Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Getting Back Up to Speed

Well, Christmas and New Year's have come and gone, Brandon is back to work today after 13 blissful days off work, and Walker starts back school Thursday (and Knox a week from today for his first time ever!). I'm honestly trying hard to get back into the routine of life post-holidays: no parties to attend, no opening the mailbox to Christmas cards, somewhat slower weekends, a fresh house and not finding random specks of glitter from Christmas decorations on my pants after lunchtime. ;) 

Quite honestly, the week between Christmas and New Year's Day is a favorite of mine. We do all our celebrating by Christmas Day, so this week belongs to our little family of four. Each year, I say I'm not going to do much during this week, but I always end up taking down Christmas on Dec. 26, organizing my house, making appointments where I can since Brandon is at home (no hiring babysitters to go to the dentist!), and trying to get our lives back in order. 

Here's a bit of what we were up to: 

+ Lots of cozied up time at the house: fires in the fireplace, movies on pallets in the living room, play time with the new toys and dress-up clothes (including the Kids Amazon Fires -- big hits!), and cleaning/organizing/putting away. It was really cold here the week between Christmas Eve and New Year's Day (and is still pretty darn frigid to us Texans)! We even got a few specks of snow!

+ Went for many rides in the new Power Wheels. Again, it was super cold here, but Walker didn't let that stop him from getting out and enjoying their big gift from Santa. Knox loves going for a ride, but definitely doesn't love when his brother drives forward, backs up, drives forward, backs up...you get the picture. 

+ I got my eyebrows Microbladed! I'll share all about this process on Thursday, so come back then to find out more! :)

I also got my Invisalign process started with the dentist, which is definitely going to be a process. I had braces for six {yes, six!} years, and my small-town orthodontist didn't give me a retainer and so my teeth shifted. I'm also missing one of my laterals (the teeth next to your big front two teeth) and have what's called a Marilyn Bridge in place. I'm very self-conscious about the whole thing and am so excited to not only fix my crooked teeth, but update that fake tooth situation and not live in fear that it's going to fall out every time anyone gets within five inches of my face. 

+ We had a family date to see The Trains at NorthPark and have lunch at Kona Grill. Walker tried chopsticks (with little "helpers" on them) for the first time and was a little pro! The boys had a ball seeing the trains and came home and both took three-hour-long naps following, so I'd like to see these trains every day, please and thank you! ;) 

My sweater \\ Walker's pullover

+ We also had a family date to Chuy's and to see the Christmas tree at The Galleria on New Year's Eve. This is always a Christmas bucket list item for us, and we sadly just didn't get there before the big day this year...but thankfully, The Galleria leaves the tree up until early January, so we got to see it. (And do a little shopping, too!) 

+ We hosted our friends for New Year's Eve. We aren't huge fans of going out on New Year's Eve, so staying in and having people over is super fun for us. Brandon and I have traditionally eaten appetizers and wine/champagne for supper on New Year's Eve, and this year was no exception. Our friends and their two boys came over after supper and the kids played while the adults visited, then we were in bed well before midnight. (My kind of party! Ha!) 

I hope y'all had a wonderful holiday season celebrating with those you love. It's back to regularly-scheduled programming here this week for us! :) 


  1. I see you in your cute target sweater! Which i now own 3 of...thank goodness because its all i've been wearing during this frigid snap were having! Jack does the same thing in his power weeks as Walker...forward, back, forward, back...Poor Graham gets banged up!! A fun and relaxing week ya'll had!!

  2. Your brows look amazing! I can't wait to read about the process. It looks like you had a very fun and productive week! Happy New Year!

  3. Aww y'all look so cozy!! What a fun week together - happy new year!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  4. What a fun and productive week!! I feel like the week after Christmas is such a fun "bonus" time!

  5. New follower......Happy New Year


  6. So fun! Love all the family time!

  7. Love the cute pic of your boys cuddled up in blankets! Can't wait to hear about your microblading experience! That's something I've been interested in but also a bit scared!

  8. Looks like tons of fun family time packed in together while B was home! MG was home for 10 days straight and it was amazing to have that time together without stresses of work, etc. The microblading looks awesome!!!

  9. Love this and love y'all! The blanket burrito pic is my fav! Text me this brow process (or I guess I can wait until Thursday haha but I want in!) Cheers to the new year friend! xo

  10. So many fun times!! Love those sweet boys!


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