Monday, February 12, 2018


Happy Monday, y'all! Whew, we had a fast and furious weekend and to be honest, I need one more day to recover. :)

+ Brandon came home from a week-long business trip to Canada, and we were all thrilled to have him home! 

+ It was National Pizza Day, and since we usually have pizza on Friday nights anyway as a little family tradition, we thought it was no better night to pop in a DiGiornio. ;) We ate it while watching the Opening Ceremony of the Winter Olympics. (Side note: Does anyone else eat ranch dressing with their pizza like I do?!) 

+ We {finally} celebrated Walker's fourth birthday party! He got sick the week of his actual birthday and, not wanting to share our germs, we decided to reschedule for this past Saturday. 

I decided to just let it all go this year and instead of planning a "Pinterest Perfect Party," I let him pick the theme and the location and went with it. He chose a firetruck theme at Chuck E. Cheese's. Done and done. By no means was it anything that anyone would ever want to "pin" or replicate, but it was the happiest I've seen Walker at one of his parties -- and the least stressed out I've been in four years planning a party. That's what it's all about at the end of the day anyway: a happy kid, a non-stressed-out mom and precious memories made. 

All I had to do was book the venue and amount of pizzas online; order a tablecloth, cutlery, plates, napkins and favors online (Oriental Trading and Amazon to the rescue); order a themed shirt for him on Etsy; and call in an order of cupcakes from our favorite local bakery. I've linked the things below just in case your little one is having a firetruck-themed birthday party coming up soon!  

We all had a complete ball celebrating our sweet four-year-old with family and friends and are just so thankful for everyone who loves him -- and us -- so well. It truly takes a village and we are so thankful for ours. 

+ Saturday night, we went over to our friends Liz and Chris's house to visit, let the kids play and eat dinner. And again with easy: I took a bottle of wine over and we called in an order of Mexican food once we got there, sent the guys to pick it up and ate at their counter while we visited. Love having friendships that are just easy -- and those where you can show up to their house in yoga leggings and a bun! ;) 

The kids had a ball playing together and we had fun catching up with them -- and Brandon and Chris had a little looksie at their leaky dishwasher, too. Ha! We got home so super late and past our bedtimes, but fun was had by all. 

+ Y'all, Texas weather is so bipolar: it was 70 on Friday and sleeting on Sunday morning. I can't even begin to understand it. We all slept in until 8 a.m. (all the praise hands!) and enjoyed a very lazy, warm day at home watching the Olympics in jammies all day cuddled by the fire, and I did a ton around the house: three loads of laundry, putting birthday gifts away, writing thank you notes, changing out the boys' clothes of outgrown clothes, cleaning the house after a busy weekend, etc. It was a productive day! 

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  1. This is kind of giving me feels! I think one of the first posts I read of your's was about an airplane party for Walker? Is that right? That had to be a couple of years ago now. How crazy. Even though I know how much you love planning those parties for the boys, I'm glad you got to slow down and just enjoy this one! He looks like he had a blast (and of course he would choose Chuck E Cheese)!!

  2. Walker's party decor looked great! Simple and effortless. I hear that 4 is the age kids start to like to pick their own birthday party theme and I'm definitely looking forward to that. Definitely taking Rory's 2nd birthday party (already have a Pinterest Board and it isn't until December) easier than her 1st. As of right now, it is puppy themed which is pretty easy. I just have to hope that weather will cooperate.

  3. So glad the bday party was a success! Having fun is all that matters! I too love ranch with my pizza, are there people who don’t hahah. Happy Monday!

  4. The supreme digiorno is definitely our favorite too LOL! I think you did the best thing for everyone - no stress for you and your boy(s) had the absolute best time!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. What a precious party and you are absolutely right... it does not need to be Pinterest perfect to be PERFECT for your little one!!

  6. I'm so glad the birthday party was fun and exactly what Walker wanted! I love love love friendships that are easy--you don't have to put on a show for. Those are the absolute best!

  7. Alllll the ranch when it comes to pizza!! ;) Sounds like an amazing lazy/productive Sunday -- those are the best!

  8. friday night pizza night is theeee best!! this looks like a perfect weekend! and i love late evenings with friends when the kiddos play past their bedtime. :) :)

  9. What a wonderful party!! So glad it was fun and stress free - what more could you ask for!? Glad everyone was feeling up to it too this time :)