Friday, May 10, 2019

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! 

It's Mother's Day Weekend, and I have no idea what any plans are around here except that I hopefully get to sleep in tomorrow. ;) But truly, being Walker and Knox's mom is truly the best gift I've ever been given. Yes, they drive me mad, but there are no two children I would rather parent than these two boys -- and I'm so thankful God entrusted me with their little lives. Always thankful they call me "Mommy." 

Speaking of Mother's Day, we had a double-whammy with back-to-back Mother's Day Teas at preschool on Tuesday. These will forever be my favorite and I love how proud the boys are getting to have me in their classrooms, sing songs, do crafts and eat snacks with me. And I feel so special being on the receiving end of all of it! 

Walker answered on the questionnaire that his "Mommy likes to" #dead 

But Knox thankfully redeemed me (ha!) and said that his "Mommy looks pretty when...she wears a dress and gets married." #precious

My shirt is here and earrings are here

KiwiCo. was so amazing to send us two of their STEAM-inspired monthly subscription crates: a Kiwi Crate for Walker (for ages 5-8) and a Koala Crate for Knox (for ages 3-4). These things are so precious! 

If you've never heard of them, they're a monthly subscription crate (think HelloFresh or similar) that comes filled with age-appropriate STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) projects to encourage hands-on learning and experience-based play. Each crate explores a different theme designed to spark creativity, thinking and learning. They have various types of crates: Tadpole (ages 0-36 months); Koala (ages 3-4); Kiwi (ages 5-8); Atlas (ages 6-11); Doodle (ages 9-16+ -- art & design techniques); Tinker (ages 9-16+ -- science & engineering); and Eureka (ages 14-104). 

Let me just tell y'all that the boys loved them! Walker loved his spy kit-themed box (especially writing notes in invisible ink and then learning how you can see it with UV light) and Knox -- my animal lover -- thought the turtle keepsake box was awesome and already has some rocks, acorns and coins in it for safekeeping. ;) 

I personally think these would make great birthday or Christmas gifts for children of all ages -- especially those like mine who have a January birthday. This would be perfect for grandparents to send because, as Cousin Eddie said in "Christmas Vacation," "It's the gift that keeps on giving...!" But truly, it is. They'll be tired of a toy tomorrow, but this is a great activity that brings parents and children together (sans screens) and helps kids learn. What can be better?! 

KiwiCo. has been so gracious to offer my readers their first month of a KiwiCo. subscription for free! All you have to pay is $4.95 for shipping (in the U.S.) or $9.95 for shipping (internationally). Here is the link to get you that free first month! 

Most of my Amazon purchases were boring this week (sunscreen, more glass Tupperware, more white hangers for the boys), but I did have one fun item: these earrings! I wore them to the boys' Mother's Day Teas on Tuesday and received a lot of compliments on them -- and they're less than $12! 

Okay, how excited are we about the newest Royal Baby?! I'm not crazy about his name; I wish they would have given a little nod to Princes Philip and Charles in there somewhere...but they didn't ask me. ;) 

Y'all know I'm pretty #TeamBoth and think that both the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex do some things I love and some things I don't necessarily love. But regardless, I'm so excited for Harry and Meghan and can't wait to see Archie grow up! (Hopefully they won't shield him too much from us!) 

Hope everyone has a great weekend, and Happy Mother's Day to those of you mamas out there! 

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  1. Such a fun time this week with your boys celebrating YOU! Hope you have a wonderful mother's day! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Those boxes look like so much fun and right up E's alley.

  3. I used to love giving out/ working on questionnaires like that with the kids in school! You just never knew what they were going to write.


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