Monday, November 27, 2017

Weekending: Thanksgiving Style

The turkey has been eaten, family has been hugged, gifts have been purchased and I'm scouring Cyber Monday sales today. How was your Thanksgiving? 

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving in my hometown with my family and it was just so special to be able to spend time with my parents, siblings, grandparents and aunts/uncles/cousins. My heart was so full. Here's a peek into it via my iPhone snaps: 


+ We left early Wednesday morning to make the four-hour trek -- but not before the boys donned superhero masks and ran all their energy out. ;)

+ Our car trip consisted of me squished between the boys' car seats in the middle row doling out snacks, lunch and consoling Knox, who absolutely hates the car and screams, "OUT! OUT!" the entire time. #momlife

+ Wednesday night, my dad grilled hamburgers and my grandparents joined us at my parents' house for a yummy Thanksgiving Eve supper. 

+ We stay with my grandparents when we go to my hometown, so we took the boys back over to their house for baths and bed, then stayed up late visiting with my grandparents over a glass of wine and I helped my grandmother get ready to host the big meal. 


+ We actually did something different this year and spent Thanksgiving with my grandparents (my dad's parents) instead of going to Louisiana like we normally do with my mom's side of the family. In my 30 years, I can't remember the last time I spent Thanksgiving with my grandparents -- and I wanted my boys to spend time with their cousins -- so we called an audible this year and spent Thanksgiving in my hometown...and it was absolutely wonderful. 

+ The boys woke up early and watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and were clearly loving watching it and Walker's favorite, the Rockettes. ;) 

+ We had a delicious lunch at my Nana's gorgeous table. She made that centerpiece (!!!). Clearly I didn't inherit the creativity gene. 

+ The boys got to play with all of mine and my cousins' old toys that my Nana saved, which was actually super sweet to watch. 

+ I didn't manage to get a family picture of my four, but I did get a few! My Nana went above and beyond with the meal: turkey, ham, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, black-eyed peas, rolls, cranberry sauce, pecan pie, pumpkin pie, chocolate crumb dessert and homemade custard. I was stuffed!

+ After a lazy afternoon, we took the boys to look at my hometown's special Christmas lights display in a local park and it didn't disappoint! 


+ We met Emily and her daughter at another local park to go on a walk {in our umbrella stroller, ha!}. Brandon took Walker to play on the playground while Knox and I walked with Emily and Betsy, and it was so great catching up with her! It was so cute watching Walker slide down the same slide I used to play on as a little girl, too. 

+ We met my family for lunch on the porch at my mom's store, Home Grown, and then let the boys run some energy out before naps. 

+ That afternoon, Walker had his first hunt! My dad took Brandon, Walker, my sister, one of my brothers and his girlfriend all out to the deer lease to go hunting; I was so glad Walker got to take part! Brandon said he was whispering loudly and asking question after question and when they saw a fawn, tried to get her to come close to the stand so he could see her. ;) Knox and I went to my mom's store to help her get ready for their big "Shop Small Saturday" event while the crew hunted. 

+ Knox and I met everyone back at my parents' house for dinner and the boys loved watching the original "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" in my parents' tub, and then we all got cozy on the living room couch to finish the show. 

+ We got the boys to bed at my grandparents and stayed up again with them visiting, watching football and having a glass of wine. 


+ It was "Shop Small Saturday," so we visited my mom's store to do a little shopping and see everyone before we left for home. It was all so beautifully decorated for Christmas! 

We had to get a picture on the porch before we left!
L-R: Me, my sister Maggie, my mom, my Nana and my aunt 
+ We made the four-hour drive home, which was always eventful with two kiddos (including sitting in loads of traffic), but it was so nice to be home and get unpacked and settled. We had a lazy evening of a frozen pizza for supper, football on TV and an early night for the boys. 


+ Loads of sicknesses are going around our church nursery (RSV and Hand, Foot & Mouth being the biggest ones), so Brandon stayed home with the boys while I went to church. 

+ We spent the afternoon being nice and lazy, cuddling on the couch and taking naps all around. After naps, we made Brandon's grandmother's tea cake recipe. There may or may not have been an instance in which Walker turned the mixer on high after I had just loaded it with flour -- and flour may or may not have flown all over my kitchen -- but it was still so fun and sweet and such a wonderful memory-maker. :)

I hope everyone's Thanksgiving was wonderful! 


And don't forget to join Emily, Owen and me THIS Wednesday for another installment of our Ultimate Gift Guides link-up! This week, we'll be sharing gift ideas for men. :)  

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  1. Im so glad you all spent Thanksgiving with your grandparents. I know those will be sweet memories that last forever!! And a great way to round out a fun weekend by baking tea cakes with your loves! I may be inspired to do the same sometime thins week!

  2. So sweet that you could spend the holiday with your grandparents. What a memorable trip! That centerpiece is amazing!

  3. What a special Thanksgiving spent with your grandparents! Your grandmother's set up is just beautiful and that centerpiece - wowza!! She has skills and needs to teach us her ways! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

  4. That is so wonderful that you spent Thanksgiving with your grandparents. That centerpiece is beautiful. Your grandmother is very talented.

  5. What a fun and wonderful Thanksgiving!! So glad you were able to stay and do it with your grandparents :)

  6. Oh no! The flour! Lol Looks like a great time of being with family! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Sounds like a perfect holiday - how cute is your mom's store?! Love local shops, my Mom & I have an Etsy shop together.


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