Friday, January 26, 2018

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, indeed. Sorry for the radio silence on the blog this week, but Walker has had a yucky virus that has been almost identical to the flu -- just without the flu diagnosis (he tested negative on Tuesday morning at the pediatrician). He's had fever; chills; a constant, barking cough leading to a sore throat; headaches; and has been so tired due to lack of sleeping from his cough...which has led to lethargy and those sad, sick eyes that every mom instantly recognizes in her babies. So it's definitely been a week here and we are just praying that none of the rest of us get it. 

Walker's fourth birthday is on Monday and his party was scheduled for this weekend, but we made the executive decision to move his party to two weeks from tomorrow so as to not share our germs. {Because nothing -- and I do mean nothing -- burns me up like people taking their sick kids to school, church, birthday parties, stores, etc.} Anyway! Moving on!

That all leads me to my first Friday Favorite this week: winter sickness necessities. Never did I ever think this would be a favorite, but here we are. 

All the stuff. Here's a bit of what I've been using {and using and using} this week, aside from regular ol' soap and water to wash my hands: 

Purell Wipes to wipe down hands when we're out and about {e.g.: after sitting in the buggy at Target, when I pick the boys up from school, after Bible Study}

+ Thieves Oil on the bottoms of our feet after our nightly baths and right before bedtime. I'm definitely not a crunchy/granola/green person by any stretch of the imagination, but if you told me to try Hippie Voodoo Juice, I would do it at this point. 

+ Sambucus for Adults for both Brandon and me. We've been taking this since Tuesday like it's candy. Or maybe wine. ;) This is supposed to boost immunity and also shorten the duration of illnesses. 

+ Sambucus for Kids for both boys. I've been giving this to both Walker and Knox {see above} 

+ Children's Delsym for Walker, as he's old enough to take it. I give this to him once right after breakfast and once again right before bedtime and I do feel like it helps with that nasty, barking cough. 

+ Children's Motrin and Children's Tylenol -- this stuff should be in every mom's arsenal! I have been rotating these every 3-4 hours for Walker when he was running fever. 

+ Blocks Cleaner bag to clean our 7,890 pieces of LEGO Duplos in this house. You fill the bag with LEGOs and wash in your washing machine's sanitary cycle, let dry, and voilá, sanitized LEGOs. 

+ Toy disinfectant because my kids touch and share every. single. toy all day long {even often putting them in their mouths} and so cleaning them is a necessity. I was walking around spraying like a mad woman yesterday. 

+ Immune support liquid has been given to Knox since he won't chew a vitamin and I am honestly trying anything at this point to boost his little immune system this winter -- and especially when his brother is sick. 

+ Oscillococcinum for Walker to help alleviate the flu-like symptoms. This isn't a cure or a preventative, only a helper when those symptoms appear. And clearly everyone and their mother is taking this right now because it's sold out at my area Target, CVS, Walgreens and Walmart. I found literally the last box at my local Sprouts store and I was able to order more from with a little over a week-long delivery date. 

+ A warm mist humidifier because I personally feel that it makes the room more humid than the cool mist ones; Walker is old enough to know not to touch it and Knox is still in a crib and we put it out of his reach. 

+ Not pictured: Lysol Laundry Sanitizer (use this in addition to your regular laundry detergent and a hot water cycle to sanitize your laundry); the boys' nebulizer and Budesonide liquid for it that was prescribed by our pediatrician; Raw Probiotics for Kids (I put this in the boys' morning cup of milk and they have no clue); and a combo ear/forehead thermometer -- I like to do both on the boys when they're running fever just to get a more accurate result. 

Of course, check with your pediatrician before using anything and be sure to get the correct dosage for your child, which they determine by age and weight. 

Moving right along from winter sickness...can I please tell you how excited I am for spring?! January and February are my least favorite months of the year and I'm just dying for all things spring: Easter, fresh air, more sunshine, Daylight Saving Time, and lots of outside play time. And did I mention cute spring clothes?! 

Zulily had the cutest little outfits for boys this week and I had to scoop this one up for our firetruck-loving boys: 

I don't often match the boys, but I honestly love doing it when I can (see above). It's kind of hard since Walker wears a 4T bottom (barely) and a 5T top, and Knox is in 2T. But when I find something cute, I have get it...right?! So when I saw these two cute caps on sale at Vineyard Vines, I had to get it for them! Bonus that we can use them all summer and even at the beach. 

I need a good book recommendation, friends! I just finished "The Simplified Life" by Emily Ley and would love some sort of quick fiction. I loved "The Husband's Secret" and "Come Home." I love chick-lit and am not too big of a fan of anything Sci-Fi or super scary. So, any recs? 

This precious guy turns four on Monday and I just...I just can't. The days are certainly long, but the years are certainly short. Our hope is that he's feeling better this weekend so we can celebrate him appropriately on his actual birthday! :)

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Photo (c) Liz Haas Photography

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  1. SO many prayers that Walker feels better for his birthday and no one else in your house gets sick!! I just bought almost everything on this list lol. Cam has had the stomach bug TWICE and I'm not messing around any more over here! Have you read The Nightingale by Kristen Hannah? It's not my typical chick-lit but seriously one of the best books I've read in my life!

  2. Glad Walker seems to be on the mend! That little firetruck outfit is darling, matching my boys brings me such joy haha. I can't believe he's going to be four! Four is such a game changer I think. Heres to a weekend germ free for y'all!

  3. So glad you all are on the mend! It drives me crazy when people take their sick kids or sick adult selves out and about. Such a cute firetruck outfit! I'm on a big non-fiction, self-improvement books kick right now so I'm not much help on the fiction recommendations. If you're looking for something funny though, I used to read the Janet Evanovich numbered series and they are quick reads and hysterical!

  4. Sending good vibes your way friend. Praying he feels better ASAP and the rest of you stay well!! Xo

  5. I used to match my boys and now they refuse! Keep matching them as you can!

  6. I hope everyone is on the mend! Super sucks to be sick all week and there not being much you can do for the little ones. Definitely saving your tips for later! I just finished The Couple Next Door and it was really good!! Hope you have a great weekend and the birthday boy is back to his usual self for Monday!

  7. Oh no! I'm so sorry your babe has been sick. It's the worst. Porter has had back to back colds almost all winter, and I swear it's just the worst. Here's hoping everyone is on the mend! Also, those Vineyard Vines caps are too cute. Love :)

  8. Aw, I hope he's feeling better son and doesn't share his germs with the house. We have had to move our kids parties a few times due to illness and I agree that I can not stand parents who show up with sick kids or bring their kids to play and two hours later mention that their child was up sick in the night... um... thanks! I actually have a post tomorrow about the books I read this month (I read A LOT); I'd recommend What Remains True by Janis Thomas, Necessary Lies by Diane Chamberlain, The Good Neighbor by AJ Banner, and The Memory of Us by Camille Di Maio.

  9. Oh my goodness, I almost burst into tears looking at that baby pic of Walker and now thinking that he's 4! These babies need to SLOW DOWN!


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