Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Weekending: Better Late Than Never

Happy May, friends! Oh my word, April was honestly the worst month we've had in a while and while I'm usually super sad to wave goodbye to my (usually) favorite month, I was happily ushering it out the door and kicking its butt on the way out this year. Whew. We've just had the contractors from absolute hell working on our master bathroom (which isn't even finished yet; they demoed on March 30...) and lots of health issues with our littlest guy. So anyway, hence why I'm a few days late with my weekend recap...but here we are. 

Here's what we were up to this past weekend: 


+ Four years into parenting two boys, and Knox got his first cast. {Insert me sobbing here} I noticed last Tuesday that he was limping on his left leg, so I made an appointment with our pediatrician for Wednesday. She confirmed my suspicions and sent us to an imaging center for X-rays, as she thought it was a crack or fracture somewhere in his leg. Those X-rays showed nothing, so our pediatrician thought it may be toxic synovitis, but told me to come back on Friday if he was still limping. Well, his limp got worse, so we went in on Friday morning. I was a hysterical mess. Our pediatrician watched him again and sent us immediately to a friend of hers who is a pediatric orthopedic surgeon at 2 p.m. that day. The pediatric orthopedic surgeon did an exam and some more X-rays, and came back showing us his left tibia and confirmed the hairline fracture. SO! Knox will wear his cast for three weeks. He chose dark blue for his cast, which was the most precious thing ever. He has handled it like a champ, too, and only cries when he can't get in the bathtub with Walker or go swimming. None of us know how it happened, but our pediatrician and the pediatric orthopedic surgeon said with his age and fragile little bones, it could have been anything from falling wrong to sliding down the slide and landing funny to jumping on a trampoline. Who knows!?  

But we have had the sweetest friends supporting us during this time and our hearts were bursting with their outpouring of love. And my word, my blogging friends, y'all. Jenn, Lynn and Emily sent sweet Knox little gifts and he was just in heaven. So thankful for this blogging community! 


+ We woke up to another surprise: Tiff's Treats from one of my best friend's parents; so sweet! The boys really enjoyed (and are still enjoying) their cookies, brownies and chocolate milk. 

+ We did lots of little house projects inside and outside and had a slow morning. 

+ Saturday evening, we went to try out a new church and didn't care for it at all, so we'll be crossing that one off the list. Trying to find a new church is a lot like dating I'm slowly learning! 


+ We went to Southlake's Art in the Square and enjoyed walking around in the gorgeous weather. It's going to be 100* and humid here soon, and so we're enjoying our 80* weather while we can. {And look at that cutie rocking that cast!} Walker loved the bounce houses and bungee trampoline especially. 

+ After that event, we walked across the street to Gloria's for lunch on the patio. It was seriously the perfect day! 

Dress // Earrings // Sunglasses

+ Brandon and I spent nap time out on the patio just talking and catching up, and then when the boys woke up, we spent the entire rest of the afternoon outside: Brandon grilled steaks, the boys played, Walker and Brandon went swimming for the first time at the new house, and we just enjoyed being together with nowhere to be. It was a wonderful Sunday! 

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  1. Aww poor Knox, but could he be any sweeter and okay with everything?! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. So glad Knox is doing okay with the cast! 3 weeks will fly by!

  3. Poor Knox!! I'm so glad you guys figured out what was bothering him and I hope the three weeks go by so fast!

  4. What a cool kid in his blue cast! He is such a champ! Cheers to May being a much better month for y'all!

  5. Saturday looked like a great day all around! I'm so glad that Knox is adjusting ok to everything and was so happy to send a little bit of sunshine yours and his way on a tough week!

  6. I am so sorry about Knox!! Here's to hoping May is much-MUCH better!

  7. He looks like he is doing well with the cast. Happy to love on your sweet family. And its May hopefully you will have a bathroom soon. And I need to know about your church struggles. xoxo

  8. Knox is so brave and makes that cast look SO cute!

  9. What a wonderful Saturday!! So glad Knox's leg is okay and it's not anything worse than a small fracture (ie more testing :/) He is so adorable in his cast and he's such a brave trooper :)


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