Friday, May 31, 2019

Friday Favorites: Last One for May

Happy Friday! It's the last day of May -- and I'm not going to lie, this month has been a bit like parenting: the days have been long (and full), but the month has been short. Whew! I'm excited for a bit of structure June will bring with camps, swim lessons and VBS. 

But anyway, here are my favorites this week: 

My best friend of 32 years was in town from Houston earlier this week, and I was just so happy I could have cried! Granted, the circumstances weren't the best: her grandmother had to have surgery and did so in Dallas. But I got to pick Lindsey up from the airport, have dinner with her at Mi Cocina, and she stayed the night at our house before heading to the hospital early the next morning. It was a short but sweet visit, which of course had me begging her to move to DFW. ;) 

Definitely not a favorite, but: we've had some interesting weather here this week: sunshine and humidity, tornadoes, and then sunshine with no humidity. But yes, I did say tornadoes. Ugh. Thankfully we are all safe and had zero damage, but it was far worse in other parts of North Texas. 

The sirens went off in our area and the boys and I had to seek shelter in our downstairs hall bath while Brandon was at work. I was so proud of how brave the boys were during it all, though. Knox kept telling me he didn't want a "tomato" to come. (Add that to the list of words I hope he never says correctly.) But I'm just thankful we were safe; I can't stand Texas spring weather! 

Weather aside, we've been able to enjoy some splash pad fun this week! The boys love splash pads and I practically have to drag them home -- but I'm thankful for the great naps that follow. :) (I also may have been a bit more prepared for the first visit to the splash pad vs. the second...whoops!) 

Knox's rash guard \\ Knox's swim trunks 

I've been on a mission to better organize our bathroom cabinets and drawers (and the remaining few kitchen drawers that I've yet to organize since we moved in a year ago). And, of course, Target to the rescue! I got these storage bins for under my kitchen sink and these acrylic drawer organizers to hold miscellaneous non-makeup drawer items (e.g. brushes, teasing combs, etc.) Target FTW! 

And, as I do every week, I wanted to share some Amazon favorites. But before I get to that, I had to share that I ordered these wooden spoons only to be delivered a completely empty package. That's never happened before -- ha! Thankfully Amazon refunded me and let me order them again, but I just thought that was so crazy! 

Anyway, moving on to my Amazon favorites from the week: 

+ These spatulas ($9.95/ea.) -- after nearly nine years of marriage, I'm slowly having to upgrade some of our kitchen tools/small appliances we got for our wedding showers. These spatulas were one of those things! 

+ This room freshener spray ($13.71 for a two-pack) -- This is my favorite Mrs. Meyer's scent and I haven't been able to find it in-store, so Amazon to the rescue! 

I hope everyone has great weekends!

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  1. I've had weird things happen with my Amazon orders before but never an empty box delivery! I've always been so terrified of tornadoes (especially when we had our first warning/watch and realized we have NO room in our house that doesn't have windows!).

  2. An empty package being delivered- that's bizarre but with their great customer service Im' glad it was resolved! Happy you were all safe from the storms and hope you have a great weekend! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Oh splash pads are the best! You need to do the one at the zoo, although not free, its amazing and a good time for all.

  4. The splash pad looks so fun! Glad you guys were safe with that crazy weather!


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