Wednesday, February 6, 2019

What's Hap-pinning Wednesday: Confessions

Hi, friends, and happy Wednesday! I thought I'd share a few confessions with y'all let's get to it! 

I confess...

+ That it's cool to give someone credit. You get an idea from someone? Credit them. You share a product that someone recommended? Tell people who told you about it. I know we live in a world where we all want the credit, but I do feel it's important to give credit where credit's due. 

+ It makes me INSANE when I see people doing Instagram Stories while driving. Not only is it illegal, it's simply not safe and not worth it in the least. I don't care if it's live, on your dash or in your hand -- your life is more important than social media. Please, people, stop doing it. 

+ Since when has motherhood become a competition? I'm so sick of seeing all the articles, stories, posts, etc. comparing which is harder: being a stay-at-home mom vs. being a working mom. Can we not all agree that motherhood is hard no matter which way you shake it?! A girlfriend and I were talking about this at the park on Monday and we both agreed that it seems like it's been everywhere lately. Just mom and move on -- no need for competition because it all isn't a cakewalk, no matter which way you shake it. 

+ We register Walker for Kindergarten next month and I'm really emotional about it. I got the date of the first day of school on Friday and it's in a little over six months. Crazy! I feel like I just started staying at home with his sweet little 18-month-old self and now we're signing him up for Kindergarten. It just all went way too fast. 

+ And speaking of this, I'm already have anxiety over Knox not being able to really nap next year since we'll have to leave to go get Walker around 2:30 p.m. Walker still takes a nap (yes, he's five and still napping!) and I really wanted that for Knox. I guess I'm going to have to move up Knox's nap time? All you mamas who have little ones still napping + big ones at school, what do you do? (And yes, I realize this is dumb to be anxious over but...) 

+ I'm so over winter. Our weather here has gone back-and-forth between the frozen tundra (to us Texans) to springlike weather and then back again. I'm just ready for pretty spring weather where we can spend time outdoors, Daylight Saving Time begins (ALL THE PRAISE HANDS) and suppers get lighter. And honestly, I need some sun because I'm seriously the color of White-Out and it's just really not attractive. 

+ I made a New Year's resolution to spend more time with our friends. I know that sounds so random, but with young kids who need constant attention, it's easy to get into a routine of staying home and eating pizza and watching "Dateline" on Friday nights, and not making plans for play dates during the week. I mean, honestly, sometimes it's easier to just hang out at home, am I right?! Anyway, we made a resolution and I'm excited that we have already had dinner with friends last month, went out to a couple's shower last weekend, and have plans on the books for March and April to go to dinner with friends -- sans kiddos. And Brandon and I have both noticed how much happier we are when we come home from those dinners spent with good friends who lift us up, make us laugh and can relate to us. 

+ Knox is in a major "Terrible Two's" stage. (And all you people who are like, "Don't call it 'Terrible Two's!' Call it 'Terrific Two's!' -- don't @ me because I can't deal with that.) Anyway, it's just not very fun. His temper tantrums and fits and constant changing-of-the-mind are killing me. Walker went through this, too (from 2.5-3.5), and I know it's only a stage, but man, it feels rough as you're going through it. But then he'll do something so super sweet and act like an angel and I feel bad for thinking he was crazy a few minutes earlier. Gah, #momlife! 

+ We are going skiing soon and I'll admit that Brandon has done 99% of the planning. I'm usually Type A, borderline OCD about planning, packing and making reservations, but I just haven't this trip and am so thankful for a husband who has taken the reigns on this trip. (And I'm going to get off of this blog and go make dinner reservations soon...) 

+ My birthday is in April and I legit had to ask Brandon how old I was the other day. (I'll be 32.) Am I alone in forgetting how old I am?! 

+ I feel like this preschool year for the boys has completely flown by. Spring Break is next month and then we basically have two months left of school. What?! 

+ I've been working out lately (thanks to my amazing husband who set me up with a spin bike, weight machine, free weights and Wi-Fi/TV in the garage -- think he was tired of hearing my excuses to not work out...) and I honestly feel so much better and just so proud of myself.  And it's kind of nice to be on the bike and catch up on a TV show while I'm out there. I know this will change as summer gets here and it's hotter than you-know-where outside, but it works for now. ;) 

Alright, those are my confessions today. What are you confessing?

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  1. I feel you when you talk about comparing each other and copying. I've tried so hard to be a "we" life and feel that so many people live in a "me" world. It's so hard.

    Regarding the nap-I'm not an expert, but what about moving his nap up slowly over the next six months or maybe start this summer.

  2. I always need to take a second to remember mine and Derek's age - I'm glad I'm not the only one! I hope Knox breaks out of the terrible two's soon... Tatum just recently started with some mini temper tantrums and ugh!

  3. I have stopped insta and driving because of you. I only do it at stoplights! I even stopped mid story the other day and thought of you in my head. We need to spend more time with friends too, so let's get something on the books. E still naps as well and I am not ready to give it up at all. I admit I used to think working mom was harder, until I had friends who stayed at home and man, I know that its hard. Its just different hard. So I love it, mom and move on.

  4. stories or snap chat while driving - big fat cringe! (my sister is the worst!) Ugh people! Also the comparison crap is so strong - I'm part time so its a good mix of both but I've been on both scales. Social media is the pits sometimes! I cannot believe y'all are registering him for kindergarten - tat cannot be real!

  5. I had to remind myself how old I was the other day as well...I'll be 32 in March so right there with you girl! And amen on momming like you do - we are all working hard and it's tough no matter how you slice it! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  6. I am ALWAYS forgetting how old I am. Partly because the majority of my BFFLs are almost a year older than me, so when I celebrate their birthday I often think I'm that age too.

  7. I feel ya on so many of these! Kudos to the working out. I have been begging Michael to get our workout stuff set up in the basement for months. Months! :( Legit had to calculate the year I was born to determine how old I'll be this year as well. ;) The driving while recording on all forms of social media makes me all sorts of crazy. I feel bad enough if I send a quick snap to my mom or sister as I am driving down my mile long driveway. Lol. Glad you are working on your goal for gathering with friends. You are right.. it's always easier to stay home but it's worth it to get out! We never do. Maybe someday. ;)


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