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What's Up Wednesday: March 2019

End of March -- what?! This month practically flew by, as it always seems to do. I hadn't linked up with Shay for "What's Up Wednesday" in a while, so I thought now would be as good a time as any to do so. 

1. What We're Eating This Week
The boys and I were out of town Saturday-Monday, and then Brandon has been out of town Sunday (coming home today, thank you Lord!), so we've been a bit all over the place in terms of meals. It's been lots of leftovers, sandwiches and whatever else we can find. The meal planning starts back tomorrow and I'm far too excited about it! 

2. What I'm Reminiscing About 
This time last year, we were in the throes of moving! I can't believe it's been a full year that we've been here. Some days it feels like a lot longer, and some days it feels like we just got here. It was sad leaving our first home, but we've already made some great memories in this new house. 

And, between Instagram Archives and Facebook Memories, I've been a big ol' ball of emotion the last few weeks thinking back to my sweet little babies! Spring is my favorite season, and I just love getting out and having park dates and lots of playtime outdoors once this glorious season arrives. So here's a little trip down memory lane from last spring: 

3. What I'm Loving 

Besides this glorious spring weather we've been having lately (finally, finally!), here are a few recent favorite things: 

+ Cactaki Water Bottle
I admittedly don't drink enough water in a day, but since buying this water bottle, I'm for sure getting 64 oz. (typically a little more) in during the day. The little time markers on the side help motivate me, and it's nice to know I'm getting in the H2o my body desperately needs. 

+ These sunglasses
I picked them up at a little EZ Mart on our Angel Fire, N.M. vacation last month, and Knox broke them last weekend. Well, after a bit of searching, I found them on Amazon and they're the exact same! Love them! (And you can't beat that less-than-$10 price tag!) 

+ Our upstairs bathroom remodel
I'm so glad we did this! I absolutely love it and enjoy giving the boys' baths in there now. You can read all about our remodel here

4. What We've Been Up To
This month was filled with lots of fun things: our inaugural trip to Peppa Pig World of Play; a rollerskating birthday for our friend Silas; Rodeo Day at preschool; park dates + outside play time; our first al fresco dining of the year on our patio; Spring Break (tent movie time, Chick-fil-A with friends, play dates with friends, a visit to the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, and a visit to Brandon's office + lunch with him); dressing up; dinner dates with friends at our house; and lots of walks (well, rides for them in their car and walks for me) to the local park after naps. 

Love spending my days with my cute little boyfriends! 

5. What I'm Dreading 
I don't think I'm dreading anything right now! I had a ton of doctor's appointments last month for various things (as did the boys), so those are now out of the way and I'm happy they're behind us. 

6. What I'm Working On 
Trying to get a few blog posts planned out and written. I don't like doing it too far in advance because sometimes I feel it doesn't become relevant + authentic, and y'all know I strive for and crave authenticity in this space. It's a big balance of doing it because I love it vs. feeling pressured to do it, and I just want to ensure I'm writing things y'all want to hear about while also writing what makes me happy. I hope that makes sense. 

7. What I'm Excited About 
My birthday is next Sunday, and we're planning to go out to dinner with some friends next weekend to celebrate. And of course, Easter is next month (which we're planning to spend with my family) and I'm just really excited for my favorite month of the year! 

8. What I'm Watching/Reading 
I read "It's Not Supposed to Be This Way" recently and absolutely love it. I think it's a must-read for anyone -- especially those going through a rough season in their life, or even those (like me) who have high expectations of people/events/how things should go and be/etc. It's awesome! There are so many Bible-based, God-spoken truths in this book. 

We are watching "You" (oh man, this one is good), "This is Us," "RHOBH," "RHONY," and of course, March Madness. 

9. What I'm Listening To
I have the boys with me in the car most of the time, so it's usually the "Moana" soundtrack on repeat or the Getty Kids Hymnal - In Christ Alone CD (also on repeat). 

10. What I'm Wearing 
Honestly, y'all, I live in yoga pants and T-shirts 99% of the time. That's just the season of life we are in right now with two little ones. But, I did recently find some super cute clothes on both Amazon, Old Navy and thredUp: 

+ This camo sweatshirt (Amazon) 

+ This ruffle-sleeve dress (Old Navy) 

+ This one-shoulder blouse (LOFT, via thredUP)

+ This lace-trim top (LOFT, via thredUP) 

+ This sweater (LOFT, via thredUP) 

And PS: If you haven't yet tried thredUP (seriously, I love it), here is a code for $10 off your first order. I have found so many great things on that site (a lot NWT!) and love scouring it for great deals. 

11. What I'm Doing This Weekend
Praying that the rain they're forecasting holds off so we can go to a cute little pre-Easter event on Saturday morning. Other than that, lots of relaxing (hopefully) and church on Sunday! 

12. What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month 
My birthday (32 -- ahh!), Easter, and time with family

13. What Else is New 
I think we've covered it all! :) Happy Wednesday, all! 

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  1. I always find it so strange that you guys are getting ready for Spring and Summer in the northern hemisphere but here in the southern hemisphere we are getting ready for the cooler months.
    You need to watch The Village on NBC I am loving it and it's really tugging at my heartstrings :) if you like This Is Us then you will love The Village.

  2. I just bought the book, It's Not Supposed to be This Way, but have not started to read it yet. I am glad you like it! I am also in love with your shelves in your bathroom. So cute! Happy Wednesday :)

  3. The boys have seriously grown up so much in the past year. It is amazing how fast they change.

  4. I am going to put Lysa's book on my reading list right now. I keep thinking I need to do it and then get sidetracked...

    Looks like y'all had a wonderful March! Enjoy this amazing Spring weather and Happy Early Birthday!

  5. I'm not sure what I like most here - the Spring references, the cute clothes, the precious boys that I wish Andi could hang out or that water bottle! haha Oh and cheers to almost 32! Happy Wednesday friend! xo

  6. Happy Early Birthday. I just add Lysa's book to my reading book. I so need to read that right now.

  7. Although I didn't buy the exact bottle you mentioned I did buy one similar and am excited to make my water drinking game stronger. I have been terrible about it lately.

  8. Happy early birthday! Thank goodness spring weather is here in Texas, although it's supposed to be rainy and chilly next week. Crazy! Have you heard of Seeds Family Worship? I used to love listening to their songs with the kids. Basically Bible verses set to song.

  9. I've been wanting to read Lysa's new book and have heard such good things! And "You" looks SOOO good but also SOOO creepy! What are your thoughts--will I have to sleep with a bat next to my bed when my hubby is out of town??!:)

    Kasie @

  10. It's Not Supposed to be This Way is on my to read list!

  11. I've heard such good things about You.. I can't wait to watch when I catch up on other shows. Love that you have so many fun things coming up this month!


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