Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Labor Day Weekending

Happy Tuesday, friends! It's so nice to be able to come to you on a Tuesday instead of a Monday. One day closer to the weekend...yay! 

We spent the weekend in my hometown and it was so wonderful. I barely grabbed my phone out to take "good" pictures, so I'm coming at you with candid iPhone snaps and while I wish I had more picture-perfect photos to share, I'm happier I have the memories. 

We went to my high school alma mater's football game on Friday night, and I loved seeing my boys sit between their grandparents cheering for the Lions {and their Aunt Maggie cheering on the sidelines}, clapping and dancing to the music and enjoying the game. Friday Night Lights in Texas = nothing better. 

We spent most of Saturday in Houston at the second birthday party of my best friend's twins, and then went to see her beautiful new house after the party. I love that my best friend's little ones are right around the same age as my kiddos and I love that they all love each other! 

Saturday after the boys napped, we all went out on the lake and enjoyed time on the jet skis and in the water. 

Sunday, we went to church with my parents, then grabbed lunch and took some lunch out to my grandparents. We loved getting to visit with them for a while! We went back to my parents' house and all took good, long naps while it rained outside. There's nothing better than Sunday afternoon naps while it pours outside and football is on TV. The best! 

My parents played Chutes & Ladders with the boys for a good while (so precious) and then we all went on a Mule ride after dinner with my Dad. Once the boys were in bed, we all watched "Frozen" (and I proceeded to fall asleep on the couch during it so I'm super cool!). 

Monday morning, the guys all went out to enjoy the lake! Brandon took Walker on the jet ski and my Dad took Knox. That little hand hold down the dock to get life jackets just killed me! So precious! 

They rode jet skis, swam and hit golf balls off the top deck for a long time while I showered and got packed, took sheets off the beds, etc. It was a cool, cloudy morning, yet so nice to just sit and watch them from the patio and admire the scenery and the pine trees (which I miss so much). 

We drove home mid-morning yesterday and sat in tons of traffic and thunderstorms. It was rough, but it it was nice to get home. Brandon and I got the boys down for a nap and got the luggage unpacked, laundry started, dishwasher unloaded, lunches made for the boys' school today, and of course, had a glass of wine while we had Instacart delivered and made Play-Dough for the boys' school that we were signed up for for the month. #adulting 

Hope y'all have a wonderful week!

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  1. Such a perfect hometown weekend! I know spending so much time with your family meant a lot to you so I'm glad you all had the chance!!

  2. What a wonderful weekend!! We had an unplugged weekend as well and it was so nice to just cherish family without the invasion of technology.

  3. It's so nice when you get the extra time to spend with your parents and the kids get to spend with their grand parents. The memories they make will last a lifetime!

  4. So special that the boys went back and saw where you went to high school and yes to the short week :) xo, Biana

  5. What a special hometown weekend - so good for the soul and memories to last a lifetime x

  6. I love the picture of them watching the football game! So sad all the good lake time is coming to an end!

  7. This looked like the best home-town weekend ever!!


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