Monday, May 7, 2018


Happy Monday, friends! The weekends always seem to fly right by, don't they? We had beautiful weather after a few days of rain, and it was so nice to get outside and enjoy the sunshine.


+ It was rainy and dreary most of the day, and we had contractors here working on the never-ending master bathroom renovation, so the boys and I had a low-key day at home. They especially loved playing and reading books in their tent

+ Once Brandon got home {and the sun started to peek out}, we had dinner at a new-to-us restaurant, Dallas Craft Co. The boys really enjoyed playing with their giant Connect Four set on the patio, and Brandon and I enjoyed a drink and dinner on the patio. The boys were too busy to take more than a few bites of their mini corndogs. ;) 

+ On our way home, we stopped by Brandon's high school and football field to let the boys take a gander at where their dad played. Football is a big deal here in Texas {#TexasForever} and Brandon loved taking a walk down memory lane. 


+ I was supposed to go get my hair cut while Brandon took the boys to LegoLand, but Knox woke up with a low-grade fever and was very lethargic and refusing to eat or drink, so I rescheduled my appointment, sent Brandon to LEGOLAND with Walker, and Knox and I stayed home for lots of cuddles all day. 

I'm not sure what Knox had, but it was pitiful. He was only awake for about 30-45 minutes all day and instead just slept and slept. His fever broke around 10 a.m. Saturday morning, and I finally got him to eat a Popsicle and drink some Pedialyte around dinnertime. He got a bath and immediately went to bed. 

But meanwhile, Walker and Brandon had a ball at LEGOLAND and I heard "it was so cool!" all day long from Walker. 

+ Brandon and I watched "Molly's Game" and had this delicious meal after the boys were in bed. 


+ Thankfully, Knox woke up much more himself, but we stayed home from trying out another new church just in case. We had a very lazy morning and then had a little picnic on the patio before Walker and Brandon got in the pool. {Knox can't get his cast wet, so he and I hung out on the patio while the two other guys swam.} 

+ We all took afternoon naps {glorious!} and then had a very productive afternoon crossing things off of our insanely long new-house-to-do list. 

+ The guys played while I got supper ready. This game has been a recent favorite of the boys' ever since my sister-in-law sent it to Knox last week. 

+ Brandon grilled chicken and I made this little side for supper, and we all hung out together as a family before getting ready to start another week. 

Have a great week! 

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  1. A busy and productive weekend! I'm so sorry poor Knox was feeling bad. Looks like Walker had a ton of fun at Legoland though!

  2. I'm sorry Knox wasn't feeling well, but glad he was in much better spirits on Sunday!! Sounds like a fun and exciting weekend checking out the new neighborhood! xo, Biana-BlovedBoston

  3. Glad Knox is feeling better now. And wasn't the rest of the weekend beautiful? I almost texted you to show up and swim lol. haha. Hope this week is a tad more restful than last.

  4. Poor Knox! I know you're looking forward to him just being back to normal with everything. Sounds like you all still managed to have a great weekend!

  5. I am glad Knox is feeling better now! Hoping everyone stays well this week and things get back to normal. Is your bathroom finished now? And Sunday afternoon naps for all sounds pretty amazing!

  6. Awww so glad that Knox is feeling better--sounds like whatever he had just took it out of him! Looks like Walker enjoyed his Daddy and Walker time a lot!
    How was Molly's Game?

  7. So glad Knox is feeling better but poor guy, he can't catch a break!! Hope sickness stays away for quite some time!

  8. Poor Knox, so glad he is feeling better though! So cute that your husband showed the boys where he used to play football at!!


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