Monday, February 11, 2019


Happy Monday, friends! We are coming off a jam-packed weekend full of family events, and I must admit I'm still folding laundry, getting my house back in order and I'm for sure taking a nap today! Ha! 

Here's what we were up to: 


+ My sweet friend Nicole came on a (literal) freezing cold day to drop off a latte on my front porch. After a week with Brandon traveling, it was a nice, welcomed surprise. I'm so grateful for fiends who go out of their way to love on us! 

+ And speaking of a freezing cold day, we woke up to ice on our pool net! It was 81* last Monday and by Friday, it was 24*. I cannot with this Texas weather! 

Also, I got a lot of messages on Instagram asking me about our pool net. It's a custom net by a company called KatchAKid and we really love it. It's great for safety and we like it for liability purposes, too. This isn't sponsored in the least; we bought this when we moved in and have been really pleased. (We just knew our rowdy boys would scale a fence so this was a better option for us.) 

+ My best friend sent me a recipe for Spinach Breakfast Muffins (that she dubbed "Hulk Muffins" so her kids would eat them) and so I made those Friday morning. The boys liked them! I made 16 on Friday and by Sunday night, they were gone! 

Here's Walker showing you his best Hulk impression. ;) 

+ Brandon arrived home on Friday late afternoon, and the boys and I went to pick him up from the airport. By the time we got home, got him unpacked and his laundry started -- it was time for me to sit down with a glass of wine!  


+ We went to a brunch birthday party for Knox's best friend, Sawyer! My friend Victoria did an amazing job and the party was so cute! 

+ Saturday afternoon, we got ready for Brandon's brother, our sister-in-law and their three girls to stay at our house that evening. All nine of us met Brandon's other brother, his wife and their baby at Chuy's for an early supper. 

+ We came back, let the kids play for bit, then got all the kids bathed and ready for bed while we visited. We stayed up far too late for my liking, but it was a nice time getting to see them since they live in Waco. 


+ Brandon's aunt, uncle and second cousin were in from Atlanta, so Brandon's mom got all of the local relatives together for a brunch at her house. It was around 32 or so of us! We had yummy food and drinks and enjoyed catching up with everyone. 

Knox is apparently ready for Mardi Gras! ;) (And don't worry, that's just orange juice in his cup, but he wanted one of the "fancy" ones that the adults had.) 

All of the second cousins that could make it  

All of the first cousins that could make it (Brandon is on the far left) 

All of the first cousins that could make it + their spouses

+ We were totally wiped after the brunch, so we call came home to take naps -- and then I spent the rest of the day doing eight loads of laundry! Ahhh! We had leftovers for dinner, got the kids in bed and watched "Sweet Home Alabama" and "Pretty Woman" on TV before calling it a night. 

We are gearing up for a fun Valentine's week full of class parties, a friends' party and celebrating love! :) 

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  1. Such fun family time and for the boys to play with the cousins! I can't believe how your weather goes from one extreme to the next! It's snowing here today and I'm dreaming of an 81 degree pool day!

  2. You had quite the weekend lady. I saw all your laundry and man oh man!

  3. What a weekend!!! Those Katch-a-kid nets are pretty cool. We have a friend who has it and they swear by them! Have fun with all the festivities this week!

  4. Sounds like a busy weekend but full of family time which is always nice! The weather has been so crazy here too. If it's not going to snow anymore then I hope spring weather comes very soon!

  5. I love the Hulk muffins-great idea to keep for the future littles!

  6. What a great weekend!! So much family time and your friend is just the sweetest for bringing you that coffee! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston


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