Friday, December 8, 2017

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! 

I absolutely cannot believe that we'll be starting our Christmas celebrations in two weeks. I just feel like the month of December absolutely flies by -- especially with all the Christmas parties for work and school, luncheons and events -- and I'm just trying to savor these last couple of weeks with this precious glow. There is truly nothing better than being a parent at Christmas and seeing this season through their eyes. 

Emily, Owen and I finished our Christmas gift guide series on Wednesday, and we just want to thank y'all for participating, commenting, sharing and joining us during the full series! Y'all are so awesome. You can view all of my gift guides here: Kids; Ladies; Men; and Hostess/Stocking Stuffers

Knox is still in a sleep sack at night and absolutely refuses to sleep with a blanket. He completely screams bloody murder if he's not in his sleep sack! It's so interesting to me because Walker was sleeping with a super flat pillow and a blanket right after his first birthday (and was transitioned to a big-boy bed around 19 months or so -- Knox's age now) and Knox just has zero interest. I know kids are all different, but it's just so interesting to me how Walker seemed so big to me at this age and I still view Knox as my baby. I guess I now have someone to compare him to, which I obviously didn't have with Walker. 

Anyway, I've had a hard time finding sleep sacks big enough for him that didn't cost an arm and a leg, but I finally found these in 18-24 months for $13.99 each. I'm hoping they'll get us through at least two years old...or when Knox hopefully decides he's done with a sleep sack! ;) 

I found this Elf on the Shelf Cheat Sheet here and y'all, if you do the whole Elf thing, you need this! Ha! Brandon is pretty much in charge of that dang Elf in our house because I normally fall asleep on the couch and right as I'm walking back to bed I say, "Crap! We have to move that stupid Elf!" And he will go stick it on the mantle, in one of their stockings, on the Christmas tree, etc. 

These ideas are pretty darn creative and I applaud those of you who do this creative stuff every night! 

I am so excited about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's upcoming nuptials! He seems so down to earth, kind and funny and she's just beautiful, also down to earth and I'm just so happy for them! Another royal wedding and another royal baby in the same year...2018, you're going to be a fun one. 

Also: I can't wait to see her style evolve and see if the "Meghan Effect" is going to happen like the "Kate Effect" has. (And I'm guessing so because that gorgeous coat she wore for their engagement photocall is already sold out!) 

Emily told me about this precious sweater from Target (!!!) and I had to scoop it up. It was sold out online, but I was able to order it in-store and have them ship it to me for free. (Thanks, Target!) They're sold out everywhere in the camel color in my size, which I'm dying to have, but I got the cream color (which looks much more cream in person) and can't wait to wear it.  

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  1. Ive got to check out that sleep sack! If Graham is anything like Jack he will wear one until he goes to his Crib at 3. I need to print that Elf on the Shelf sheet..we are struggling with ideas haha. Have a great friends!

  2. Ella loves her sleep sack also! It will be interesting to see when and how she transitions out of it! Glad you found something to get you guys by in the meantime!

  3. Yes - I feel like I'm like oh it's early December then I'm like THERE'S 1 WEEKEND LEFT UNTIL CHRISTMAS and I panic lol That cheat sheet is amazing! I can't wait for the royal excitement in 2018!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. We love our sleep sack too!! Looove that Target sweater, I need to check it out!

  5. My kids are so creeped out by the Elf on the Shelf. I was honestly shocked because I thought it would be something that would be totally down their lane, but they want no parts of it. And Target always has a great selection of sweaters they and Old Navy are always my go-to.

  6. I'm looking forward to the royal wedding and baby as well. It's so nice to have something happy in the news to balance out all the dark stuff.