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What's Hap-pinning Wednesday: Easter Basket Ideas for Boys

Can you believe Easter is already next weekend?! 

As I do every year, I wanted to share some Easter basket goodies for boys. (I'm sure some girls may like this stuff, too, but I'm total #boymom here and can't even begin to pretend I know what little girls may like!) 

Easter at our house is about more than just the Easter bunny, but our boys love to dive into their baskets before we head to church on Easter Sunday. And, something fun that my grandmother started when we were kids was to give us our first bathing suit of the season on Easter Sunday. My mom does it for our boys, too, and I like to stick one in their Easter basket myself. It's a fun tradition I love carrying on! (I have purchased the cutest ones from Target for them this year: this onethis one, this one, and this one.) 

So here are a few ideas for boys' Easter baskets (besides candy...because that's the best part, right?!): 

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nine || ten || eleven || twelve 

Our realtor gave us these "Walkie Chalkie"'s for the boys last year and they LOVED them! It was something fun and different, and really helped them not burn their bodies on the hot driveway during the scalding Texas summer. 

Crayola makes bath time a little more fun in our house with these Color Dropz and bath crayons. The boys love having their water turned colors and the bath crayons distract them enough so it's not completely the Shamu show with water splashing out everywhere during bath time. 

This is the most precious storybook Bible for kids! My boys love reading it, and it reads almost like The Message, if you've ever read that Bible translation; it's written for kids in a way they can understand -- but doesn't deviate from the Truth. We love it in our house!

Our boys love their binoculars! They take them outside in the backyard all the time and tell me they're going on nature hunts or watching for birds. (And Walker even took his with him deer hunting this fall.) And they're camo, which our boys also love, so what's not to like?! ;)

The "Owlegories" series is a great way to teach Bible stories to your children in a way that caters to them. Some family friends (and our now-neighbors) actually created "Owlegories" and we have loved this series for years. It's a wonderful DVD and they have multiple options. 

Cars and trucks are a must-have in our house! Our boys are constantly playing with them, carrying them in their pockets, taking them in the car with us when we drive somewhere, etc. I think it's just a little boy's rite of passage to always be playing with Hot Wheels! 

If your little boy loves Army-themed stuff (and "Toy Story") as much as Walker, then you need to scoop these Army men up immediately! Walker loves playing with them and I love seeing his imagination come to life while he's playing independently. 

These are Walker's very favorite water bottles -- and mine, too! Now that he's older and drinking more water throughout the day, these are the perfect size for him. I love that they do. not. spill. I've tried many other brands, but I always keep coming back to (and buying) Contigo Kids. 

My boys are obsessed with NERF Guns, and these are the perfect little size to put in an Easter basket (or stocking at Christmas)! You may want to buy extra bullets, though, because if your boys are anything like mine, you find NERF bullets in the most random, obscure places around your house. 

Knox adores Peppa Pig, but a lot of their merchandise can really be geared toward little girls with loads and loads of pink. My boys also love what they call "silly socks," so when I scoured Amazon and found these George "silly socks," I hit "Purchase" immediately! Knox loves these socks and I thought they were so cute for a boy who loves Peppa!

Walker has been really into telling time lately ("Mommy, is it 'SEVEN-ZERO-ZERO'?") and so a watch is a fun way to introduce him to telling time on an analog clock while also letting him feel like a big boy. This watch is so cute!

Bubbles are so much fun, but also can be such a mess. Knox loves to take the entire bubble carton and flip it over and bubble solution is all over him, our driveway -- everywhere! These Fubbles are the best because they keep the mess contained and the kids can still have fun. 

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  1. All the bubbles! And glad you found some boy Peppa stuff.

  2. Yes! I cannot wait to snag some things for Miss A's basket. I love this time of year!

  3. I love the bath drops and bath crayons! I got bath paint but those look a little cleaner!


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