Friday, January 11, 2019

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, y'all! 

The boys started back to preschool this week! (#allthepraisehands) While I miss them so much, it's nice to have two days (10 whole hours!) to get errands run and do things around the house. Anyway, Brandon thought it would be cute to treat them to ice cream on Tuesday night to celebrate, so off to Andy's we went. They loved it -- comfy and camo pants and all. 

The weather here is really yucky today, but yesterday morning we had the most spectacular sunrise that I had to run outside and watch it -- and capture it. No filter here, because honestly, one isn't needed. It was so beautiful!

I'm trying to be a little ahead of the game, so I ordered the boys' Valentine's Day cards for their school friends earlier this week! I got this set for Knox and this set for Walker on Etsy. They were instant download, so it made it ridiculously easy. I had them printed at the UPS Store for $5 and some change. Love when things are quick and easy! 

I got into "Victoria" on PBS a couple of years ago, but never picked it back up when the second season started. Well, I saw Wednesday that Amazon Prime Video has it (and season three starting this weekend!), so I have been watching an episode whenever I can. It's such a great show! Does anyone else watch? 

On Wednesday, I shared some beauty products I'm loving lately. {Click here to read that post if you're interested!} If you have any products you're loving lately, be sure to let me know. I love trying new products! :)

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  1. I felt so good I ordered E's valentine's last week!!

  2. The ice cream night looks so cute! I love the Valentine's you picked!

  3. Those army men valentines are the cutest! Thanks for the show recommendation -- I am going to give that a whirl this weekend!

  4. I picked up some Valentine's for daycare as well yesterday. I figure it will be here before I know it!!

  5. Those Valentine's are adorable! My daughter is 6, I think I'm going to go the squishies route with a note that says "You're my main Squeeze!" And OMG that sunset!

  6. That is a spectacular sunset and I just love those easy Valentines!

  7. Ahh I love the little soldier valentines! Those are adorable (and the "and that's an order" hehe). The sunrise you posted was beautiful! I love mornings like that (and every time I see a sky like that I remember my dad always saying "red sky at night, sailor's delight. Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning" haha)

  8. We have a few favorite beauty products in common- love the Tarte concealer and the Loreal mascara, I need to go check out your post to find out about the rest of your picks! Have a great week :)


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