Wednesday, January 23, 2019

What's Hap-pinning Wednesday: Recent Amazon Things I've Bought (and Liked)

Hi, friends! I'm an Amazon junkie and readily admit that I Prime more than I probably should. But hey, #MomLife, right?! Anyway, I wanted to share some of my recent Amazon Prime favorites with y'all in hopes that you'll like them, too: 

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I love these recordable storybooks -- especially for my parents to do for our boys since they live far away. I recently bought this one and asked my mom and dad to record it for the boys. The story is really sweet and is about people who are far away from each other, but still see the same moon. It made me cry! 

This clip-on strainer is awesome! If you're like me and always lose the ground meat when draining the fat, or other liquid when straining something, then this is for you! You just clip it onto the side of your pot and drain like normal. I'm obsessed! 

I had wine charms for our wine glasses before we moved last year, but I lost them in the move. I never really LOVED them (because people couldn't remember which charm they had), so enter these wine glass markers! You just write names on the glass and it washes off easily with soap and water (or in the dishwasher). 

'Tis the season for germs, viruses, and bacteria and I'm not here for any of 'em. Enter these bleach germicidal wipes that targets 51 microorganisms in three minutes. I saw them recommended by an infectious diseases doctor in a New York Times article about cleaning up after the dreaded stomach bug and I figured if it was good enough for them, it was good enough for me. So I Prime'd them and have them ready to go. 

I wanted more than just water (or a harsh cleaner) to clean our fruits and veggies, so I bought this one. It's all-natural and removes dirt, wax and chemicals from produce. Jus spray it and rub it (and then I rinse it afterwards). I've been impressed at what all comes off of my produce in my sink. Gross!

Walker is out of toddler sizes (in most brands) and officially in big-kid sizes, and with that comes clothing designers who think that just because a little boy in a size 6 clothing, it must automatically be athletic wear or things with tacky sayings, and pajamas must either be boxers or characters. Anyway, enter Leveret. This isn't sponsored in the least; I truly just love these soft, sweet pajamas that make my five-year-old look five and not 15. 

I bought this hat to take with us skiing next month, and I love it! It's so cute and you can change the little puff out on top with different colors. I don't often wear hats because I think I look silly in them half the time, but I actually really liked this one. 

It's winter, and winter always brings sickness along with it. I bought these Elderberry gummy vitamins for myself recently and I really think they're helping me. I also give the boys a daily liquid elderberry syrup, too (along with a probiotic and multivitamin). 

File this under "things I said I'd never own but here we are": a fanny pack. I won't be wearing it out and about, though -- just under my ski gear for sandwiches, etc. when we go skiing soon. ;) Note: I bought this on Amazon a few weeks ago, but it's currently unavailable. 

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  1. All about the elderberry gummies! I just realized this morning that I’ll be out tomorrow! Oops!!
    Love the hat! And I need that strainer!!! I just had the same damn problem on Monday night

  2. I love veggie wash, its so good and makes me feel so much better about my produce. That that is so darn cute.

  3. I just added some of these to my list! The strainer thingy? Genius!

  4. Thanks for the tip on the strainer...that would be a life saver!

  5. Check out too. We love their PJs and you can mix and match. I'm buying that strainer. Genius!

  6. I've been interested in Elderberry - very good to know you like the one you got! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  7. I like those wine markers - great idea! And I probably have like 4-5 beanies with pom poms, without pom poms - I love them!


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