Friday, January 12, 2018

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, y'all! Here are my favorites this week: 

I've been trying to eat healthier and more whole foods (hence the "modified Whole 30") but I just can't give up my favorite healthier breakfast of fruit and granola parfaits! It's so easy, pretty and super cute when served in a stemless wine glass. ;) 

I just use honey vanilla Greek yogurt, almond granola, blueberries and sliced strawberries and layer appropriately. It's so delicious! 

Knox started preschool on Tuesday! He's only going one day a week and to the same school as Walker (which Walker loves), but it's going to be great for my little "Velcro Baby" who's always constantly attached to my hip. He did wonderfully at drop-off on his first day, not even wanting to give me a hug or a kiss goodbye and immediately running to play with the cars and trucks there. (And meanwhile, I haven't been alone for five hours in 19 months so this gal is busy doing all the cleaning, grocery shopping, laundry and errands!) 

Also on Tuesday, Walker had "Hibernation/Pajama Day." They were learning all about hibernation and why bears hibernate when it's cold, so they got to wear pajamas to take a "nap" and also bring their favorite stuffed teddy bear. Well of course my child wanted to bring the gigantic five-foot-tall bear my parents gifted him with for Christmas. *Insert monkey covering its eyes emoji here.* Pretty sure next year the school will have a rule as to the size of bear one can bring. ;) 

Have y'all read "The Simplified Life" by Emily Ley? I am almost finished with it and must say that that book is life-changing. I'm an organized, OCD, planner-type to a fault, but that book not only made me feel that it's okay to be that way, but also gave me great ideas to just, as the title of the book says, simplify. Why make it harder on us than it already is?! The section on declaring what's most important really moved me: 

I'm living in my Zella leggings lately! I kept hearing how they're revolutionary and was hesitant to bite the bullet on a pair (because $54 for a pair of leggings was a me) -- but I used my Nordstrom gift cards I received for Christmas to snag a pair and I can confidently tell you that, yep, I now understand the hype. They're so soft, suck you in and take the constant wash and wear like a champ. I'm definitely adding a couple more pairs of these to my birthday wish list. 

Buuuuuut, Christina blogged last week about Spanx having a line of leggings at Target. So of course I had to go check those out, right?! I snagged the last pair of mediums at my Target store (and do feel like they run a smidge small, so I'd size up) and y'all, oh my word. Worth every penny. I love them! They really do suck you in and they're so, so comfortable -- and the $28 price tag can't be beat. 

This may sound like the most random combination for a candle ever, but I grabbed it at Target the other day to put in our entryway to burn when guests come over, and I LOVE it. I'm going to order a few more online because I love the scent that much (yes, I'm crazy). Who would have thought that tobacco and cedar would smell so delicious as a candle?! 

I hope y'all have wonderful weekends! 

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  1. that parfait looks yummy! I have a great homemade granola recipe that I need to make again. I love zella leggings, I used to wear them all the time. Ive got to get another pair. I too am loving Emily Ley's book, i love how simple she maps everything out and helps you to get organized...for those of us that don't have the OCD gene in our body haha. Happy Friday Friend!

  2. Welll now I want a yogurt parfait! I have heard such good things about those leggings, I wish I could try them (tall girl problems) ;-)

  3. I make a yogurt parfait every morning too! It's my favorite go-to breakfast. Aren't Zella leggings the best?!!! I seriously could not live without them. I need to head to Target today to try and find the Spanx ones there- that price is awesome! I need to get that Emily Ley book- I need to simplify so bad!

  4. Happy Friday! Your boys are so adorable! :) I've heard so many people rave both about that book and those Zella leggings. Thanks for sharing more about each, as well as a less expensive version of leggings that you're loving! Wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead! xo - Brenda //

  5. This made me really want a parfait! I saw that candle, I loved the way it smelled!

  6. That yogurt parfait looks so delicious! I need to up my breakfast game and that is so easy. So glad it went so well with Knox and his first day of preschool! Hope y'all have a great weekend :)

  7. I need to check out those leggings from Target. I LOOOOOVE my zella leggings (and their tops too--I get them at Nordstrom), but like you I don't have $50 to blow on leggings. But the ones I do have, I love. I need to get a simple black pair.
    I can't believe Knox is in school now...where is the time going???

  8. Omg that bear!!! But I love those pajamas--I wish they came in adult size!

  9. I love Walker's pajamas. I saw those in the store, and I wanted to buy them for my niece. She loves it when food, and other inanimate objects, have faces - so I knew she would love those pajamas. But they didn't have them in her size.

  10. That's hilarious about the huge bear! I keep hearing about the simplified life and now I want to read it!

  11. So do the Spanx leggings wash as well as Zella

  12. I like the idea of putting your parfait in a wine glass! I think I would definitely eat more yogurt that way!!

  13. I eat a fruit and yogurt parfait most morning too; or I might snag one in the afternoon for a quick snack and add just a tablespoon or so of tollhouse morsels to satisfy that darn sweet tooth! I love that you allowed your son to bring his gigantic bear to school. I taught pre-k for years and we often had teddy bear picnics and things where the kids brought in toys from home.. I can honestly say no one ever brought in anything quite like that! LOL!

  14. Thank you for sharing some of your favorite things! You have introduced me to many new things that I didn't know about it. You have sparked an interest in me so I am really wanting to check out the leggings. I really need some simplifying in my life, so thank you for sharing this book, "The Simplified Life" by Emily Ley. Have a great weekend!

    - Natalie A.

  15. I am dyinnnng to read that book!! And that is absolutely hilarious Walker took that bear to school. I'm so impressed you let him hahaha!

  16. I am cracking up at that huge bear lol! :)