Friday, December 22, 2017

Friday Favorites: Last One Before Christmas

Happy Friday, friends! I can't believe we're already celebrating Christmas this weekend. This will be my last post until probably mid-next week, as we'll be doing loads of Christmas-ing with family until then. 

Here are my favorites this week: 

Not exactly a "favorite," to be honest, but we have been battling a nasty cold virus in our house for over 10 days now: high fevers, lots of snot, lots of coughs, a few trips to the pediatrician's office, more medicine doled out than I have in a long time, breathing treatments powered through and practically everything in our house washed and/or disinfected. Thankfully the boys are on the up and up and we are breaking out of the house this weekend for a couple of family Christmas events. 'Tis the season. 

I'm not sure I ever shared our Christmas card this year! (Insert monkey-covering-its-eyes emoji here.) I ordered them via Amazon Prints and was super impressed with the quality. I ordered 75 of them (which also included envelopes and return address printing on the envelopes) and used a coupon code for 50% off my entire order. My entire total was $30.44! I spent more on stamps than I did the actual cards! Further proof that there's nothing Amazon can't do. ;) 

On a recent trip home, I forgot my makeup remover wipes and face wash, and my sweet Nana came to the rescue with sample sizes of this makeup remover and this face wash...and y'all, I became addicted. She sent me home with the sample sizes and I just couldn't get enough. And, well, speaking of Amazon, I Prime'd the heck out of these two items recently and have been so pleased! 

Run, do not walk to Target to pick up this candle. I picked it up on a whim there earlier this week and it has been burning nonstop in my house. It smells delicious! 

Have y'all ever heard of Latchy Catchy? It's a door latch cover/silencer that allows the child's door to shut softly and not "click" when you close it. (Because haven't we all been there with laying your baby down only to have them wake up when the door closes?! I'm raising my hand because YES.) 

I'm kind of obsessed with sleep in this house (if you didn't know) and these amazing little contraptions help us do just that: sleep. I'm so thankful that Latchy Catchy sent us these to try out; I'll be adding these to every baby shower gift I attend from here on out...they're that good. (And I'm not just saying this because they sent it to me. I really was impressed!!!) 

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and enjoy spending time with those you love. 

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  1. Merry almost Christmas!! Ive got to try one of those door catch things, just last night I was creeping into Grahams room and trying not to let the door latch be loud haha. I hope that the boys are waking up feeling better!! Have a wonderful weekend friend and a very Merry Christmas!!

  2. I’ve seen so many people with those door things. I need to try them!! Merry Christmas friend, thankful for you!

  3. Okay those door covers are GENIUS-I know exactly what you are talking about I always have anxiety shutting the door to the boys rooms when they go to bed ;-) And I seriously LOVED your Christmas card-I need to check out Amazon Prints next year! Merry Christmas girl!

  4. We are getting over a cold too- thankfully it seems like we'll be better for Christmas!

  5. The Latchy-Catchy sounds like a great idea! Hope your family feels better and that you all have a wonderful Christmas!

  6. Brittany! These are amazing favorites!! I had no idea Amazon did Christmas cards (but now that I think about it duh, what DON'T they do?!) I'm always on the hunt of good make up remover! Thanks for sharing!