Friday, March 2, 2018

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, y'all! 

My obvious favorite this week is that I'm heading to Las Vegas today! Brandon has been there since Monday for a trade show, and I'm flying up to join him today now that it's over, and we'll spend the weekend together there. I'm so excited for a little one-on-one time with my husband! 

I have been looking for something to store Walker's books in in his room, and I haven't found anything I like, nor anything that will hold all of his books. (We have a lot -- this mama is an admitted reader!) When I was scouring Pinterest, I came across this picture and loved the book storage, and thankfully found a replica on Amazon! (Amazon to the rescue!) I can't wait to hang this in Walker's room! I'll likely get a matching one for Knox's room, too, once we change over his room from a nursery to a big-boy room.  

February was such an unusually rainy month here, so I'm so thankful that March has brought with it some sunshine. It's so hard to keep two very busy boys occupied when it's raining 24/7! Wednesday, we joined our sweet friends at the trampoline park, then all had lunch together at McDonald's and then I brought the boys home for a mid-afternoon bath and naps. They had a ball...especially because we don't frequent Mickey D's very often, ha! (And this gal is hoping and praying for a month full of spring-like temperatures and less rainy weather!) So seeing these sweet boys playing together was definitely a favorite! 

A friend of mine posted this on Instagram earlier this week, so I had to share, too. I was crying laughing! Why is this so true?! 

I have been lusting after this dress from J.Crew Factory and think I'm going to bite the bullet on it! I absolutely adore the sweet little bow trim on the sleeves and of course, the bright spring-y color! 

I hope y'all have wonderful weekends! 

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  1. Looove that book storage! You are so good at finding stuff on Amazon. Teach me your ways! Have so much fun this weekend!!

  2. Yay have so much fun in Vegas! And oh my gosh, yes why must people share store programs and cards when our children are having meltdowns ;-) I have also noticed they seem to scan items painfully slow in those moments!

  3. have so much fun in vegas!! That red dress is darling and will be so cute on you!

  4. Love that dress - red is my favorite color. :) I'm sure you'd get use out of it this Spring. I completely agree about rainy February - so glad to see a new month! Have a great time in Vegas!

  5. Beautiful red dress. Looking forward to seeing it on you. Have a great time in Vegas especially since you have no kiddos there! I am waiting for Grandpa to get in town tomorrow on our end. I am ready to hand off my little man for a few hours to get some alone time with the hubby too. Happy Friday!

    Maureen |

  6. So so so jealous of your trip! Have a GREAT time! Send pics! xoxo

  7. Love that dress!! Also, yes the RedCard thing is soo true! Went with my sister and my neice was throwing down and my nephew was crying and the guy was trying to talk to my sister about the card!

  8. That dress is gorgeous! & why is going to McDonald's so fun when you're a kid?! Haha. Have fun in Vegas!!

  9. I love the book storage! That will be such a cute addition to his room. Enjoy your trip and I say treat yourself to that cute dress!

  10. Pinterest and Amazon are such lifesavers! I have so many projects saved that I can't wait to finally get to. And our March actually started with rain. Glad to see the sun is finally back today though.

  11. Love the book storage rack you found for Walker's room! The J Crew dress is beautiful and is going to look amazing on you! Every time I see your pictures of the boys at McDonalds, I want a hamburger happy meal SO BAD lol

  12. Love the dress! You could only have a great time wearing that! Raspberry is such a great colour for this time of year. Hope you had a great time in Vegas! Joanne x


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