Friday, May 11, 2018

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, and Happy Mother's Day weekend!

I'm so excited to celebrate this weekend with my three favorite guys, two of which made me a mommy. We're planning to go to dinner sometime this weekend and I have a mani/pedi and a massage scheduled for tomorrow, and hopefully just some nice relaxing downtime. 

I cannot believe this will be my fifth year to celebrate Mother's Day. Time, slow down! Here's a little walk down memory lane of Mother's Day past: 

2014 {with my mom and 3.5-month-old Walker}:


2016 {9 months pregnant!}: 


Speaking of Mother's Day, Walker's teachers hosted the most precious Mother's Day Tea for the moms in his class last week. It was so sweet and thoughtful and no detail was overlooked. We had breakfast, then made a little handprint tea towel craft, mixed some sweet-smelling hand scrub together, and then his amazing teacher read us their little mom questionnaires (my favorite) and we got to guess whose was whose. So precious! 

And while Knox's class doesn't do a Mother's Day Tea, his teacher helped him make a sweet flower pot filled with a little bookmark with his thumbprints made into a flower, and a little flower with his picture in it. So precious, and he was SO proud to give it to me!

My friend Sarah recently released her new book, "Hero at Home." It is the sweetest book and I personally think everyone needs a copy in their house! The boys really enjoy reading it at bedtime {or anytime, really}. 

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen my post about "actual crack" on Tuesday afternoon...and Thursday afternoon. AKA: Palmetto Cheese Pimento Cheese. Or, as said in true Southern fashion, "Puh-menna Cheese." 

Y'all, this is not sponsored in any way, I'm just that addicted to it! I love it with the sea salt-flavored Ritz Crisp & Thins as a little snack...and sometimes I'll even eat just that for lunch. It's so good. I'm addicted. 

In true Texas fashion, it went from spring to hot in the matter of a week. No lie, it was already in the low 90's here this week, which terrifies me for July and August. Anyway, if you live in the South, you need these cups for your kids! We are going to the beach soon, so I ordered two new ones to take with us. We love the regular Contigo Kids water bottles, but the stainless really helps keep water much colder during the hot summer months -- basically like a Yeti for kids. ;) 

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  1. I need to send you a decal for the boys cups! I’ve got several of my boys to do. Sarah’s book is so good. We love it around here!

  2. Your boys are adorable. Love the cast pics. Every family has one!

  3. Cheers to MOther's Day!!! And yum, give me all the palmetto cheese. Hydrating kids is no joke, a fun way to drink water seems to help wonders.

  4. We have a million Contigo bottles in our house. And you look so much like your mama!! Happy early mother's day friend! I hope its the best yet and that you get to take a bubble bath in your new tub!

  5. I love their Mother's Day crafts for you.

  6. OMG. We buy the Palmetto with Jalepenos. Sooooooooooooo yummy! My 6 year old will eat a tub of it in 2 days. Happy Mothers Day weekend!!

  7. Happy early mother's day! Loved the walk down memory lane.

  8. I’m obsessed with that pimento cheese, especially the jalapeño flavor!! Have a great mother’s dsy friend!

  9. Your boys are so precious! Happy early mother's day!

  10. Palmetto Cheese is the BEST .. !! Try the jalapeno one!

  11. I must say your Mom looks like she could your older sister. Girl, you got some good genes. Happy Mother’s Day!!!

  12. I hope you have a wonderful Mother's day!! Love all the precious things the boys did for you this week :) Gah, Pimento cheese is the best! My mom makes a really good one and I just sit down and eat wayy too much when she makes it lol

  13. That pimento cheese is my FAVORITE! And yes to Owen's comment above, the jalapeno flavor is even better! Love the gifts from your sweet boys already. I hope you have a great Mother's Day weekend with your family!!


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