Wednesday, August 1, 2018

I'm Back!

Hey friends! Whew, I'm back from a little blogging hiatus this summer. To be honest, it felt really nice to just enjoy time at home with my boys without feeling the pressure to need to sit down at the computer and author a post. I know it seems like it would take just a few minutes, but blogging can sometimes really feel like a job! And it was nice to have a little break from that "job" this summer. 

I really did love hearing from those of you over the last eight weeks who asked after me, asked about the blog and wanted to ensure I was coming back. Your comments made my day and well, here I am! The boys start back to school in a few weeks and since our summer is winding down (although our summer weather won't be winding down for a while), I figured Aug. 1 was a good time to get back in the swing of things around here.

Since we last chatted in June, we have done a lot of fun stuff. Here's a little recap of our summer, post-Father's Day:

+ The boys had swimming lessons and were complete champs. Walker can completely swim without floaties now, but we do make him wear them if only one parent is in the water (or we're at a water park or a community pool). If Brandon and I are both in the pool together and can each keep an eye on one boy, then he's free to swim Puddle Jumper-less. Knox is actually a good swimmer, but still wears his Puddle Jumper 99% of the time (unless we're practicing together). 

Knox's rash guard || Knox's swimsuit

Walker's rash guard || Walker's swimsuit

Their sandals 

+ We showered my sister-in-law, Nikki, with a little baby shower. 

My dress 

...and our sweet nephew, Nash, was born last week. This makes our second nephew and us an aunt/uncle five times over! 

My shirt is from Old Navy {here} but this color is from last summer. My shorts are here

+ The last week of June, the boys spent an entire week with my parents in my hometown! They had a ball attending Vacation Bible School at my home church -- the same place I attended VBS as a little girl. They went for rides in the boat, on the jet skis, in the Mule and visited Foxy's shop, in addition to getting to see both sets of their great-grandparents and even their great-great-grandfather! So much fun for them, and so nice for Brandon and me to have a week alone together. He went to work each day while I stayed home and conquered my to-do list of things I never completed when we moved into the house. It was so nice! 

+ In July, the boys started a little summer camp at their preschool, which has been great for all of us! Them to get back in the swing of things for school and me to check off all of my doctor/dentist/hair appointments while I had a few hours each week to be kid-free. 

This has been my favorite shirt for Knox this summer! It's so cute on and so soft!

+ We had fun celebrations, too, in July, including Independence Day, Cow Appreciation Day, 7/11, and birthday parties, too! 

+ Brandon and I were able to sneak away on two date nights (and hopefully one this weekend!): one to the Texas Rangers baseball game with friends while the boys were with my parents, and one out to dinner and home sans-kids while my in-law's invited them to spend the night. 

+ We went on play dates with friends and just with "The Three Musketeers" while Brandon was at work: 

+ And of course, lots of swimming to beat the heat (in the pool and at water parks): 

The boys' rash guards are here and their swimsuits are from Old Navy, but sold out

Giant watermelon raft

It was a wonderful summer, and while it's not quite over yet, we have enjoyed every second of it and I enjoyed the much-needed little blog break. I'll be back Friday for "Friday Favorites," and in the meantime, follow me on Instagram! :) 

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. So glad you have had a wonderful summer with your boys, but also glad to read your blog again during my morning routine!!!

  2. You guys have gotten so much use out of your pool and with good reason!! Glad you're back girl! xo, Biana- BlovedBoston

  3. You look so pretty at the baseball game!! Details on everything please haha!

  4. So glad you've been enjoying summer! It's crazy how much of an impact taking a break can be for our souls, right?

  5. You have the cutest family ever!!! Good to know you have had a fun-filled summer so far! Looks awesome! Annster's Domain

  6. Welcome back!! I have missed you although I feel like i talk to you everyday in some way. lol It has been quite the summer for you guys!

  7. I am happy to have you back to blogging!

  8. So glad you're back - loved reading about what you guys have been up to! The boys look so cute with their new cousin and I love that they went to VBS with your parents - we're away next week and my parents are hoping to take Tatum to our church one night just to watch the opening or closing since he's too little to attend!

  9. Yah! Glad you are back! I haven’t blogged much this summer either. But I have posts lined up for school starting.

  10. Welcome back!! Y'all had a wonderful summer and I'm so glad you got to relax and spend some good time with the boys. And congrats on your new nephew!! So exciting!

  11. Great to start reading your posts again! Glad you've had such a lovely summer with such fantastic memories. Well done to Walker with his swimming. And congrats on being an aunt again - so nice that your family is always extending! JEALOUS you got to go to a Rangers game! Joanne x

  12. YAY! Welcome back gorgeous mama, and such an awesome Summer recap x

  13. Welcome back! Random-- but is the guy in the picture with y'all at the Rangers game named Chris?? I'm pretty sure I worked at Lockheed with him several years ago!!

  14. Woo hoo! Welcome back! I have loved keeping up with y'all's summer on Instagram, your boys are too cute! Y'all have been able to pack a lot in this summer! Congrats on your new nephew, so sweet!

  15. Yay welcome back! Can’t believe summer is winding down!


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