Monday, March 12, 2018


Happy Monday, friends! We had a fun-filled spring weekend with lots of sunshine, a welcome sight since it's my boys' Spring Break this week. 

Here's a little weekend recap: 

+ We had a low-key day at home, and then the boys requested to go to the park after naps, so I happily obliged. 

+ While we were at the park, Walker requested to go to "the enchilada place" (AKA: our favorite local Mexican restaurant) for supper, and so I called Brandon and had him meet us there. I'm always down for some enchiladas, chips, queso and a marg! ;) As we were leaving, a local police officer walked through the door and Walker was so excited he could barely contain himself. The officer was so sweet and gave him a "Junior Officer" badge sticker, took a picture with him and had a ton of patience with our usually chatty four-year-old who was so in awe he was silent. 


+ Knox had his first "friend from school" birthday party at Peek N Play, so I took him to that while Brandon and Walker went to Home Depot and had a guys' lunch at a local burger joint to eat and watch basketball. Knox had so much fun spending some special one-on-one time with me, and me him!

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+ We spent the rest of the day doing some stuff around the house, and then Brandon and I fell asleep on the couch watching "20/20." We are so cool, we know. 


+ It was my friend Stacy's baby sprinkle, and I was honored to help host it. She's pregnant with their third baby, and they're finding out the gender on the baby's BIRTHday, which is so exciting to me. I could never have that much willpower! :) Anyway, the sprinkle was at Sixty Vines, and since Stacy and her husband are event planners, her husband actually made it super easy for us hostesses and booked the venue, had their florist bring flowers and balloons, and we just sent out invitations via Paperless Post. It was such a beautiful little get together with her closest friends (and her mom!) and we all enjoyed visiting, eating delicious food and a few mimosas. I can't wait to meet and love on this sweet baby so soon!

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+ After the shower, Walker made his big news debut! :) A local news reporter saw my tweet about Walker getting to meet the police officer and came over to interview him about it, AND had the officer come surprise Walker at our house. We were so happy for our little man!

I hope y'all have wonderful weeks! 

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  1. That is absolutely precious how much walker loves police men, and they seem to be so sweet to him! What a pretty baby sprinkle!

  2. Oh my gosh. I'm so glad you linked the video; not that a photo can't tell how excited Walker was, but that video just reminds us all how wonderful our public servants are.

  3. I seriously cannot wait until I'm not pregnant anymore so that I can have a margarita!!! And I soooo give your friend props on waiting until the birth to find out her baby's gender. I've always admired people's strength who can do that but I just can't- I'm a planner, scheduler and control freak! And that is so awesome about Walker being on the news! I'm sure he felt really special.

  4. OMG love that he got interviewed with the police officer. Since I am an attorney for the a city here in Texas that advises our PD, it warms me heart to see stories like this. Just reminds us that they really are here to help. I have heard about Peek N Play. I need to take E as she would love this. That shower looks amazing. Glad you had a good weekend.

  5. How cute is he with the officer! So sweet of the officer as well. I don't know how people can wait. I'm so impressed with their willpower. I've never even been pregnant but know that I couldn't wait. I get impatient waiting to find out what other people are having let alone if it was my own lol.

  6. Wowww! That's so cool that Walker could be on the news with that officer! What a star!

  7. I am so stinking jealous of your boys playing outside in their shorts and t-shirts! How sweet with Walker and the police officer! Also, the sprinkle yesterday looked gorgeous - wonderful job!

  8. What a fun weekend and the police officer--that is amazing! So glad that feel good story is out there--and I know it probably made Walker's life haha
    The baby sprinkle was gorgeous and so were you!

  9. That is just the coolest thing with the police department! I love your encouragement for law enforcement and how Walker was so excited to meet him. It was the sweetest little news story and I'm sure it will be something y'all will always remember :) The baby sprinkle looks so beautiful and delicious!

  10. What a fun filled weekend! The shower looked so nice & I am loving that Walker made it on the news - what a sweet clip you shared on FB! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston


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