Wednesday, June 6, 2018

What's Hap-pinning Wednesday: Life Lately

Hi, friends! The boys have been out of school and BSF for about three weeks and so while it's taken a bit of getting used to (for all of us!) being home 24/7, but we've had a sweet little summer so far. Here's a bit of life lately: 

+ We have spent a lot of time swimming in our pool with friends and sometimes even just the three of us until Brandon gets home and joins us.

+ And speaking of swimming, we had Knox's second birthday party at our house and that was so much fun celebrating our precious little guy. 

+ We have hung out with friends at local indoor play places to beat the heat; it was already upwards of 100* here and I just cannot with that in June. Usually we don't get heat like that until at least late in the month and into July. I've lived here my entire life and every year I'm just shocked by just how hot (and humid) it gets in the summer. 

+ We have visited Brandon's office to see him and have lunch together, which the boys loved "helping Daddy sell money." ;) 

+ We have had family game nights and family movie nights with popcorn, of course!, and so far Knox is the winner of Candyland, much to Walker's chagrin. 

+ I had a fun night out celebrating a girlfriend's birthday, and it was so nice to not be "Mommy" but "Brittany" for about 16 hours! 

+ I kept a girlfriend's boys while she had a doctor's appointment and whew, let me just say that I have major respect for those of you with four (or more!) children. I was ready for a nap after having all four boys, ages 4, 3 and two 2-year-olds. 

+ We visited the local humane society to see the animals and see what items they could use for a donation. Part of our summer bucket list (more on that later!) is to donate items like cat litter, food, etc. to our humane society. 

+ We have gone on fun little outings, like to Steel City Pops for a gourmet popsicle; to Trader Joe's and let them push their own buggies across the store; and to my in-laws' to play. 

+ Next week, Walker's going to a little STEM camp all about LEGOs; the next week, both boys have swimming lessons; and the next week, they'll head down to my parents' house for a week spent with grandparents and VBS at my parents' church. :) Lots of fun packed into this month for them, and for us, too: my sister-in-law's baby shower, a night out to see the Rangers play baseball, and hopefully we'll sneak in a date night before July gets here, but we shall see. 

+ And in reference to our Summer Bucket List, I decided the boys were at a good age to do one this year. I've never been a huge fan of them for whatever reason, but I thought it was a good marker for the boys to get to do some fun things they want to do and also some educational things snuck in there that are fun, too. I let them (Walker, really...Knox had no clue, ha!) tell me what they wanted to do and I added my touch on it, too. So here's what's on our 2018 Summer Bucket List: 

  • Wash Mommy and Daddy's cars (Walker)
  • Play with toys with Mommy (Walker)
  • Look at toys at Toys 'R' Us (Walker)
  • Make cookies with Mommy and Knox (Walker)
  • Movie night with popcorn (Walker) -- check! 
  • Go see a movie at the theater (Walker) 
  • Make homemade popsicles (me)
  • Take a donation to the local humane society (me)
  • Take a meal to a friend (me)
  • Memorize a Bible verse (me)
  • Make homemade Play-Dough (Walker) 
If y'all have any fun, simple little things to add that you're doing, please let me know in the comments! I'm open for any ideas! :)

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  1. You all have had so much fun this summer already! All this and a fun vacay!! I think that photo of Knox cheesing on his birthday will forever be my favorite of him! So stinking cute.

  2. I’m sooo jealous of yalls pool! I would be in there 24/7! I swear every year I can tolerate the heat less and less shew

  3. It looks like you guys have been soaking up summer and making lots of fun memories! Envious of all of your pool time!!
    Love your summer bucket list especially giving!

  4. Knox's smile is just the sweetest!! The pool time you guys are getting and will get this summer is just the best!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. How cute! And man I need to come swim. I love that you are doing bucket list. We tried to do zoo camp with E, but that did not go well, so hoping legos are the win!

  6. I love seeing how much time you guys have out at the pool! Summer bucket lists are fun because it causes me to make sure I actually do the items on the list haha!

  7. That looks like the perfect bucket list for your kids! I think it's so cool that you're donating to the local pet shelter.

  8. Y'all are already having such a fun summer!! Girl, I'm always shocked when it comes to the summer heat in FL too... I've decided to not leave the office once I get here come summer - it's going to be a rough one.

  9. Y'all are rockin' summer thus far friend! Their little smiles are so contagious - I just love them both!


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