Monday, February 5, 2018

Weekending: First One for February

Happy Monday, friends! Is everyone awake this morning after the Super Bowl and "This is Us?" I'm for sure dragging, but alas, it's Monday and my kids certainly don't care that I'm tired...ha! 

We had a busy, fun weekend. Here's a peek into what we were up to: 

We didn't have any plans, so I took the boys with me to run some errands, and then we capped it off with a visit to Toys 'R' Us to peruse the toys and grabbed Chick-fil-A for lunch. 

My brother and his girlfriend were in Dallas from Waco and came over to visit with us and play with the boys for a little bit. Walker and Knox loved having their Uncle Parker over and thoroughly enjoyed having him play with them. 

That night, our babysitter came over and we had a date night to one of our favorite local farm-to-table restaurants, The Ranch. It was so nice to have a much-needed date night...and the food was delicious. 

I had a "Front Porch Swing" to drink and Brandon had one of their local beer flights; we shared the fried green tomatoes to start; and then I had the filet with a side of goat cheese grits; Brandon had the prime rib with a side of their famous macaroni and cheese; and we shared the Route 66 pecan pie -- which had a cinnamon roll crust. It was all so delicious! 

Saturday was fast and furious: we started our day at a birthday party for Knox's best friend, Sawyer, at Chuck E. Cheese's. Walker and Knox are so blessed to have brothers, Smith and Sawyer, as their best friends! 

After an afternoon of naps for the boys and lots of laundry for me, we went to Brandon's brother and our sister-in-law's house for their gender reveal! 

We are so excited to share that they're having little boy, due in July! This baby was our family's "tie breaker"; Brandon's older brother has three girls, we have two boys, and now Todd and Nikki have two boys. We can't wait to meet him! 

Super Bowl Sunday! After a very busy (and late) Saturday, we stayed home on Sunday morning. It was a much-needed day to be together as a family, and also a much-needed day for me to get our house picked up and cleaned, laundry finished and things prepared for the week ahead. 

We joined our friends Jared and Victoria and their boys Smith and Sawyer at their house to watch the Super Bowl and let the kids play. (And let's be honest, all I cared about was the Justin Timberlake Halftime Show!) And of course..."This is Us." 

I couldn't resist putting the boys in one last football outfit until August. I found Walker's shirt at Small Pockets (it's Mud Pie brand and currently on sale for $8.99) and Knox's shirt was Walker's when he was a baby and came from Target. 

I hope y'all have great weeks! 

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  1. Sounds like the perfect weekend! Your dinner Friday sounds amazing! I couldn’t stay up for this is us. I can’t wait to watch today!

  2. Oh my goshhhh yalls meal sounds amazing and that pie... drooling!!! The JT halftime performance was amazing I was all heart eyes ha!

  3. What a fun weekend! Y'alls date night sounds like so much fun and the food looked delicious!

  4. Your date night meal sounds heavenly!!!

  5. You describing what you ate has me drooling! What a fun gender reveal party as well! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. Sounds like it was a wonderful weekend!!

  7. Oh my word, your dinner on Friday sounds amazing!!! And a great time to spend together :) Congrats on getting a nephew! So exciting! I cannot wait to watch This Is Us after work today!

  8. Sounds like a great weekend and your meal sounds great! That pecan pie looks incredible! Congrats on your nephew!

  9. Any weekend with a date night is a great weekend! So fun that your brother and his gf got to come by--looks like the boys were elated!! Those two are too cute in their football gear! Cheers to a great week!

  10. I don't even like pie and I want to eat pie with a cinnamon roll crust, YUM! The boys are tooo cute in their football shirts. Please tell me all your secrets for getting them to sit still for a picture!!