Wednesday, May 8, 2019

What's Hap-pinning Wednesday: May Confessions

Hey y'all! I thought I'd share some confessions today, so let's get right down to it! 

I confess...

+ That someone referred to May as "the new December" and I couldn't agree more. I just feel like May (for us at least) is so jam-packed with end-of-year parties/events, Mother's Day, Knox's birthday, Teacher Appreciation, Walker's Pre-K graduation, and Memorial Day (to name some) and I just feel like I'm drowning a bit.

+ Although I know I'm currently looking forward to Memorial Day weekend when it all slows down a bit, I know I'll miss routine and structure that the school year brings by about mid-June. 

+ That someone asked me my hobbies the other day and I legit was stumped. I halfway mumbled, "Uh...momming?" I used to be cool and have fun hobbies, but thankfully I'm not trying to be in a pageant or anything where I'd walk the catwalk and they'd introduce me as, "Brittany Whitacre! She's from Texas and her hobbies are...MOMMING!" #smh

+ That sometimes my kids are annoying. I love them dearly and I am going to cry for days when Walker goes to Kindergarten, but man, when they use potty words (there's only so much "poop talk" a girl can take) for hours on end, scream at the tops of their lungs for a second snack, wipe their boogers on me and ask me to get their water cup that's sitting two feet in front of them...yeah, they're annoying. I admit it. I said it. 

+ Nothing infuriates me more than bloggers who go into dressing rooms, try on clothes they don't buy, and link it in order to make a buck. Nope, no thank you, don't like that at all. 

+ That you can rest assured the only things I tell y'all about are products/services I've actually tried and actually like. I've had companies reach out to me about their products and I turn them down because it's just not authentic and I strive so much to be authentic in this space. I hope y'all see my authenticity! 

+ The self-checkout cameras at Target make me look like Jabba the Hutt and are terrifying. No Target, no. Can we get a nice Instagram filter on those bad boys? Asking for a friend. 

+ I'm totally a "do-er." I was most definitely that student that just said, "Here, let me do it" in group projects in high school and college. Not my best trait but hey, not exactly my worst. 

+ We have had the craziest spring storms here lately and: 1) I'm over the rain; send the sunshine! And 2) The storms are so crazy they wake the boys up (and us, too, of course) and they are in our bedroom for the remainder of the night. Shew! I'm just ready for some nice weather. (Although it's going to be 100* and 100% humidity before we know it, and I'm sure I'll be complaining about that, too.) 

+ And finally, I'd love to do something fun and see where y'all are reading from! So, if you've made it this far, please comment and tell me your name and where you're from (or reading from). :) 

Happy Wednesday! 

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  1. Hey, momming is totally a job not a hobby! Blogging, creating amazing gifts for teachers, organizing things totally hobbies and ones at which you are amazing!! And royal family stuff.. see you are very interesting and could answer that question quite well. Also over the rain here.

  2. Good morning! I'm Tess from Fayetteville AR. Woo Pig!

  3. Oh the target cams not making me look glam at all! I'm with you on those try on sessions...not really fair to do that imo! and I think my name gives away where I'm coming from LOL! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Yes those Target cams are the opposite of a self-confidence booster!!! Agreed on the dressing room try on's, too. Kentucky :)

  5. I totally agree with your point about bloggers and trying on clothing and getting money for swipe ups. A lot of the bloggers I used to follow will purchase a ton of stuff on Amazon, link to it and then return it (i.e., there is no way they would be caught dead in the stuff they say they love so I know they aren't keeping it). Also, I'm Nicole from Boise! Love your blog and your boys are adorable.

  6. I don't even have littles, and our May is nuts, I can't imagine. and I'm reading in Pawleys Island, SC!

  7. Hi, this is Maya and I'm reading your blog all the way over in hot and humid Bombay, India

  8. Hi, I'm Caitlin from Temecula, CA. I love your authenticity, thank you!


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