Monday, January 29, 2018

Weekending: Walker's 4th Birthday

Happy Monday, friends! Today is Walker's 4th birthday (and no, I definitely can't believe it). He has his four-year well-check today (followed by ice cream for those super fun immunizations) and a play date with his best friend, so I'm thinking he's going to have a good day. ;) 

Our weekend was nice and low-key, which was much-needed after a weeklong sickness for Walker. This was our last weekend without any plans until March, so we thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. 

Friday was another day at home letting Walker recover, then our traditional Friday night pizza and I fell asleep on the couch watching "Dunkirk" with Brandon. 

We started out Saturday with cinnamon rolls and a family date watching "Moana" for the first time. Walker is finally at the age where he'll sit through a movie {Knox made it about 45 minutes, ha!}. It was such a cute movie and of course I'm constantly humming "You're Welcome" over and over again. 

We rescheduled Walker's birthday party since we didn't know how he'd be feeling on Saturday. Of course he woke up feeling great -- which was a huge praise! -- but I'm still glad I rescheduled because you just never know. 

Anyway, since we had a free morning, we decided to celebrate the birthday boy with a trip to Main Event to go bowling and play arcade games, and then to have lunch at Chuy's. All his choices, and it was a fun morning celebrating our biggest little guy! 

We had a lazy afternoon and then decided to finally bite the bullet and take the side off Knox's crib to convert it to a "big-boy bed." He had been trying to figure out how to crawl out of his crib during nap time (ughhhh) and, we are going to the beach in May and wanted to go ahead and let the boys share the bunk beds there instead of getting a crib yet again, so we just went for it. I was so nervous as to how he'd do {since Walker cried for hours on his first day/night in his twin bed}...but Knox didn't make a peep. Not one. He went right down and slept through the night, and stayed in his bed until we went to get him a few minutes after 7 a.m. Sunday. I was so shocked and impressed! He's definitely my more easy-going child.  

Sunday, I got a much-needed 1.5-hour-long massage and we had a very slow afternoon. It was so nice! 

I made Owen's White Chicken Chili for supper, which was delicious! It made so much that I'm taking some to a friend and her family tonight for supper. :) 

I'm off to celebrate the birthday boy today! Can't believe I have a four-year-old! 

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  1. Happy birthday Walker!!! That is such great news about Knox. We decided to go ahead and order the toddler rail for Rory's crib for when we decide to convert it. I'm nervous she's going to be tempted to climb out of bed and play with all of her toys that are in her room but ya never know.

  2. I probably said this last year (lol) but it's Nathan's birthday today, too! Love that he and Walker share a bday :) I'm so so so glad that Walker was feeling well enough to enjoy his birthday weekend! I meant to message you yesterday - how did nap time with Knox in the big boy bed go?!

  3. Happy birthday sweet boy!! So glad he’s feeling better and y’all can celebrate today!

  4. How much fun is bowling?!? Gosh Knox is such a big boy, so proud!!! So glad you liked the soup!

  5. Happiest of birthday's to Walker and so glad he's feeling better! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. Happy Birthday to Walker!! So glad he's feeling better and really got to enjoy his birthday fun! And way to go, Knox!! That's awesome!!!

  7. Happy birthday to Walker!!! I'm so glad that I'm not the only one who hasn't seen Moana until recently!

  8. A massage and white chicken chili - that sounds like my perfect day! Glad Walker is better and love that you guys got to do a little celebrating of your own and still have the party later. Yay for Knox too with the bed!