Thursday, February 1, 2018

Thoughts for Thursday: Valentine's Day Gift Ideas (For Him)

Happy February! To kick off the month of love, I thought I'd share some gift ideas for the man in your life. (I shared some ideas for kids last month; you can view that post here.) 

Brandon and I don't go too crazy on Valentine's Day; usually a box of Godiva chocolates and some flowers for me and a shirt or fun gadget for him, but I'm thinking I might need to step it up this year. He's been so amazing throughout our potential home selling and home buying process that I want to give him something more than a shirt to say "thank you" and tell him how much I love and appreciate him not just this month, but every day! 

So, that said, I thought a good old fashioned gift guide was in order! Here are some fun gift ideas to give your favorite guy this Valentine's Day: 

1 || Harry's Shave Sets: Brandon loves his Harry's shave set he got for Christmas! If your guy is picky about his razor, you could always gift him with the free trial of Harry's shave subscription, which includes a Truman razor, travel-sized foaming shave gel and travel blade cover for free (just pay the $3 shipping!) so he can try it out. Brandon did this to start and fell in love with the brand and so he got the full shave set a few weeks later. Be sure to take a look at all of the shaving supplies that Harry's has to offer! 

2 || Amazon Echo Dot: We have an Echo Dot, as well as an Echo, and every single one of us in this house loves it! Brandon uses "Alexa" to ask sports scores, drink recipes, the weather and random questions like, "How long to grill salmon," while I mostly use her to set timers for dinner (and yes, even time outs!) and to play music. The boys ask her daily to play "The Fire Truck Song" and "U Can't Touch This." So it's a family-friendly device that is loved by all ages. Trust me when I say your guy will love it. 

3 || Clarisonic: I purchased this Clarisonic for Brandon a few years ago and he uses it each morning. He has very oily skin and I've noticed a difference in his pore size (while he's noticed a difference in his skin's smoothness). It's pricey, but I think it's a great buy and something that he can use every day! 

4 || Netflix Subscription: I don't know about you, but we find ourselves watching more and more on Netflix than we do our DirecTV, so gifting your guy with a Netflix subscription would be beneficial for both of you! ;) Brandon is all about watching the Netflix original series like "Narcos," "House of Cards," "Stranger Things" and "Ozark," and we often use Netflix to watch a movie on the weekends. You can join free for a month and just cancel at any time online. 

5 || Audible Subscription: If your guy is a reader, an Audible subscription is a great gift! Brandon is a reader and has a long evening commute thanks to traffic, so he listens to a book on his way home from work each day via this app. The app is free, and they're offering a free 30-day trial, which includes two free audiobooks. (After the 30-day trial, the Audible subscription is $14.95 per month.) 

6 || Yeti Tumbler: We use these Yeti tumblers on the regular to keep hot things hot (read: coffee) and cold things cold (read: ice water). I can leave it in my car on a blazing Texas summer day and come back out to ice still sitting in my cup. Genius I tell you, genius. 

7 || Duffle Bag: Brandon only has nice suitcases for his constant business travel, but I recently had to get him this duffle bag to have if we want to go anywhere for the weekend -- and not have to use the hard-backed Samsonites. This one is great quality, holds up well and doesn't make your man look like he's an old guy reliving his glory days with his vinyl high school gym bag, complete with his high school's logo on it (not that I'm speaking from experience or anything...ha!). 

8 || Ball Cap: We both have this ball cap and wear the heck out of it. Every guy needs a good, sturdy, non-sports-themed cap, and this one fits the bill (no pun intended). It holds up well in the wash and sweat/dirt stains come out quickly with a little spray of Oxiclean. :) 

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  1. We definitely watch a ton of stuff on Netflix too. If you don't have it already, this would definitely be a sweet gift to get!

  2. I did a shaving club membership for my husband a couple years ago and he loves it because he never runs out of blades or cream! Love that duffle bag!

  3. The audible subscription is a great idea!!

  4. I’m dying for an Amazon echo dot. I’m thinking that will be the perfect “new house” gift for G!