Friday, March 9, 2018

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, y'all! We have a fun-filled weekend: a birthday party for Knox's little friend from preschool and a baby shower for one of my good friends that I'm helping host. Not to mention, next week is my boys' Spring Break, so I'm looking forward to slower mornings with little plans next week. So excited it's the weekend! 

Here are my favorites:

We have had absolutely gorgeous weather this week and have been savoring every minute of it. I absolutely adore Texas in the spring and fall, and I'm soaking up these beautiful 60-70*, sunny days before the hot, humid weather makes it way here in a few months. The boys have loved getting to go outside and play, and I've had the windows open most of each day to let the fresh air in. And seeing all of the Bradford Pear, crepe myrtle and redbud trees start to bloom is a big favorite of mine! 

I'm in a bit of denial that we only have two more months left of school until summer. Truly, it just goes by in the blink of an eye. I was feeling super sappy the other day just thinking about it and ordered the boys each a copy of "Oh, The Places You'll Go!" that I'm going to have their teachers write a sweet little note in at the end of this school year, and keep the tradition going each year until they're seniors in high school. I'm not really a "keeper of things" (more like, I throw out so many of the things they bring home from school and save only a handful from each school year and of course, all of the precious hand- and footprint crafts) -- but I'm excited for them to have a little memento that they can hang on to and read what nice (hopefully) things their teachers from each school year will have to say about them. 

I was talking to my friend Emily the other day and we were discussing some parenting books that have helped us with our boys. I shared with her these three and thought I'd share them here, too. These three books have really been a game-changer for me in terms of parenting and I'm about to go back and re-read them all again -- because let's be honest, I'm far from a perfect parent and need any and all help I can get. The books are: "The New Strong-Willed Child"; "Parenting with Love and Logic"; and "Raising Men, Not Boys." 

Did anyone watch this season of "The Bachelor?" Y'all, I went into it liking Arie a lot, but he honestly showed his true colors on the last episode and "After the Final Rose." I'm so #TeamBecca and I'm so proud of how she carried herself on the ATFR episode! And I'm thrilled she is the new Bachelorette! What were y'all's thoughts?! 

It's most certainly not a "favorite," but I would be remiss if I didn't mention it. It was honestly a sad last few days in our household, as our best friends moved to Austin. We actually met through our kids and went to the same church, same school, etc., and our kids are best friends, too. Anyway, we've known they were moving since January, but the day finally came earlier this week and I've just been a wreck. Thankfully Austin is only three hours from Dallas-Fort Worth, but it's not the 10 minutes down the road we have been accustomed to. My friend Victoria and her husband left Tuesday, but her parents were keeping the boys through this weekend and so her mom met us at the park with the boys on Wednesday to play and say our final goodbyes. My heart broke seeing Walker cry, but I'm so thankful we have plans to see each other already for later this month, in May, July and hopefully lots more in between. 

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  1. I started the boys with "Oh The Places You'll Go" When they were in MMO and I love that they will have those notes written each year, it's so fun to see how the have changed (Jack mainly so far). I can't wait to read those books, Thank you for sharing them with me! I know ya'll will miss your friends, hopefully you will get to visit soon!! Have a great weekend!

  2. I am so jealous of that spring weather! Still buried in snow over here ;-) Arie honestly gave me the creeps haha. He never struck me as the 'heartthrob' you imagine the bachelor to be. And I ADORE Becca and am obviously rooting for her because, Minnesota ;-) I hope you all are doing okay with your friends moving, I am sure that is so hard!

  3. Please send me the warm weather.

    Ok, and for the bachelor. I have an odd opinion now that this week has gone by. I’m actually on Team A. Shocker. Yup. Totally. But my husband reminded me that maybe it was for the best instead of dragging out the relationship, getting married and then divorce(with maybe kids). While I want to hate A for what he did(yes, a total bad move), I see the side from a guy’s perspective and actually don’t disagree. What is happening to me😂

  4. That book idea is super cute!

  5. That's a great idea about the teachers signing the book! I'm friends with Emily and have loved starting to follow your blog!

  6. So jealous of your nice weather - I'm so ready for spring! Have a great weekend! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  7. We're supposed to randomly get snow this weekend! Crazy weather here in VA always! Love the book recs - I'm noticing that the 3s are going to be our trying time with Miss A (I'm getting little previews haha whew) Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend! xo

  8. My mom definitely says she needed/used "The strong Willed Child" for my sister lol! So sorry your friends moved - that is the worst!! Hopefully Austin isn't too far away.....

  9. I didn't watch this season of The Bachelor (heard he was the human equivalent of a beige driving moccasin) but did watch the finale and totally agree about being Team Becca. Liked her immediately and can't wait for her season. However, I do think that Arie shed some light on what a mindf**k this process is for the guy--that you have to break up with someone and then propose to someone else 10 minutes later, that you can have really conflicting emotions and can't just turn off the bad ones. And the pressure they feel to propose. So, while I still don't have a high opinion of him, I do think that he showed what an honestly terrible time emotionally he was having. But when he wouldn't leave Becca alone after dumping her, I was OVER HIM.

  10. I didn’t watch Bachelor this season... my first season EVER not watching. I just couldn’t stand him and knew it would be a terrible season!

  11. Holy cow! Arie does look like Ross!!!

  12. Aw, so sad that your friends moved away. That can be so tough. I just love your idea of having the kids' teachers sign a book for them and keeping that book for every school year; such a fun and wonderful keepsake when all is said and done.

  13. I'm loving seeing some things in bloom...we just got another foot of snow dumped on us in New Hampshire, ha! So sad about your best friends moving away and your little guy's tears over it. Change is so hard! I hope you have a great weekend!

  14. so sad when good friends move, but Austin is doable!

  15. Read Wild Things by David Thomas. So good! He also has an episode on the God Centered Mom podcast that is a great resources for raising boys too!


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