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Somewhere on a Beach: Sandestin Recap

We are back from a wonderful beach vacation to Sandestin, Florida! 

We went with just our little family of four this year and, like last year, stayed at the wonderful Hilton Sandestin Beach Golf Resort & Spa. The boys did wonderfully on both flights {special thanks to their Kids Kindle Fires and a short flight for that}, and our hotel was just fabulous. We actually had the same exact room as last year, which we absolutely loved. It's beach-front, so spacious and clean. Plus, it's such a kid-friendly resort {the boys had bunk beds!} and the food and drinks are delicious. (And the spa is amazing, too.) 


+ I was up and at 'em at 3:45 a.m. CT to watch the Royal Wedding! (I wasn't a fan of Meghan's wedding gown, but thought the wedding itself was so sweet and special.) 

+ We got to the airport pretty early, got our bags checked and went straight to the Admirals Club for breakfast, mimosas -- and a TV so I could watch more Royal Wedding coverage. ;) 

Walker's shirt is from Target (sold out online) || Walker's shorts

+ Again, the boys did great on the flight there! I was so impressed with how well they did, especially since this is only their third flight. (Their first and second was last year on the way to/from Destin.) 

Knox's shirt is from Target (sold out online) || Kids Kindle Fire 

Walker's shirt is from Target (sold out online) || Headphones

+ Once we landed, we got our luggage and rental car, made a quick stop at Walmart to pick up groceries (which I had ordered ahead of time thanks to Walmart Grocery Pickup), and made a beeline for our resort

+ We had a late lunch at our favorite restaurant at the resort, Barefoot's, where we ordered our favorite fish tacos and Rum Jungles, and then quickly got up to the room to change into swimsuits and hit the beach for hours. Unlike last year, Walker jumped right in and Knox was the more hesitant one -- and he stayed that way until the next day. But, he enjoyed making sandcastles on the beach and dipping his toes in the water. And meanwhile, Walker loved jumping the waves with Brandon and was just a little fish! 

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Walker's hat || Puddle Jumper (old, similar here) || Swimsuit bottoms (sold out online, similar here) || Rashguard || Sunglasses are from Target's Dollar Aisle || Kids Croakies

Knox's hat || Puddle Jumper || Swimsuit bottoms || Rashguard || Sunglasses are from Target's Dollar Aisle || Kids Croakies

+ We ordered room service for dinner (which the boys loved!) and called it an early night. 


+ We had breakfast this morning (and every morning!) at Sandcastles in the hotel. They have a full hot buffet and my boys loved eating their fill of bacon, scrambled eggs, homemade waffles, cereal and chocolate milk each day. 

+ It was another beautiful day in Sandestin, so we started the day at one of the hotel's pools and then moved to the beach until nap time.

Brandon's swimsuit || Brandon's hat

My swimsuit || My hat || My sunglasses

Walker's hat || Sunglasses are from Target's Dollar Aisle || Kids Croakies || Rashguard || Swimsuit bottoms || Puddle Jumper (old, similar here)

+ Brandon and I spent the boys' nap time on the balcony of our room, and then we got dressed and headed to Seaside for dinner at Bud & Alley's Waterfront Restaurant. This was the only day we got rain and boy, did we get rain! We had to run through ankle-deep water in Seaside to get to the restaurant and were completely soaked for our dinner. But, we loved Seaside (such a cute little town!) and walked around a bit after dinner and got the boys some gelato at Heavenly Shortcakes & Ice Cream before heading back to our hotel. 

At Bud & Alley's, Brandon and I both ordered the Frosé, and then the boys shared a grilled cheese and some green beans while Brandon ordered the seafood stew and I had the grilled gulf grouper. It was all very good! (A bit overpriced, but good.) 

My dress || My shoes

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Brandon's shirt || Brandon's shorts || Brandon's shoes 


+ We had a cloudy morning, so we hit the hotel's indoor pool for a while before going back up to our room to rest and shower for a little bit. But, a cloudy day at the beach is better than a sunny Monday at home! ;) 

+ The weather cleared up around lunchtime, so we headed downstairs to Barefoot's for a Rum Jungle and then headed down to the beach for some more sunshine and sand! 

Walker's hat || Boys' rashguards (sold out online, similar here) || Boys' swimsuit bottoms || Knox's hat 

+ We walked next door for dinner on the patio in our swimsuits at The Beach House, which had fabulous views of the Gulf! We had their famous "None Ya Business" Rum Punch (so yummy!) and then I had the fried fish tacos (outrageously good), Brandon had the shrimp and grits (which he said was delicious) and the boys shared a cheeseburger. It was the perfect lazy evening. 


+ It was Knox's birthday! We had fun singing to him over breakfast and immediately hit the beach for the morning and finished it up with some time at the pool before nap time. 

Knox's hat || Boys' rash guards || Boys' swimsuit bottoms (monogrammed by Ashley) || Walker's hat || Walker's Puddle Jumper (old, similar here) || Kids Croakies

My hat || my sunglasses || my swimsuit || Brandon's hat 

Brandon's swimsuit

+ We ventured over to Baytowne Wharf, where we had dinner at Slick Lips Seafood & Oyster House, which was good, but not my very favorite. The boys shared the kids' fried fish, I had the fried shrimp tacos, and Brandon had the grouper. We did start with the garlic herb Parmesan chargrilled oysters and they were so delicious! 

After dinner, Brandon and I grabbed a Bushwacker to go from Fat Tuesday's and let the boys ride the carousel and feed the fish. 

+ I then made us hightail it back to our hotel to take some sunset pictures on the beach. Thankfully we had a guy who knew how to do the burst mode on my iPhone and thanks to that and a few taken with portrait mode, we were able to get some pretty good ones! I may or may not just use this for our Christmas card this year, ha! 

Brandon's shirt || Brandon's shorts || My dress is from a boutique in Scottsdale || Knox's bubble is from the Snips & Snails Facebook page || Walker's shorts || Walker's shirt (old, similar here)


+ We started our day down at the beach for our last full day, which was a great decision. We rented two chairs and an umbrella from our hotel this day, which was very nice to have since it was especially warm this day! The boys had fun building sandcastles and playing in the water. 

Brandon's swimsuit || Brandon's hat || Walker's hat || Walker's rashguard || Walker's swimsuit bottoms || Walker's Puddle Jumper (old, similar here) || Knox's hat || Knox's rashguard || Knox's swimsuit bottoms (monogrammed by Ashley) || Knox's Puddle Jumper 

My hat || my swimsuit || My sunglasses || Brandon's hat || Brandon's sunglasses

+ We swam for a bit before the pools had to be cleaned out to to a child...ahem, using the pool as a bathroom. So, we made the best of it and ordered the boys a Shirley Temple and us our favorite Rum Jungle and sat out by the pool for a bit to dry off before heading upstairs for naps. 

+ After naps, we were greeted with the most precious birthday cake and sweet note from the Hilton! We were so surprised and Knox loved his cake (as evidenced by the three fingers he shoved in the icing before I could even get a picture, ha!). So thank you, folks at Hilton Sandestin! 

+ We then went immediately back down to the beach and stayed there in our beach chairs until the rain rolled through. It was a quick shower, so we ran back next door to The Beach House and ordered the exact same meals as we did two days prior -- and it was perfect! 


+ We got on a flight home and thankfully, we were all on time leaving Destin and landing at DFW. But, after almost a week away, Walker felt exactly like we all did. ;) 

+ I did three loads of laundry when we got home, picked up our groceries from Walmart and we all went to bed super early. 

It was a fun and fabulous vacation, and we hope we are able to get back there next year again! 

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  1. What a fun trip! I am so jealous! Glad you had a great time and how special for Knox to have a beach trip on his birthday!

  2. It looks beautiful! So glad that you all were able to get your family vacation in and enjoy all of the sun, sand, pool, food and together time! I've heard that place is beautiful and I know several people who loved it there (you included) so we definitely want to go there in the future! This post definitely makes me want to go like now!

  3. What a wonderful vacation!! So glad y'all had so much fun and the weather wasn't bad (it's been non-stop raining here for like 3 weeks now...)

  4. I love your pink Target swimsuit, but I'm always hesitant when the description says "cheeky".😳 Did you find the back to be revealing or no?

    1. I did not find it to be “cheeky” whatsoever. I wear a one-piece for the coverage and I found that it provided full coverage in the bum area. I was running around with the boys, sitting in the sand and swimming and never had any issues.

  5. What a fun trip! I loved your swimsuits.

  6. So much fun!! Seaside is one of our fav places to go. We are so close that we get to go a lot!! We are so spoiled of the amazing beaches. So glad you guys had fun.. Looked like an amazing family trip :)
    Chelsea @

  7. ALL of those sunset pics are absolutely beautiful! Some real framers!

  8. Loved reading and looking at all the pictures - those sunset ones are amazing! So fun that you were there on Know's birthday - all the food and drink looks delicious!

  9. Those sunset pictures are gorgeous! Glad your family had a fun trip! As always your boys are adorable!

  10. What a fun trip!! We stayed at the Sandestin a couple of years ago but on the other side where the golf course is. Still the beach is beautiful and those sunset pictures are amazing!!

  11. And now I'm dying for a beach trip!! It looks like you all had so much fun! Those sunset beach photos are beautiful - it's amazing what an iPhone can do!

  12. B!!!! Y'all got the BEST pictures! What a wonderful getaway for y'all and I loved following along. I need some beach time asap!

  13. All the feels for this trip! I cannot wait for our trip down there now. All your suits are so cute!

  14. What a fun vacation! Those sunset pictures are gorgeoussss! Nothing beats family time at the beach!

  15. Looks like such a fun getaway! And those sunset pictures! Gah!!!! So good!


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