Friday, May 17, 2019

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends! We have had (and continue to have today) a crazy busy week, but such is May, right?! Brandon was gone Monday-Thursday for a trade show; it was Teacher Appreciation Week at preschool; Walker graduated Pre-K Thursday evening (followed by a family dinner); and Knox's birthday party is tonight! Whew! 

This week was Teacher Appreciation Week at the boys' preschool. They do it a week later than public school, which I love, to give parents with kids in grade school a bit of a break. Anyway, I got to sub in Knox's class while the teachers had their lunch in the lounge and I loved getting to hang with my little guy! I asked the parents in the boys' classes to bring a gift card for the teachers as a special "thank you," and I sure hope they felt loved. 

My friend Laura made these adorable cards to hold a Chick-fil-A gift card for their teachers and I just thought they were so precious! 

Walker graduated from Pre-K last night and y'all, I was a big ball of emotions. I know it's just Pre-K, but this means he's going to Kindergarten in August and my heart is having a really hard time with it. He's so ready and so excited, and while I'm happy and excited for him on the outside, my mind just replays memories of him as a little tiny baby and toddler and I just keep thinking how fast it all went. Why do they have to grow up?! 

(C) Caroline Jurgensen Photography

Knox's 3rd birthday is Wednesday, so we're celebrating tonight with a pizza, pool and popsicles party! And again, why do they have to grow up!? It feels like he was just born. Sigh. 

(This is one of my favorite pictures ever of Knox -- I even used it on his party invite, ha!) 

(C) Liz Haas Photography 

It was such an eventful week this week that I was pretty boring on the Amazon front, only ordering the bare necessities! I ordered more shampoo + conditioner that I was out of, some new kitchen scissors after mine went missing, and a new ultrasonic cleaner for our retainers after ours bit the dust. Clearly we are super fun and major adults. 

My first article for the Fort Worth Moms Blog was published on Sunday, and I'm so excited to share it with y'all. It was a letter to the woman who raised me, my stepmom, on Mother's Day. You can read it here! Please follow along with the FWMB here, on Instagram here and on Facebook here

Have great weekends, all! 

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  1. All the feels for babies growing up! Those gift card holders are too cute, I saw them on your insta and was like how adorable. I hope the party is so fun this weekend.

  2. That swimming picture is just the cutest!! It's crazy how fast these tiny humans grow and change. Enjoy celebrating this weekend!!

  3. Omg. Your article brought tears to my eyes. Although I came in to my soon to be step sons life a lot later. I hope he is thankful for the part I have played in his life.

  4. That swim photos is adorable! It's amazing how fast they grow (and how big they get!).. out of my three boys two of them tower over me already and yet I can still remember when they were the size of your little guys. Their pre-school graduation was just the sweetest thing and totally made me tear up.

  5. Oh my goodness your article brought me to tears because I am a step-mom of two kiddos that at the end of their teenage years came to live with us because their mothers situation wasn't ideal. I just hope I am doing half as good as your step-mom did with you :)


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