Wednesday, March 20, 2019

What's Hap-pinning Wednesday: Our Bathroom Before & After

Hey, y'all! So two weeks ago, we updated both upstairs bathrooms: the boys' shared bathroom and the guest bathroom. We used a wonderful contractor who made the process seamless, easy and, dare I say it, somewhat enjoyable. (Local friends, I'm happy to share their contact information with you.) 

When we moved into this house (which we dubbed "The Brass Palace") last year, we knew updating the bathrooms was a must-do -- namely the boys' bathroom, which wasn't functional for showering whatsoever, and the drain leaked as they bathed. Not to mention, both the boys' and guest bathrooms had 20+ year-old toilets that barely flushed, so it was time. 

So here is the boys' bathroom after, and I'll get to the before and share all the sources at the end of this post:

The boys' bathroom originally had a Bath Fitter in it, and according to some wall damage on our first floor, a leak somewhere. Add to that old toilets that were apparently made for itty bitty people and barely flushable. 

Here's the before from the listing photo: 

Here's the before from the day they ripped it out: 

What we did in the boys' bathroom: 

+ Removed the one-piece Bath Fitter, toilet, cabinets above the toilet and vinyl flooring 

+ Replaced the Bath Fitter with standard stainless steel tub and elongated white subway tile to the ceiling 

+ Replaced the vinyl 8x8 square flooring with wood-look tile floors 

+ Updated shower hardware 

+ Added exposed wood shelving in place of former cabinets 

+ Replaced toilet 

+ Replaced baseboards 

+ Added a pocket door in place of former traditional swing door 

(Last year, we replaced the faux marble and shell sinks with quartz and under-mount sinks, as well as replaced the light fixtures, sink fixtures, hand towel fixtures and mirrors. Brandon also updated the traditional single-pole light switches to rocker switches.) 

And here's the guest bathroom after

Here's the guest room before from the listing photo: 

What we did in the guest bathroom: 

+ Replaced toilet 

+ Replaced flooring 

+ Replaced the vinyl 8x8 square flooring with wood-look tile floors 

+ Replaced the faux-wood blinds with Roman shades 

(Last year, we replaced the faux marble and shell sink with quartz and an under-mount sink; replaced the frosted glass/bronze shower door with a seamless door with nickel trim; as well as replaced the light fixture, sink fixture, hand towel fixture, toilet paper holder and mirror.) 

So whew! A lot of work, but we are so pleased with the final results. I'll link all of the sources below, but if there's anything I missed, please let me know. :) 

Boys' Shared Bathroom: 
+ Toilet: Home Depot 
+ Tub: Home Depot 
+ Tub Fixtures: Home Depot (we replaced the shower head that came with this with a larger one that was on clearance)  
+ Wall Tile: Floor & Decor (Meringue Ceramic Tile, size 3 x 12) 
+ Floor Tile: Floor & Decor (Beechwood White Wood Plank (size 4 x 48) 
+ Wall Color: Sherwin Williams "Sea Salt" (at 75%) 
+ Shelves: Hobby Lobby 
+ Print: Etsy
+ Frame: Target 
+ Glass Container: Target
+ Faux Snake Plant: Target 
+ Wire Basket: Target
+ Towels: Target 
+ "Remember to Flush" Sign: Target
+ Shower Curtain: Bed, Bath & Beyond 
+ Light Fixture: Home Depot
+ Mirror: Home Depot 
+ Soap Dispenser: Target
+ Toothbrush Holder: Target 

Guest Bathroom: 
+ Toilet: Home Depot 
+ All Fixtures: Home Depot
+ Light Fixture: Home Depot 
+ Floor Tile: Floor & Decor (Beechwood White Wood Plank (size 4 x 48) 
+ Wall Color: Sherwin Williams "Sea Salt" (at 75%) 
+ Roman Shade: Select Blinds 
+ Mirror: Wayfair 
+ Towels: Target
+ Soap Dispenser: Target
+ Faux Topiary: Kirkland's

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Monday, March 18, 2019

Our Spring Break

Last week was the boys' Spring Break. Granted, it's just from preschool and BSF, but it's still a week off of everything -- and I'm not even going to mention how this time next week will be actual Spring Break from Kindergarten for Walker. 

Last week started out cold and rainy (and just overall yucky), then turned really stormy (with two boys in our bed on Wednesday morning), and then quickly redeemed itself Wednesday afternoon through this weekend with absolutely gorgeous Texas spring weather. We spent so much time outside and couldn't get enough of the sunshine. 

Here's a bit of what we were up to: 

+ We kicked off our Spring Break with dinner on the patio -- our first of the season -- and made Natalie's Greek Chicken, which was a total hit! (And it may have been on leftover-from-Christmas plates from Dollar Tree but whatevs!) 

+ We went to our local golf course for dinner and the boys ended up getting a little golf lesson from the pro out of pure chance. It was great! 

+ We had the boys allergy tested on Monday and that was a bit traumatic, but the place we went couldn't have been better and more tailored to kids. Knox hated the Lidocaine/Saran Wrap pre-test prep while Walker (who went second on the testing, BTW) hated the actual testing part. Thankfully my mother-in-law went with me to help and that was a huuuuuuuge deal. Turns out Walker is allergic to molds and Knox trees, so we are starting allergy drops today in hopes of desensitizing them to their personal allergies and ultimately kicking them. 

+ We watched lots of "Peppa Pig" in the tent upstairs with snacks on the first few rainy days of the break. I love that Knox has a little British accent when referencing Pappa and it cracks me up. 

+ My friend Liz and her kids were on Spring Break, so we met them for a play date at KidMania (which was, in fact, MANIA!), and then went to Chick-fil-A, followed by more play  time at their house. Loved hanging with them! 

+ We visited Brandon's office and had lunch with him; the boys loved sitting at Daddy's desk making deals and trying to work just like him! 

+ We joined the rest of the DFW Spring Break crew at the Fort Worth Museum of Science + History, which was crazy crowded, but fun. Since we're members, we were able to skip some of the craziness and instead used our IMAX passes to see "Backyard Wilderness." It was the boys' first IMAX experience and while Walker loved it, Knox wasn't a fan. ;) 

+ We also had super lazy days at home, playing lots of board games, watching lots of movies and playing outside. 

+ We had Brandon's parents over for dinner, as well as our friends over for dinner + play time. 

+ On St. Patrick's Day, we had green eggs and ham for breakfast, went to church, took naps and played outside pretty much all day. It was a great way to end our Spring Break! 

This week has given me a little tease of summer, where we can sleep in, not pack lunches, not be out the door by 8 a.m. and just generally have a more lax schedule. 

Hope y'all have a great week! 

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Friday, March 8, 2019

Friday Favorites

Hey y'all! Hope everyone has had a great week. It's officially Spring Break in our house and I can't believe it! Only two more months left of preschool for Walker before he's a Kindergartener -- excuse me while I go cry now! 

But moving on, here are my Friday Five: 

The boys had Rodeo Day at preschool on Tuesday and it was seriously the cutest thing ever. (Because of course in Texas "Rodeo Day" is a thing! ;)) I found their little hats here; it was a set of two for $8.18; can't beat that! 

They had fun in the "OK Corral," made a trail mix over a pretend camp fire, sang songs like "The Eyes of Texas" and made precious bluebonnet, cow and Texas crafts. If there's one thing to know about Texans, it's that we love Texas! 

Their shirts are from Gap, but from the fall so they're sold out. But here is an insanely similar option  from Amazon! 

I shared some Walmart fashion dupes on Wednesday! You can read that post here if you missed it. I can't get over how similar the clothing is to high-end designers!

We're doing a few home updates and part of that is updating the boys' bathroom. They had a random set of cabinets above their toilet and they were just off-center, awkwardly placed and took up so much space (both in width and length). I've been eyeing these from Hobby Lobby and ordered two to put above their toilet, kind of like in the picture from Pinterest below. 

Here's my idea (photo via Pinterest here): 

I was so sad to hear about the passing of Luke Perry on Monday. He was always my favorite crush on "Beverly Hills: 90210." (And I heard they were possibly doing a re-boot of the show, too, and it just won't ever be the same without him.) Did any of y'all watch 90210? 

I've been seeing the gold under-eye masks around lately, so I decided to order some of my own and I truly think they work! They're supposed to be anti-wrinkle and de-puffing, and of course I need all of that I can get with young kids. Between that and my Vitamin C masks, I'm hoping I'll slow the aging process down just a bit. We shall see!

Have great weekends, everyone! 

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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Walmart Fashion Dupes: Save vs. Splurge

Hey friends, and welcome back to another edition of Walmart Dupes: Save vs. Splurge! You might remember I teamed up with my friend Jamie-Lynne to bring you the first edition of this post in August (you can read that post here). Y'all loved it so much (and I did, too!) so I wanted to bring it back. 

Lately I have found the cutest things at Walmart for cheap, and my love affair with Walmart is growing stronger by the day. You see, I used to be a "never Walmart" girl; wouldn't even step foot in the place. But then I fell in love with their grocery pickup when Knox was a newborn, and we have since moved to a city that has a "fancy" (ha!) Walmart and I've been shopping there on the regular vs. Target, whom I feel like has lately been catering to tweens and teens with their crop tops and low-rise pants. (I officially sound old, but it's true!)

So here are some budget-friendly fashion dupes from Walmart! 

Camo Slip-Ons
Designer: Steve Madden (Nordstrom) - $79.95
Dupe: Time & Tru (Walmart) - $16.88

H-Band Sandals
Designer: Hermès (1st Dibs) - $1,200
Dupe: Time & Tru (Walmart) - $7.98
*I personally own this dupe!

Camo Sneakers 
Designer: JSlides (Nordstrom) - $99.95
Dupe: Time & Tru (Walmart) - $16.88

Perforated Blush Slip-Ons 
Designer: UGG (Nordstrom) - $109.95
Dupe: Time & Tru (Walmart) - $14.88

Flutter Sleeve Tee 
Designer: A.L.C. (Neiman Marcus) - $135
Dupe: Time & Tru (Walmart) - $11.88 
*I personally own this dupe!

Striped Boatneck Top 
Designer: J.Crew (Nordstrom) - $39.50
Dupe: Time & Tru (Walmart) - $9.94

Camo Leggings
Designer: The Upside (Nordstrom) - $109
Dupe: LAVRA (Walmart) - $9.99

Blush Tie-Waist Top 
Designer: Madewell (Nordstrom Rack) - $49.50
Dupe: Time & Tru (Walmart) - $10
*I personally own this dupe!

Roll-Sleeve Shirtdress 
Designer: Akris punto (Saks Fifth Avenue) - $556
Dupe: Time & Tru (Walmart) - $16.94

So what about you? Are you sold on Walmart yet?! 

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Monday, March 4, 2019


It was a cold and dreary first weekend of March around here, and I felt like all we did was eat. Ha! So it's back to the gym this week for me. ;) But other than eating, here's a peek into our weekend: 


+ My friend Nicole and I took our kids to Peppa Pig World of Play in Grapevine. It was so cute, the kids loved it and it was so well done. It was super crowded, however, so I'd recommend going on a weekday (not during Spring Break, which is the next two weeks for our area) or just wait until the new wears off just a bit. 

+ I made Natalie's Grilled Shrimp Tacos with Pineapple/Jalapeño Salsa for supper and they were so good! I'll definitely be making them again. 

+ Brandon and I have recently gotten into "Dirty John," so we watched a few recordings of that before calling it a night. 


+ It was sweet Silas's 5th birthday at a roller rink, which was adorable! I hadn't been roller skating since I was in my early teens (and the boys never have), so it was a fun little adventure -- and we loved celebrating Silas! 

My sweater is old; similar here

+ I got a massage on Saturday afternoon, and then we hit the easy button and had Modern Market delivered via DoorDash. It was so yummy! 

+ Brandon and I crawled into bed early and fell asleep watching "Dateline" -- clearly we're cool. 


+ We had to go pick out some stuff for a few home renovations, and that took up most of our morning. We capped it all off with brunch at Chef Point, a local place that has a really cool backstory. If you're interested in reading it, click here. Let's just say it's in an old gas station and a not-so-hidden gem -- and was featured on "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives." Mimosa flight and Crab Cakes Benedict -- what more can you ask for?!

+ We had a productive afternoon, which included having groceries delivered and me chopping up all the fruit for the week. I dislike the actual chopping part, but love having all of our fruit ready to grab and go. I absolutely love my glass food storage containers; I have both the round and the rectangle and they have been awesome. 

+ I made homemade chicken parmesan for supper (using this recipe) and made the boys' favorite "Hulk Muffins" (using this recipe and these muffin liners). I was definitely ready to close the kitchen after dinner! :) 

Hope y'all have a lovely week! 

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