Friday, May 3, 2019

Friday Favorites: First One for May

I can't believe it's already the first Friday of May. Holy moly! April seemed to fly by, and with   Mother's Day Teas at school, actual Mother's Day, Teacher Appreciation, end-of-year stuff, Walker's Pre-K graduation, Knox's 3rd birthday and Memorial Day all this month, I'm sure May will fly right on by, too. 

So, let's get to my Friday Favorites, shall we?

I fully admit it: this was me this week! I absolutely loathe unloading the dishwasher so much that I put this on our letter board in the kitchen. Ha! What's the one chore you absolutely can't stand doing? 

I shared Wednesday some spring outfits that I actually own and love. If you missed it, you can read all about them here

We ventured to Target this week and I had to snap this picture of the boys because I was just laughing so hard at them. I mean, don't we all wear goggles in the store?! 

As I do every Friday, I wanted to share my favorite Amazon finds of the week. (Which, BTW, did you see that Amazon is changing their Prime delivery from one day to two?! What is life?!) 

+ These Amazon-brand Clarisonic brush head replacements 

I have used a Clarisonic for years now, but I hate paying the ridiculously high prices for the brush head replacements. Well, leave it to Amazon to have some that are $9.98/each (versus  the Clarisonic brand ones that are $27/each)! I buy a few at a time and love knowing that I can buy three for just a little more than the price of one. 

+ This LED Toilet Light (yup) 

Knox is potty trained for both daytime and nighttime (all the praise hands!) and will get up to go potty in the middle of the night if he needs to. Well, he kept coming down to our room in the middle of the night to tell us he had to go, and then wanted to go in our bathroom (passing his bathroom on the way downstairs). I was talking to my BSF group about it and one of my friends told me about this light she bought for her kids to make going to the potty at night "fun." So I bought it and they LOVE it! No more middle-of-the-night wake-ups about going to the bathroom (from anyone except us, that is). Hallelujah! I love having mom friends who have walked the road before me to help give me advice. 

Another random Amazon purchase, this thing has really helped clean out our dryer vent! I noticed our dryer wasn't drying clothes as well (even when I clean the vent after every load), so I had Brandon pull the dryer out from the wall and used our ShopVac to vacuum out the vent area on the back of the dryer and the one attached to the wall, but still noticed it wasn't drying as well. So then I looked in the vent and EW -- so much lint down in the vent! I tried to use our vacuum attachment to get down in there, but it got stuck and Brandon was cussing every which way to Sunday trying to get that thing out (thankfully he did but he wasn't thrilled -- ha!). So I ordered this on Amazon and it really does work! Totally wish I would have thought to invent this little contraption. 

I've been having a major skin freak-out for the last three weeks. I have no idea what's going on (probably a mix of hormones, stress, age and wine) but regardless, it's been awful with giant under-the-skin pimples on my chin that I'm not able to get that hurt and are red for weeks. So, I did some research and ordered products from The Inkey List line at Sephora as a last result before I hit up the dermatologist. (The Sephora sale gets me every dang year. Sigh.) 

Every product is $15 and under, and each product has just one main ingredient. Sign me up!

I ordered the Salicylic Acid Cleanser, Glycolic Acid Toner, Beta Hydroxy Acid, Multi-Biotic Moisturizer, and Caffeine Eye Cream. It is already doing great things for my skin, but I'll be sure to report back. 

I posted about support for Andi Otey yesterday, but if you missed it, please go read the post for ways you can help this sweet family

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  1. We love the lint lizard and Jason is obsessed with cleaning out the dryer vent. And leave it to you to find cheaper clarisonic brush heads! On the list now.

  2. The lint lizard looks like such a great idea. Do you want to hear a gross story? A few years ago, our dryer wasn't getting the clothes dry, and we discovered a squirrel (barely alive) in the duct behind the dryer. Uggh! I have been dealing with that type of skin problem for the past few months, and it sure isn't fun. I thought the salicylic acid really helped, as well as some retin a I have from the derm. My dermatologist also recommended a prescription for spironolactone, but I couldn't try it due to some interactions. Hopefully your products will do the trick! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Ohhhh, I haven't been using my clarisonic because I need to replace the brush and I do not want to pay for it. It looks like the link isn't working anymore - when you have a chance could you please relink?

  4. I love your spring outfits! Thanks for sharing.

    P/s: Pls feel free to visit my place, if you care about vera bradley code $20 off


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