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What's Hap-pinning Wednesday: Our {Almost} Two-Year-Old Favorites

Since Knox is almost two years old {sob!}, I thought I would share some of his favorite products/toys with y'all today. He's getting to be so much more of a little boy than a toddler, and I can't even begin to describe how happy and yet simultaneously sad that is for me! I feel like he was just born yesterday. 

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This stuffed monkey is Knox's absolute favorite! He knows the word "monkey," but insists on calling it "ooh ooh ahh ahh" only. He carries it everywhere and just adores this thing. It's super soft and holds up well in the washing machine. 

We have continually loved this sound machine, and we all use one in our bedrooms. (And even travel with it, too!) It's loud enough to drown out noises and allow our children to sleep, but not so loud that it's annoying. I love that you can customize the volume and tone with the simple twist of the machine. 

These bowls were a recent purchase and one I'm so glad I made. Knox loves his snacks in a "boo," as he says, and then will proceed to walk around my house with his bowls of Greek yogurt-covered raisins, Goldfish crackers or dry Kix cereal. They're made of recycled milk jugs, which I think is super cool, too. I love how well they hold up in the dishwasher (no warping) and, since they're plastic, I don't have to worry about little hands breaking them. 

I know, I know, screen time is a huge debate around the Momosphere. I was very anti-screen time until Knox was born, but alas, that #secondkid did me in and sometimes I'd just like to take a 10-minute shower (or cook dinner) in silence. The boys both received these Kids Kindle Fire Tablets for Christmas and each get one hour per day of screen time on them. (Some days we don't even use them at all.) I have a love/hate relationship with these things, to be honest -- love for the reasons mentioned above, but hate because I do notice behavioral differences out of my children when they've had their screen time for the day. I do try to limit it to educational games (Starfall ABC's is a favorite) and educational shows (e.g. "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood") but sometimes a little 12-minute episode of "Fireman Sam" is A-okay with me. 

My boys never really took to traditional sippy cups {instead preferring these straw ones}, and so when my pediatrician recommended getting Knox started on training for a "regular" cup, I was a little hesitant. But, I purchased these trainer cups for Walker and knew they would be good for Knox, too. He loves them and does great with them! My only complaint is that, since we use them for milk only {they drink water out of these cups}, they do start to get smelly after a while after I put them in the dishwasher, and I ultimately have to toss them and get new ones. But otherwise, Knox loves them and uses them frequently, so therefore, they're my favorite! 

This car seat is by far my favorite! We actually purchased it for Walker when he was still in a convertible car seat {he's moved on to this booster, still using the five-point harness}. I actually purchased this Britax convertible car seat for Knox and absolutely hated it, so it was moved to Brandon's car as our "extra" car seat when Walker moved out of this convertible car seat and into his booster. I love that it reclines, it's durable, comfortable and of course, safe. 

We listen to this CD so much it's burning out on me, no joke! It's great for Knox to learn the words to songs and it's little kids who sing the songs, so the boys are both immediately drawn to it. (Runner-up CD in our house is this one.) 

Knox would spend all day outside if I would let him, and his favorite activity is to "race" these dump trucks with Walker. They go back and forth, back and forth, back and forth in our backyard more times than I can count, and Knox especially loves filling the dump truck up with as many backyard "treasures" as he can find: rocks, acorns, flowers from my potted plants...

Knox is my child who carries around random objects, for example, the screwdriver from this toy tool set. (Or the toy tweezers from this toy doctor kit.) I don't even try to understand it, but this boy loves him a "drew-dry-der" and will even sleep with it! Ha! (This little set would make a great gift for a little boy at your next boy birthday party!) 

I don't know one little boy who isn't obsessed with Matchbox cars, and Knox is no exception. He is constantly "vroom"-ing cars around our house or in our cars, and, along with the toy screwdriver, must have at least one Matchbox car in his hand while we're in the car. I even carry extras in my glove box just in case! (This would make a great gift for a little boy!) 

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  1. Yes yes yes! My *almost* two-year-old (sob) is loving all this same stuff! Or I'm loving it for him, rather :) I just got those bowls and plates delivered this week actually! Our kids plates before these were a total hodge podge of ones my mom had when I was a kid and don't stack nicely at all. Camden will only call monkeys "ooh ooh" so at least you are getting the extra "aah aah" out of Knox, ha!!

  2. Evelyn still sleeps with her Dohm sound machine every night. I admit I cannot sleep without hearing it through the monitor. We use the Replay stuff too. E loves the snack cups as well and getting to pick a color every day. I need that CD. We listen to her music from school, but this sounds like a good change. E has my ipad that she is allowed to use. I am off and on about tablet use too. However, I use a timer and she is only allowed 20 minutes every other day on it and has to earn time for the weekend with a sticker chart. She didn't quite catch on to that part until 2 1/2. I have a girl and she loves cars as well so we had lots of dumptrucks.

  3. We use the sound machine in Ella's room and ours as well (we had one before her). The best!!

  4. I have heard such good things about the kid Kindle Fire tablets! I love how affordable they are too, especially around Black Friday time!

  5. I use those cups as well or straw ones - been doing regular cups while at home and found some great ones on Amazon with grips for little hands! That sing-a-long would be way too much fun in our house - getting on that asap!

  6. Thanks for sharing the Sunday School sing along CD! We've been saying how we need to make sure we have songs like that and kids praise songs playing for the baby :)

  7. Love this list! I need to check out that CD for Madeline! She sleeps with her Dohm every night still, too, and we love the 360 cups. I also really love that Knox calls his bowl a “boo.” That is adorable!

  8. Tatum is obsessed with his sound machine! Those bowls look great - especially since we're almost to the bowls/spoons/plates stage!


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