Friday, March 23, 2018

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, y'all! 

It's supposed to be rainy pretty much all week next week, so the boys and I enjoyed a lot of fun outside time this week before we will be indoors a lot over the next few days: the park, a picnic at the airport to watch planes take off and land, and lots of afternoon and evening walks. 

I also got to do something fun this week: read to Walker's class for {a belated} Dr. Seuss week at school! And then we decided to have a little post-school treat at Dairy Queen for their annual Free Cone Day. It was the boys' first cones and they were loving life. 

I was ordering Knox some bathing suits from Old Navy and ran across these cheapie sunglasses for myself...and of course had to get them! ;) They were on sale for $12 and I had a 35% off coupon! (I picked up this pair of swimsuit bottoms for Knox and these shoes for the boys, too, in case you're wondering!) 

If you missed it, I shared on Wednesday some of Knox's (and our) favorite products for {almost} two-year-olds! I can't believe my baby is going to be two in two months! 

On the subject of "you know you're old when..." (or perhaps better titled, "you know you're addicted to Amazon when...") the following home purchases are delivered to you via Amazon Prime. I mean, honestly, what did I do without Amazon Prime? (The answer to that question is: I spent less money on random crap.) But laziness and money aside, these things are awesome, so I felt like I had to share the love...and also, I always love seeing what people buy on Amazon for some reason. Yep, I'm nosy! 

I mean, does this need an explanation?! ;) Ours recently bit the dust, so it was time for a new one. 

+ Berry Avenue Broom Holder and Garden Tool Organizer {$13.97} 

I saw this on one of those BuzzFeed "cool Amazon gadgets" and decided to scoop it up for the price. I'm an organizer by nature and clearly am on a spring cleaning kick! 

+ 18-piece glass food storage container set {$35.95} 

Clearly the most expensive of the purchases, but I seriously do NOT know where all of our Tupperware disappears to, and we're always left with the cheap, flimsy plastic ones. And, I'm trying to be better about not heating up leftovers in plastic containers, so this was a good option for us. 

Special thanks to Azar Nut Co. (based out of El Paso, Texas -- shout-out to my Texan companies!) for sending us three products to try: Sweet Valley Organics organic dark chocolate bites in Sea Salt Toffee Almonds, Tart Cherries, Sea Salt Caramel Cashews, Tender Bananas and Cinnamon Praline Pecans...

...Softer Than Brittle snacks in almond, cashew, pecan and peanut...

...and Route 66 Santa Fe Adobe Snack Mix. 

I'm always a bit skeptical to try out new snack products, but y'all, these were good! I'm not a huge fan of nuts unless they're covered in chocolate, caramel or something that hides the actual nut texture...I know, I'm weird) so I skipped the Route 66 Santa Fe Adobe Snack Mix, but Brandon assures me it's delicious -- and the empty bag after just two days proves that. As I suspected, the boys went wild for the Sweet Valley Organics Tender Bananas -- and I love that they're certified organic and GMO-free. (I ate the heck out of the sea salt toffee almonds!) And finally, we all went nuts (no pun intended) over the Softer Than Brittle! I personally loved the peanut and almond flavors, while Brandon and the boys didn't discriminate. With the Softer Than Brittle, I loved that it's dairy- and gluten free, and vegan! 

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  1. I am so ready for actual spring like temps. We have had one day above 50 this entire month. I have been wanting some glass storage containers. I’m going to have to check those out! Happy Friday friend.

  2. I’m definitely ordering the tortoise and the blush version of those sunglasses! One for the car and one for my purse!

    And let me know how you like the garage organizer; we are needing one and I’m skeptical about them because I’m afraid it will break or fall off the wall thus defeating the purpose of said gadget.

  3. I have and LOVE that wine opener too! So quick and easy!! So fun that you got to go and read to Walker's class--I'm sure he loved having his mommy there too!!

  4. I am not excited about rain next week, but this weekend should be glorious. I did not know they were based out of El Paso, how neat. We missed cone day, total fail, but she didn't know so I'm not worrying. Have a good weekend!

  5. So much fun you got to read to Walker's class and it definitely looks like the boys are living their best lives with their ice cream cones :) Enjoy your weekend!

  6. I need that garden tool organizer!! I hope y'all had a great weekend!


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