Thursday, September 6, 2018

Thoughts for Thursday: Books for Boys

Happy Thursday, friends! A couple of months ago, I polled y'all on Instagram asking what you wanted to see in this space, and a few of you asked if I'd do a post on our favorite books for our boys. 

We love to read in our house, and the boys love to check out books from our local library. We read to them before they go to nap each day and before they go to bed each evening. It's such a special time with them! 

Since their favorite books are ever-evolving, I thought I'd break this post up into two segments: one list of Brandon and my favorite {read: classic, saving-them-for-grandkids one day} books and one list of the boys' current favorites. 

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  1. I remember reading Corduroy and Alexander to my little brother when he was little! Both are so good!

  2. I am about to order nearly $60 worth of books from Scholastic from CJ's school. We have so many that he has outgrown and I'm eager to get him "big boy" books.


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