Wednesday, April 3, 2019

What's Hap-pinning Wednesday: Confessions

Hey y'all, and Happy Wednesday! I thought I'd share a few confessions with y'all let's get to it! 

I confess...

+ I wonder how our life and family dynamic are going to change when Walker starts Kindergarten -- the early wake-ups, the more involvement, lives being dictated by a district calendar, homework, etc. I have no idea what this is going to be like! 

+ That I hate the phrase "self-care." I'm all for doing things for myself, but why do we have to label it? If I'm getting a pedicure, I'm just "getting a pedicure." It's just not my favorite phrase. Well, that and "white space." 

+ I strive for authenticity in this space and really love when you all reach out to me on Instagram or on here telling me that you appreciate it. So thank you. It helps me to "keep on keeping on" in a sea of perfectly-filtered, perfectly staged, seemingly perfectly "perfect everything" posts. 

+ I loved when Instagram was just a highlight reel of pretty pictures of kids, food, and sunsets. I feel like it's become a competition and a business platform on steroids and I'm just missing how it used to be. 

+ Speaking of Instagram, if I get another "Hey girl!" Facebook or Instagram message from a complete stranger trying to sell me something, I'm going to throw my phone. I'm all for sales (heck, my husband works in sales) but it just seems so disingenuous to reach out to me if I don't know you, don't have any friends in common with you, you don't follow me on social media and/or we never spoke in high school. Sorry, but it's true. 

+ And continuing on the social media train, I had someone block me on Instagram and unfriend me from Facebook because I stopped following them on Instagram. I kid you not. So many feelings from that unfollow, apparently. 

+ I really kind of am (clearly) annoyed with social media right now. Ha! 

+ That I really need a vacation with just my husband. We took a family vacation in February and have a vacation with his entire extended family in July, and I'm dying for a one-on-one vacation with just us and am trying to find a way to work that into the budget. Vacations with just the two of us are so necessary! 

Sometimes I drive through super expensive neighborhoods and just wonder what those people do for a living. Anyone else? 

+ I love spring, but my allergies this season are killing me. I feel like I've been living on Claritin D and Flonase for the last month. (But I'll take the warm weather over winter any day.) Although our weather here in North Texas has been super random lately; we got a major cold front over the weekend and temperatures Sunday morning were in the 30's. Sigh.

+ Sometimes I just want to say kindly to people, "Here, let me Google that for you." 

+ I feel like April and May always completely fly by. I'm not sure if it's because of the holidays (Easter, Mother's Day, etc.) or if it's just all of the end-of-year stuff packed into these two months, but every year I feel like I blink and it's June. 

+ I really want to take the boys to Disney World, but I feel like it's such a huge THING now and you basically have to do research for seven years and make reservations 12 years in advance and it's all just such a to-do that it overwhelms me. I mean, people have written books about it and I'm just sitting here like, "WHAT DO I EVEN DO WHERE DO I EVEN START." 

+ Some days I feel like my body is just falling apart! {Cringe} My ear was ringing the other day due to my allergies, my lymph node behind my ear was swelling so much that I went to the doctor to have it checked out (I'm totally fine; blood work, etc. revealed nothing but I was warding off sickness), I had a mole removed on my face, I bruise like a banana -- dang, getting older is for the birds! 

Alright, those are my confessions today. What are you confessing? 

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  1. Re: Disney - we are taking our first (and theoretically only) trip this fall. First, I recommend waiting until 2021 to be honest - they are opening Star Wars land in August of this year and it's supposed to increase all crowd sizes for the foreseeable future. Either way, I'd decide how much Disney you want! Some people want to be fully immersed/stay in a Disney hotel and take Disney transport everywhere. Some people (us!) don't think we can do THAT much Disney and want to stay off site. Once you decide you can price out a wish list and then start saving! :)

  2. If you decide to go to WDW I suggest going while most kids are in school. It was a huge crowd difference. Maybe a long weekend and hit the high points, more cost effective and make dinner reservations at a few places you can meet characters so you aren't standing in lines. Ok that's all my tips, lol

  3. I would wait for your kiddos to be older. My friends who went before they were 6 or 7 all say that they, themselves, remember nothing.
    If our kid wants to go someday, we likely will, but I would wait til he was at least in elementary school.

    I really miss the old Instagram too!

  4. Bruise like a banana, haha that is such a good way to put it. I am constantly finding little bruises on me, like where did those come from? And I totally relate to driving through areas and wondering what in the world these people do to afford those homes. I haven't been to Disney in awhile, but I know from others that there are Disney travel agents who will pretty much plan it all for you, and it's all free (I think they get paid by Disney?). I think that is definitely the route to go because things are constantly changing, and like you said it's such a huge thing now, that they know all the little tips and tricks to make your trip the best possible vacation!

  5. We are doing Disney next spring for E's 5th birthday. I am using a disney planner because we are inviting the entire family to go with us since J's family is already there and my mom has been dying to go too. And yes on the social media train. I literally in the last few days have felt so consumed by it and have decided to totally step away from promoting a company and business i love because it wasn't fun anymore.

  6. All your social media thoughts are PERFECT! I just said it the other night why does everything have to be staged and just fake. Where is the authenticity anymore?? I miss it . And Disney...ugh where to even begin! I feel the same way with it. Who has time to plan every minute and detail. I just want to go and enjoy the moment but it sounds terrifying to me to read about the lines and making reservations months in advance.

  7. What very little social media I participate in drives me nuts! I don't even do facebook..haha Our entire family is living on Flonase these days so I feel ya there! I was thinking a Disney Cruise would be a good idea, at least there wouldn't be quite as much crazy planning involved ya know?

  8. I hope you find a great option for you and Brandon for a solo trip!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  9. I have a love hate relationship with social media right now too. We did Disney with a 3 yr old and a 6 yr old. I think my youngest was to young to really enjoy it. After 5 is a good age.

  10. Oh gosh allergy and pollen season = ughhh! Also, I'm literally dying and I quote: "Sometimes I just want to say kindly to people, "Here, let me Google that for you." yup. So many times! Hope yall are having a great week so far!

  11. love your authenticity! Ditto on the competitive perfection feeds. I'm all for a pretty feed, but sometimes its TOO much. Like stop trying so hard people!

  12. I totally agree about social media. I still do my instagram "old school" - just posting what I feel like and not curating a look for my homepage. Like a previous person said, I would definitely try to go to Disney when school is session. It has gotten so crowded in recent years. We took the kids when they were 2 and 4, and then again in elementary and as teens. Each time was different and priceless in it's own way.

  13. I’m with you on social media and the hey girl messages. Too much! You can tell the people who are not authentic and genuine and those are ones I’m quick to unfollow these days.
    Hoping you get that one on one vacation. It’s definitely needed—you’re lucky to have family that can help make that happen! Take advantage if you can swing it!

  14. Omg yes to the self care talk!!!!! Drives me nuts. And yes to everything else you said lol. Disney was ok, def not one of my top vacations. Actually my girls would say the same thing.


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