Friday, May 24, 2019

Friday Favorites

It's Friday, and I'm so excited for the long weekend. Brandon's summer hours started this week and we are happy he will be home before lunchtime on Fridays this summer. It always makes the weekends feel just a bit longer; anything to stretch them out as much as we can! 

Here are a few things I'm loving this week: 

I'm going to admit that it's been a hard week. The boys and I are adjusting to summer: me to them being home 24/7 and them to being home with me 24/7, too. (They're usually in preschool two days a week and a Bible Study program one morning a week.) I'll admit that I had a full-on sob-fest earlier this week where I questioned myself and my parenting. And the second Brandon came home from work, I got in the car and got a pedicure alone. The next day, a lady in the post office questioned my parenting in front of the entire store and again, made me question myself and my parenting. I think the term "baptism by fire" is an appropriate one to use here. 

But nevertheless, we had some redeeming moments, some sweet moments (celebrating Knox's third birthday was a big one!) and some moments of fun, which included: 

+ Playing at Playstreet Museum with friends 

+ A visit to the Perot Museum with friends 

+ Post-nap swimming in our pool

+ And of course, celebrating Knox's official third birthday! We booked Card My Yard to come set up a special birthday sign in our front yard and Knox loved it! We then let him choose our day: we went to a local indoor play place to play, had lunch with Daddy at Dixie House Café (he changed from his Chick-fil-A request!) where he flirted with the waitress and got a free slice of pie, and ended our night with his dinner request (mommy's meatloaf, peas, cauliflower mash, and Funfetti cupcakes) and a viewing of "Toy Story 2." He's so into Toy Story right now, which is great with the newest one coming out next month! 

If you're looking for something fun to do with your kids this summer, sign them up for Camp Creativity at Michael's! This is in no way sponsored, but I found it yesterday and had to share. It's $3 per kid and the supplies and craft are included. You better believe I signed the boys up in a heartbeat! Here's more info on that; I hope they have this in your area! (And shout-out to Michael's because that is awesome! Clearly a mother invented this.) 

As I do every week, I wanted to share some Amazon favorites I've actually purchased. Some are random (like the photo paper I needed to print out pictures to finally finish my kids' baby books...five years later) and some are super helpful (like the citrus food I needed for the Meyer Lemon Tree the boys got me for Mother's Day). But anyway, here are some favorites: 

+ This dress (perfect for throwing on this summer to look cute and put together, but to still keep cool in the oppressive Texas summer) 

+ This self-tanner (I tried a couple of options from this post and this one is by far my favorite. It doesn't streak, lasts way longer than any of the others I've tried and actually smells good and not that distinct self-tanner smell.) 

+ This OK to Wake Toddler Clock (since Knox has decided that it's cool to get out of bed around 6:15 a.m. every day; we're hoping this helps him!) 

Is anyone as excited as I am about the Downton Abbey movie? I loved Downton when it was on PBS and I saw in the preview that the King and Queen are visiting Downton in the movie...mixing two of my favorite things: the British Royal Family and Downton! I can't wait until September! You can see the trailer here.

And lastly, while I'm thrilled for a long weekend, lots of swimming, hamburgers and hot dogs, adult beverages and some relaxation, I just want us all to remember, please, the lives lost serving our country so we have this weekend to celebrate. Freedom is never, ever free. 

I'll be back on Tuesday for a little weekend wrap-up. I hope everyone has a safe, happy and enjoyable Memorial Day Weekend -- the unofficial start to summer (can you believe it?!). 

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  1. The craft time at Michaels is a great idea - I had no idea they did that!! I'll be keeping that in mind as Brooks gets bigger! I also had no idea about the Downton movie, how exciting!! I only know you from social media/ blogging but it's very obvious you are a great Mommy!! Sorry it was a tough week!

  2. We used to have that digger... I miss those days. We are Downton Abbey fans as well! Blessings to you this weekend 😊

  3. Looks like the birthday was a success! I am so excited for Downton to come in movie form!!

  4. I can not wait for the Downton movie!! I just finished watching all the episodes on Prime so the characters and their stories are fresh in my mind. I questioned myself a lot when my boys were younger but hang in there; it does get so much easier as they get older.

  5. Aw mama, the long holiday breaks can be so daunting!! Our schedule and routine gets mixed up, more sugar and less sleep for the kiddos and our patience definitely gets tested! So proud of you for taking the time out for your pedicure and coming back a little more refreshed... Take each day as it comes! x


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