Monday, April 16, 2018


Happy Monday, friends! Apologies for that weeklong radio silence; it's been a bit busier than I anticipated moving, having a revolving door of contractors in the house, and of course, doing my wife and mom duties. :) 

Anyway, we had a wonderful weekend that was filled with house projects and a little bit of fun, too. Here's what we were up to: 


+ Brandon brought the boys donuts, so they enjoyed a fun, sugary breakfast. Any morning that starts with donuts is always a good one, right?!

+ We picked up groceries from our new {awesome} Walmart, and I was reminded again why I do their free grocery pickup service with two boys who were wild and crazy after that donut breakfast. Ha! If you've never tried Walmart's free grocery pickup, you can use my referral code here for $10 off your first pickup order. I can never go back to traditional grocery shopping! 

+ After our Walmart trip, the boys had tons of fun playing outside in the puddles from the previous day's and morning's rain. Hearing their sweet giggles just made my morning! They were so messy, so I gave them a bath and we had some lunch before nap time. 

+ We usually have pizza on Friday nights, and since the weather was so gorgeous, we put our pizza on paper plates and had our first al fresco dining experience on the patio. It was a fun little Friday night! 

+ Once the boys were in bed, we grabbed a bottle of wine from the Winc gift my friend Laura gifted us for my birthday/moving. I had never heard of this site before, but it's so neat! It's basically a personalized wine club and you can decide to be a member or not. You can order on the site yourself, or you can give it as a gift to someone, which is what Laura did for us. Anyway, we had an awesome Pinot Noir and watched "The Greatest Showman," which we loved! I have got to order the soundtrack for both Brandon and my cars because we adored it!


+ I took Walker to a local children's theater to see a play, "Curious George: The Golden Meatball." It was so cute and perfect for his first "theater" experience. He was so excited to see George, The Man with the Yellow Hat and Chef Pisgetti. I loved having a little one-on-one time with my biggest little guy! 

These are my very favorite white jeans ever! You can find them here

+ I made a Target run while the boys were taking naps and Brandon hung new light fixtures throughout the house, and then Brandon's brother, our sister-in-law, nieces and my in-law's came over to see the house. 

+ We had a little family night out to a local Mexican restaurant, and then we all came home and crashed after a long day. 


+ We were all set to try out a new church {as in, I had ironed outfits Saturday night and everything!} but Knox woke up with a horrible cough, so we decided to stay home for his benefit and the benefit of the other kids in the church nursery. 

+ So, I put my Crock Pot Shepherd's Pie in the slow cooker, threw my hair up in a bun and we did house projects all day while tending to sweet Knox, so, no pictures for this day. ;) 


I'll be back on Wednesday with some house progress pictures! Thanks for bearing with me as we get all settled in our new home. :) 

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  1. I still think that photo of them after they played in the puddles is one of the cutest things ever! So glad you got to sneak away for some fun with Walker this weekend and hope Knox is feeling better today!

  2. sounds like a perfect weekend!! I love that its finally nice enough to eat outside! I know the boys loved playing in muddy puddles, such a fun mom moment!

  3. Such a fun filled weekend! Loving how much time you guys are spending outside! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Sounds like a great weekend. What church are you looking at?

  5. What a great weekend!! The weather sounded perfect and I can't wait to see the house pictures on Wednesday!

  6. Other than the cough, sounds like a great weekend! Looking forward to seeing some house pictures!! Happy Monday!

  7. I hope Knox is feeling better! So much packed into the weekend! I need to watch The Greatest Showman--especially since you all liked it so much! I'm sure Walker loved his mommy-son time!!

  8. I've been dying to watch The Greatest Showman... hopefully this weekend I can! I hope Knox is feeling better today!


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