Friday, January 19, 2018

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, y'all! Whew, this week has flown by and I've been a day behind all. week. long. I guess that's a good thing, right?! Bring on the weekend. 

After April InstaStoried these earrings from Tenfold Collective, I had to snatch a pair up! Tenfold is a socially-conscious brand that exists to help abolish human trafficking, and a percentage of each pair of earrings sold goes to help the cause. They have so many cute styles and colors, so go check them out. I definitely love shopping for a cause and have a couple more pairs I'm eyeing to buy. 

This probably makes me sound either really old or really lame (or both?) but Brandon recently got me a new cordless vacuum after our Dyson was biting the dust. I was more than a bit bummed that the Dyson was failing since it was a pretty pricey vacuum, but my researcher husband did a lot of just that, research, and found that this vacuum (which looks identical to my Dyson) got rave reviews and was 1/4 the price. And I personally think it works way better on carpet, in my humble opinion! Yup, I'm officially old. 

I am in the throes of planning Walker's fourth (yes, FOURTH!) birthday party, which is next weekend, and as I was getting some stuff done for it, I went down the rabbit trail of his newborn photos. Oh my gosh, y'all, cue the tears. I really do feel like this picture below was taken yesterday and can still smell his sweet little newborn smell and hear his little grunts. It's so true that the days are long, but the years are short. 

Mamas of newborns, I promise the time doesn't feel like it will pass quick enough and you are up in the middle of the night feeding a hungry, screaming baby and it feels like they'll never sleep through the night {or even for three hours, for that matter}, but I promise they will and you'll be begging to cuddle them close in the middle of the night in a few years. So cuddle those sweet babies a little closer today because it goes by in the blink of an eye. 

Brandon and I are going to Las Vegas at the end of next month/beginning of March and I've never been. (He's only been for work and is pretty much only familiar with the airport and convention center.) I'm joining him at the tail-end of a work trip, so we'll be there on a weekend. Our hotel is booked, but does anyone have any good restaurant recommendations? Things to do/shows to see? I welcome any recommendations!

I am so tired of this cold weather and am looking forward to spring like nobody's business. The weather usually starts here for us in about early March, so I'm eyeing all the spring clothes something fierce. Give me all the bright colors, lighter fabrics and honestly, if I don't see my puffer jacket again I wouldn't be sad about it. ;) 

Some pre-spring pieces I'm eyeing are this adorable shirt (how cute is that bow detail?!); this dress (give me all the eyelet!...and I'm thinking I might snag this for Easter and pair it with nude pumps); and this ruffle-hem sweater (this brand can do no wrong in my opinion!). 

Have a great weekend, y'all! 

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  1. love those earring, I looked at that page too and have plans to order a pair! So that vacuum is not a dyson? it looks just like mine! Love that cute navy dress!! Have a great friday!

  2. We got a cordless vacuum for Christmas and have used the heck out of it already!! #officiallyold I hope y'all have a great weekend friend!

  3. Ahhh so happy for you for booking that Las Vegas trip! We both have trip recs in our post's today :) I've only been to Vegas for a day but we did the hop on, hop off tour and I really liked that because you could go around and see all the amazing hotels! Nathan goes to Vegas A LOT for work (#salespeopleswifelife) and they always eat at Mon Ami Gabi in the little Paris section. It sounds like amazing food in an amazing atmosphere to me and I will certainly be going if I ever get to tag along with him! Have a great weekend, girl!

  4. Oh my goodness! That newborn photo couldn't be more precious! My girls just turned 13 and Sweet 16 in the fall and I'm completely in shock at how fast the time flies! You are so right! Soak up every beautiful bit, because time passes far more quickly than we realize! Enjoy your birthday party planning! :)
    xo - Brenda // Chatting Over Chocolate

  5. Girl our husband's think alike because Gary got me the exact same vacuum and I love it!! I've only been to vegas once for a bachelorette party, but we did go to some great restaurants - Tao & another sushi place that we loved but I cant think of the name! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  6. I have a similar vacuum that's a shark and I love it because it's so lightweight! Vegas will be so fun! I've been to the airport but that's all so I'm zero help on that one! LOVE that dress!!

  7. Thanks for the tip on the vacuum. I like the price a lot better than the Dyson!!

  8. I have lots of restaurant recs for Vegas, but it depends on where you're staying. Email me where you're staying and I'll give you some ideas :) And yes....the days are long but the years are so short. My oldest is turning 9 in two months and I just can't believe it!

  9. Take in as many shows as you can! We only did one Cirque show (it was fabulous) and wish we would have just done more and put them on the credit card. Also, go on the high roller. Again, we didn't and regret it.

  10. Oh my gosh - my cordless vacuum is like my favorite thing - I was so excited to get it! Vegas sounds like such fun!

  11. We really enjoy Margaritaville (great burgers and drinks) and shopping at the Venetian or Caesars is always fun! Not much for clubbing but we love shows- LOVED The Michael Jackson ONE Cirque show. Also Wolfgang Pucks Lupo at Mandalay Bay is THE BEST!!!

  12. Those earrings are so fun! I am already over the cold and we haven't even had the worst of yet here.

  13. I too am eyeing all the spring clothing items! I'm just over looking at chunky sweaters! lol

  14. Have so much fun in Vegas! I don't have any advice to offer but can't wait to hear about your trip!! Dang, that vacuum looks nice - lol! So since it's cordless, do you have to charge it after every vacuum?

  15. You're going to one of my favorite cities--Vegas! I could write a book, but will keep this short. Agree with Mon Ami Gabi up above--the mac and cheese is really good. Also, Giada's at The Cromwell, and Lago at the Bellagio (try to get a table by a window to watch the fountain show). You can't go wrong with a Cirque show. See who's got concerts going that week as many singers do "residencies" at places like Caesars or The Wynn. I saw Shania Twain but would love to see Celine or Elton John. If you're hungover, or need a big meal, go to Hash House A-Go Go. Enormous portions of good breakfast food. There are a few locations. Chandelier bar at the Cosmopolitan is the only bar I will pay for drinks, it's that pretty and fun (you drink for free if you're gambling--so at a slot machine or a table, you don't need to pay for drinks if you play it right in vegas!). Also, I love just wandering around the different casinos and seeing the decor. The Venetian and the Bellagio are my favorites in terms of decor. But honestly they're all worth popping into.

    FINALLY. Everything is very spread out. The Casinos and hotels are huge. It can easily take ten minutes from the front desk to your room. Casinos that are next door to each other will still take 10-15 minutes to get to when you leave. Buy a pack of water at Walgreens and stay hydrated. The desert air doesn't mess around, nor does the air inside the hotels.

    Ok, this was a lot. Holler with any specific questions!

  16. I must look into a cordless vacuum! My kids are always sucking up the cords when trying to clean their own rugs and this would be a huge saver for me.

    I've been to vegas a few times and honestly one of my most favorite parts is just walking around to all the different hotels and seeing the decorations and shops. They are amazing! There are so many free/cheap things to see too-- the Bellagio Fountains, riding up to the top of the Eiffel Tower in the Paris Hotel. We have seen just about every Cirque show and they're all pretty amazing. On of our favorite places to eat is Lawry's The Prime Rib; it's not on the strip at all but it is AMAZING! Have fun, make sure you drink lots of water... and bring super comfy shoes there is so much walking!


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