Friday, February 2, 2018

Friday Favorites: First One for February

Happy first Friday of February, y'all! 

Here are my favorites this week: 

Walker's fourth birthday was Monday and let's just say he was most definitely not acting like it was his birthday...lots of tantrums, time outs and tears from 3/4 of us in this household. It was definitely a day. We had a little "birthday do-over" on Tuesday, complete with chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing and sprinkles (the birthday boy's choice) and I loved seeing them dig into their dessert. Even Knox got a {smaller} cupcake and devoured it. 

I mentioned this little gadget in Wednesday's blog post and on my Instagram Stories and got so many DM's about it -- so I wanted to share here today, too. It's the Germ Guardian Air Sanitizer/Deodorizer and I'm in love! I'm seriously about to buy one for the boys' bathroom and each of their bedrooms. It cleans the air, ridding it of odors, germs and uses UV technology to simultaneously kill those odors and germs. I can honestly tell a big difference in using it -- especially in the kitchen after cooking eggs and in Knox's room when the Ubbi diaper pail gets full. It's definitely worth every penny! 

Brandon got to go with Walker to "Donuts for Dad" at preschool yesterday and it was the sweetest thing ever. Walker was sick last week when the actual event was, so his teacher asked me if we could do a make-up day -- just for Brandon and Walker. I thought that was absolutely precious and so sweet of her to do. 

Brandon said she brought in donuts just for them, and he and Walker got to do a couple of crafts, take a few pictures and he got to show Brandon the cute things he'd done for him: a painted portrait, a questionnaire (which made me cry when I saw Walker's answers -- so sweet!) and a handprint. 

I found my Easter dress and I'm so excited about it! Since we never know what Texas weather is going to do in April -- it could be sleeting or 90* -- I loved that this had a sleeve. Plus, the material is so soft and I can't wait to wear nude heels with it to church on Easter Sunday. 

This officially makes me a mom to blog about this, but if you don't have Lysol Laundry Sanitizer in your life, you need to get it! Clearly it's popular around here because it's sold out at my local Walmart and Target, and I had to order it online from Amazon. (Amazon to the rescue!) You add it to the "softener" section of your washing machine (just use regular detergent like normal) and it kills 99.9% of bacteria on your laundry. I now use this on every single load -- especially this time of the year! The clean freak in me rejoices. 

One more for today: special thanks to TOMY for sending us the ANIA Safari Animals playset to try out! The boys -- especially Knox -- love the animals (especially the "juh ruh raff") and he carries the little animals everywhere he goes...namely in the car when we're driving anywhere and plays with them the entire car ride. I have to be sure we never lose it or we have a little freak out. ;) Thanks for sending this to us, TOMY! You can purchase the entire line of ANIA Animals at Toys 'R' Us

Have great weekends, everyone! 

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  1. so glad the birthday do-over was a success! I love that Easter dress, I may have to copy you and order it! Im just not sure about where the seam hits at the waist if it'l look good on me or not. That laundry sanitizer is the best!! Happy Friday!

  2. Love love love that Easter dress! That will look do good on you. That was so sweet of Walker's teacher to set up a do-over day for him and Brandon! Your school sounds so awesome. And you have totally convinced me I need one of those germ-catcher things! Sounds magical!

  3. LOVE your Easter dress; my sister and I were just discussing what we would be wearing and I was planning on just wearing a dress I already had, but this is gorgeous. I’m a huge loft fan!

  4. I'm glad you all had the birthday do-over and it was better! Daddy Donuts just for them is priceless--what an awesome teacher to do that (and such a sweet experience for them both!) I need that laundry detergent!!

  5. So happy you all were able to celebrate with a do-over day for his birthday and donuts with dad! I'm loving that dress you purchased for Easter. I'm thinking about ordering it for a work/church dress this spring & summer!

  6. That Easter dress is so pretty - what a great option to wear for so many occasions later! What a great idea to do a little birthday do-over, too. It looks like it was a perfect success :)

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  7. Your birthday boy's sweet chocolate covered smile is so precious! Donuts with Dad sounds like such a fun event! I love your Easter dress! What a fabulous find! The germaphobe in me needs to get my hands on that laundry sanitizer asap too! Thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful first weekend of February!
    - Brenda // Chatting Over Chocolate

  8. I love your no germ vibes! You always share the best stuff! Also, LOVE that dress! Happy weekend friend! xo

  9. That is the sweetest thing ever Walker's teacher did a separate donuts morning - so special! Sorry his actual birthday was kind of a bust - that is so disappointing for everyone.. Hope y'all have a fun weekend!

  10. You are the best mommy for having a birthday do-over! I know Walker was so excited to “start fresh” the next day :)

  11. That's too bad that Walker's birthday didn't go well. I'm glad the birthday do-over was better. The picture of Knox covered in cupcake crumbs is really cute!

  12. So cute! Just bought the Lysol after your recommendation since it's full blown flu season here!

  13. Wow love the idea of the laundry sanitizer! Didn't know they made such a thing!