off this fall. 

I posted this on social media last week but wanted to share here, too:

"'Mommy! Kick your legs and swim with us!'" I realized today that these boys don’t care what I look like in a swimsuit, don’t care if I have flabby thighs or a pudgy lower belly that I’m not proud of. They don’t care about anything other than their mommy swimming in the pool with them, getting her hair wet and jumping off the diving board. They don’t care how much my swimsuit cost (or didn’t, let’s be honest) or even what brand it is. They just want their mommy to, as Walker says, “GET. IN. THE. POOL.” So mamas, get in the pool. Bikini, tankini, one-piece or muumuu...get it in the pool. I promise it’s worth it.

My Amazon orders have been pretty standard this week: birthday gifts for nephews (this pool game and this block set), swimsuits for the boys, and a new high-backed booster for Walker for Brandon's car as our extra one. Mom life to the max! 

But I did find a couple of things I'd been wanting: a new Capri Blue Volcano candle and the wax melts that are a total dupe for it! My house smells so good! 

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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

June Confessions

Happy Wednesday! I thought I'd share a few confessions today, so buckle up, grab a cup of coffee, and join me! 

I confess that...

+ I am seriously ready to be on the beach. We usually go in late May, but have to go with Brandon's family in July for an extended family reunion and I'm itching to get to the ocean. 

+ I'm so unhappy with how I look these days. I know a lot of it is just me being hard on myself, but I just can't seem to lose these last four or so pounds that keep hanging on and I'm honestly really discouraged. Sigh. 

+ When I was little, I really wanted to be a meteorologist. But then I realized you have to be really good at math and science, and those I'm just not. However, I'm super obsessed with the weather to this day. (What did you want to be when you grew up when you were little?) 

+ We had a pool guy cheat us out of money -- as in, we paid him to do work and he never did it, but took our money -- and we are so bummed. We've been dealing with this since April and it's just so exhausting. I hate dishonest people. 

+ I saw something on Instagram last week that reminded me that I only have 18 summers with my children. It made me really sentimental and I can't believe I only have 13 left with Walker (after this year) before he goes to college. Sob. 

+ We have a dead tree in our backyard (Rose of Sharon) and I want to replace it, but have no idea what with. It's so hard to determine what we like vs. what will grow in our area...which, at this point in the year, is the humid surface of the sun. I'm from southeast Texas and adore dogwoods, azaleas and pine trees -- none of which grow well in North Texas. :(

+ I don't know how to take the comment, "You have your hands full," in relation to my children. Are you saying they're bad? I feel like, "You have your hands full" is the parenting equivalent of, "You look tired." 

+ I'm on a mission to modernize our house a bit. I love mid-century modern and traditional design, so I'm trying my hardest to mix the two without going overboard on either of them. 

+ Our 1999 kitchen is getting on my nerves. The previous owners hand-painted the old oak cabinets white, but didn't use the correct type of paint and I can scratch it off with my fingernail. We'd love to ultimately update our kitchen and knock out the wall that separates it from our living room. But whew, that is all so expensive! 

+ I'm so impatiently waiting for "The Crown" to come back out on Netflix. Hurry up! 

+ I just started "Big Little Lies" and am obsessed. SO GOOD! 

+ I've been loving following Just Ingredients and making simple swaps in our fridge and pantry for things we're already buying. The Simple Truth brand at Kroger, Annie's Organics and Siete are some of my favorite brands now! 

+ I'm SO TIRED of the working mom vs. stay-at-home mom, vaccinating your children vs. not vaccinating your children, screen time vs. no screen time debates. It's just so exhausting. I just wish we could all just stay in our own lanes and be respectful of each other and our decisions -- whether they were chosen or done out of family necessity. 

Anyway, what are y'all confessing today?!

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Monday, June 10, 2019


We had a wonderful weekend full of time with friends and tons of outside playtime. Here's a peek into what we did: 


+ It was National Donut Day, so I took the boys (in their jammies, natch) to Krispy Kreme for a sugary breakfast. They had so much fun! 

+ We had slow morning at home, which was a nice change of pace. The boys played with their water beads and tools and enjoyed doing that for nearly an hour! It was glorious. (I just put them in cheap little Tupperware bins and got smart after this picture and put a beach towel underneath them.) 

+ Brandon was home before lunch (thank you, Summer Fridays!). I left soon after he got home for a massage, and while there, they told me they had a cancellation for a facial right after my massage and asked if I wanted it. I quickly said, "YES!" and had an unexpected afternoon of pampering while the boys had fun playing at home together. 

+ Friday night, we had dinner at The Station, followed by another unexpected fun thing: a little festival hosted by our local Chamber of Commerce, complete with a bounce house, face painting, a limbo contest, and more. 


+ Brandon played in an annual 36-hole golf tournament. Our friend Chris joined him, so his wife, Liz, and their daughters Peyton and Parker came over for the day to swim and have lunch! It was such a great day! 

My swimsuit is here and sunglasses are here

My boys' swimsuit trunks are here and rash guards are here

+ Brandon got home from the tournament around bedtime and we all crashed before 8:30 p.m. It had been a long day for everyone and we were all wiped! 


+ We went to church, then came home and the boys swam in the pool while I did laundry, unloaded the dishwasher and picked up around the house. We had a random summer storm that came in as quickly as it went out, so we spent the boys' nap time watching that roll through. 

+ Our evening was spent with more outdoor time and preparing for the week ahead. The boys both have swimming lessons this week, so I'm going to be a full-time chauffeur this week, but it's worth it! 

Have great weeks, everyone! 

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