Friday, September 21, 2018

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, y'all! Has everyone had a good week?

Brandon was out of town this week traveling on business, and so that time between post-dinner and pre-bath/bed felt just a little extra long this week. {Insert that crazy faced emoji here, ha!} Anyway, enter Cosmic Kids Yoga on YouTube. I had seen a few other moms' Instagram stories about it, so I decided to give it a try in the game room. And the boys loved it! It totally calmed them down before bed, gave them an activity to do to get their bodies moving since it was nearly 100* outside a few days this week, and gave me a few minutes of sanity. I highly recommend it! 

Another thing my boys loved this week were these pumpkin waffles. I found them on a whim at Target praying they would like them, and thankfully they did. We aren't gluten-free in this house, but I loved that they have quinoa in them for a bit of protein and of course, we love anything and everything pumpkin in this house (even when it still feels like summer in mid-September). 

And speaking of pumpkins and 100 degrees, I put out some live pumpkins on Tuesday and I can't say I'm sad about it. I decorated for fall last Sunday, but as I told an onlooker at Trader Joe's as I was packing my buggy with pumpkins: "If we build it, they will come." Meaning: if I put my pumpkins out, the fall weather must follow, right?! 

I found this dough bowl from Wayfair and it's my most favorite thing ever!

Does anyone watch "Call the Midwife?" I started watching it when I was pregnant with Knox (which, in hindsight, probably wasn't the best idea...), but anyway, I have been watching it for two-ish years and just love it! The seventh season recently came out on Netflix and I've been binge-ing it this week while Brandon's been gone. It's such a great show! 

And even though the first day of fall is tomorrow, that means absolutely nothing here in North Texas, where the highs next week will still be in the 90's and the humidity will still be sky high. So, we'll be doing a bit of this like Knox (eating watermelon and likely swimming) while burning pumpkin candles, blasting our A/C and staring at our fall d├ęcor while wearing shorts and flip-flops. Le sigh. 

Have great weekends!

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  1. The kids yoga looks so fun! Hope they keep enjoying it. It's still 90+ in KY too and I'm definitely ready for fall weather! Give me all the leggings, booties & sweaters!

  2. You are going to get a good giggle from this: my 27 year old brother loves Call of the Midwife. He is such a fan and consistently pushes me to watch it. Maybe I should?

  3. I feel ya on when the hubby is traveling. Isn't it the best when they walk in the door Friday?!?!? Love your fall table display. :)

  4. I am over the rain and humidity here. Just over it. I have not watched Call the Midwife, but I need a new show.

  5. My daughter and I love 'call the midwife' too! England is all gales at the moment. Then the sun pops out and it's really hot again. Autumn is trying really hard to make an appearance tho'! xx Maria

  6. That yoga looks like a lot of fun! I had my boys try out a free yoga class with me at a local wellness place... and as preteens they were less than thrilled. LOL

  7. I LOVE Call the Midwives! I started watching it after having my twins and was so excited last night to see season 7 is now available. But boy was I glad I found it AFTER having my boys! By the way, I LOVE reading your blog and that you have stayed away from ads and sponsored posts! Thank you for being you and sharing your life.

  8. I love your white pumpkins! Today I went to the beach to lay out (86 degrees) and then came home to decorate for fall..... you have to love the south!


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