Friday, December 29, 2017

Friday Favorites: Christmas 2017 Rewind

I'm changing it up a bit this Friday and sharing a bit about our Christmas 2017. As always, it just goes by so quickly and I'm always a bit sad to see it go -- but also seemingly glad to pack up the Christmas tree and all the d├ęcor and prepare to start a new year fresh, {somewhat} less cluttered and with a new slate. 

We celebrated on Dec. 23 with my 99-year-old great-grandfather and part of our family at my parents' house. It was so special to see my boys sit on his lap; I'm so thankful for this precious man who is a World War II veteran. We all enjoyed visiting with each other, taking lots of pictures and eating a delicious Mexican food feast. 

That evening, we did things a little differently at my grandparents' house. Instead of the usual traditional Christmas dinner, my grandparents built a fire outside and we roasted hot dogs and s'mores -- and it was seriously so much fun; the kids loved it! My grandparents also had sparklers to add to the fun. ;) 

We sang "Happy Birthday" to Jesus, opened presents and alternated between the cold outdoors and visiting inside. 

On Christmas Eve, we went to church with my parents and then went to their house to celebrate Christmas with them. My mom had a beautiful table set and an amazingly delicious traditional Christmas meal made. My other set of grandparents joined us and we all enjoyed eating, visiting, opening presents and taking lots of pictures. 

My parents got each boy one of these giant teddy bears {a total grandparent gift, ha!} and Knox went absolutely crazy with delight. In fact, his bear rode in the middle seat of my SUV between their two car seats on the four-hour trek back to Dallas. 

After lunch, we drove back home to Dallas, where we immediately threw our reindeer food out for Santa's reindeer, then unpacked, put gifts away, got the boys bathed and changed into their matching Christmas jammies, read "The Night Before Christmas," put cookies and milk out for Santa and got them to bed so Santa's elves could get to work. 

Apparently our boys were very good this year! (And see those footprints? My dad did this for us one year when we were kids and it's honestly one of my very favorite childhood memories. It's one I absolutely love doing for the boys each year. It's just Brandon's boots dipped into flour and walked about on the floor, but it's so special and adds just an extra touch of magic to Christmas morning.) 

On Christmas morning, the boys were just thrilled with their gifts! They played and played and begged to go out for a ride in their new Power Wheels, but we made them wait until it was light -- and a few degrees warmer. 

This fire station has been a huge hit for our firetruck-loving boy!

"They" bought gifts for each other this year and it was so precious! Walker got Knox an ambulance and Knox got Walker a crane. They were so cute playing with their gifts to each other! 

Knox loved his Anywhere Chair and Kids Kindle Fire

Brandon knocked it out of the park for me this year: an iPhone X, Invisalign to correct my crooked front two teeth (something I've wanted for a long time), microblading for my eyebrows (also something I've wanted for a long time) -- and a weekend trip to Las Vegas in the spring to join him at the tail end of a work event. I was so excited about it all that I just bawled like a baby in my living room. I'm so thankful! 

We finally let the boys test out their new gift, which was (thankfully) a hit. Knox took a while to warm up to the idea of letting his brother drive him, and I had visions of 12 years from now. Yikes! 

I made a delicious breakfast casserole and we enjoyed that and a mimosa for breakfast. 

And then we got dressed and headed to Brandon's parents for their Christmas event. I had a lot of questions about the outfit I wore on Christmas Day, so I've linked it below. :) 

My top || my pants || my shoes

And I'm probably a horrible mom/aunt, but the crying Santa pictures will always and forever be my favorite. My nieces weren't having any of the picture-taking or Santa hats, but it's still just so adorable. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed spending time with those you love. I'll be back next week for a little recap of our post-Christmas, pre-New Year week events. :) Happy New Year!

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  1. Girl! Brandon nailed it with your Christmas gifts!! How awesome! That photo of Knox and the teddy bear...I can not handle the cuteness. And you are not alone in thinking those pictures of crying kids are hilarious/adorable, I can not get enough! I was sure that Camden was going to FREAK out about Santa and I'd get a good freak-out picture but no. Ahh maybe our next kid!

  2. What an amazing Christmas with your sweet family! And dang, your husband did AMAZING with your gifts! Don't you love when they really listen to what you want vs. what they think you want sometimes?! Also, your two boys are just too cute. So precious! Happy nearly New Year, sweet friend!

  3. Wow Brandon did a great job with the Christmas gifts! I love how most the things he got you were "experiences" rather than "stuff!" Sounds like your family had an amazing Christmas! I'm tucking the flour on boots idea away for when I have kids!

  4. Dang girl, Brandon spoiled you! You deserve it!! What a perfect Christmas!

  5. Aww your family is so precious! It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. Happy New Year to you!

  6. What a wonderful Christmas! So so nice you got to come home and do Christmas at your own house and still see family. Brandon totally knocked it out of the park with the gifts - how much fun!!