Friday, March 16, 2018

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! 

This week was my boys' Spring Break and we were blessed with the most amazing weather! It's usually a toss-up as to what it will be like -- a few years ago we actually had snow, and then two years ago it poured down rain the entire week. So with a week full of sunshine {and lots of extra daylight!}, we had a fun week: an early-morning donut run, a quick trip to the dentist for me (where my dentist's employees gave them each a fresh, warm cookie and a toy out of the toy box -- pretty sure they'll want to go to the dentist with me forever now...), a picnic on the patio, the zoo with friends, the park with friends, and some playtime at my in-law's house. It was so much fun, but of course I'm a little ready to be back in our little routine next week. 

If you missed my posts this week, I shared some Easter basket ideas for little ones and some cute Old Navy finds. Head on over to check those out! :)

Speaking of Easter, what is everyone doing for the big holiday? We are actually going over to my friend Victoria's parents' house for a little egg hunt for their boys and ours the day before Easter and then will go to church on Easter Sunday. Victoria's mom is such a great decorator and I'm sure the tablescape will be just gorgeous! If I were hosting this year, though, I found the cutest Easter décor, tablescape and party ideas over at ProFlowers. They have tips ranging from décor, food and activities to help you plan your perfect gathering! Pastel pops of color, spring blooms and gold accents are at the top of their tip list. Go check it out if you're hosting this year! 

Y'all know how I love a good bargain, so when I saw these shoes at Walmart of all places, I had to scoop them two colors! Ha! They were $6.97 each, I kid you not. I thought they would be cute to wear around this spring and summer. I even grabbed a pair for a girlfriend because at less than $7, why not?! 

It's official: we are heading back to Destin in May, and we are so excited! {You can read all about last year's trip here and here.} We loved going over July 4 last year, but it was so, so hot, so we decided to change it up this year and go in May when it's hopefully a bit cooler. We had such a great trip last year and I'm excited to experience the beach with the boys again in just two short months! 

I hope y'all have wonderful St. Patty's Day weekends! I'm sure we'll be celebrating with some green eggs tomorrow morning. ;) 

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  1. I definitely did not miss your Easter post this week and I have the credit card bill to prove it hahaha. Thanks for the rec! My husband went to Destin for a work trip and raved about it--definitely someplace we'd love to go once Ella is a little older. OMG, maybe a blogger and babe meet up down there!!! hahah

  2. Love that you have a family trip planned - that'll be fun to look forward to! What a fabulous spring break you had with the boys and I'm glad the weather was good for you guys! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Those shoes are so cute. You need to come out to Fort Worth to the zoo one weekend and we can do it together. We go to Seaside every year, but man Destin is beautiful too. Maybe we will switch it up. God bless our weather. The snow storm three years ago I was 9 months pregnant and driving home from work in dallas to fort worth and thought I was going to have the baby right there on I-30. Have a good weekend.

  4. Yay for another beach vacation!! And girl those Walmart sandals are SO cute! Glad you all have had such a great spring break, those picture of the boys riding the carousel are so precious!

  5. Cute shoes! They have similar ones in a blue & white gingham at Old Navy that I'm hoping to pick up this weekend! Yay for beach trips! I can't wait until ours. Are you all going back with the in-laws or just you all this year?

  6. OK those bow slides are the absolute CUTEST finds!!! You can't beat the price!!

  7. What a wonderful spring break!! So glad y'all had such great weather and fun activities! I hope you have the best beach trip! It's going to be so much fun!

  8. Those shoes are really cute.
    I hope you have a good time in Destin!

  9. I love those shoes! I just put an alert to to let me know when my size is back in stock!

  10. That's awesome you're going back to Destin. It should be a bit cooler, I'd think! Sounds like you had a great spring break with the boys too - I'm glad you had nice weather. It's been so weird where I live with a lot of rain and snow still.


  11. Those shoes are wonderful! Can't beat under $7. Sounds like a lovely spring break week too. We just got our passports in today so I'll be planning our family vacation within the next week. We're heading to Niagara Falls.

  12. Okay I need those shoes for that price! Hopefully they are comfy!


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