Thursday, May 17, 2018

Thoughts for Thursday: Master Bath Before & After

Happy Thursday, friends! 

I wanted to share a little before and after of our master bathroom with y'all today. As y'all know, we recently moved and decided to go ahead and remodel our master bathroom. It was completely fine to begin with, but just simply not our taste. And, we figured we might as well go ahead and just bite the bullet and do it...or we would probably put it off for years. 

We had a complete nightmare of a contractor and this project took six whole weeks from demo day to completion day, but I can admit now after almost a full week of contractors being out of my house, that it was all worth it. 

Here's the before picture, taken from the real estate listing: 

And here's the after, taken the day they finished: 

We used our contractor for everything except the painting, shower glass and crown moulding. Our personal painter painted the walls, trim and cabinets; a local company did the shower glass (we have used them before and loved them); and our personal carpenter added crown moulding in the room (which unfortunately I couldn't fit into my lens). 

And even though the contractors put us through complete hell, we are very happy with the end result. The pictures don't do it justice, but it most definitely looks bigger and brighter in person. (I just don't have that fancy photographer lens that makes it look bigger! Ha!) 


  • Wall paint color: Behr Gentle Rain
  • Trim and cabinet paint color: Sherwin William Superwhite
  • Shower door: Shower Doors of Dallas 
  • Countertops and window ledge: White quartz with half bullnose edge 
  • Floors: Local from our contractor; I used platinum grout 
  • Wall and shower tile: Plain white subway tile; I used platinum grout 
  • Shower floor tile: Basic gray/white octagon tiles; I used platinum grout 
  • Tub 
  • Tub filler 
  • Shower head
  • Shower faucet: Provided by contractor
  • Sink faucets
  • Toilet  
  • Light fixtures (we flipped them around) 
  • Mirrors

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  1. It looks SO good!!! Totally worth the headache!

  2. You already know that I'm a big big fan! I know it was a journey getting there (a looooooooooong frustrating journey), but it is all worth it now because it's a gorgeous space!

  3. love and you know how happy i am that its done for you.

  4. It's beautiful!!! We want to remodel ours but I fear exactly what happened with you guys and the thought of them constantly in the house keeps making us put it off.

  5. I love that bath tub!! The bathroom is beautiful!

  6. I absolutely loved following along on your stories on this project - you made me laugh more than once. Way to persevere - it looks wonderful!!

  7. I absolutely love that tub. It looks so perfect!

  8. It looks amazing! I’m glad it was worth the wait and hassle in the end and that you’re finally able to enjoy the finished product!

  9. It looks amazing and I'm so glad that after all is said and done, it was worth it!


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