Thursday, November 9, 2017

Thoughts for Thursday: Brandon's Grilled Cheese Recipe

One of my favorite meals is grilled cheese -- especially this time of the year. And man oh man, does my husband have grilled cheese down pat. 

I know, you're thinking: "How hard is it to stick a slice of cheese on a piece of buttered bread and toast it on the stovetop?!" But, as Elle Woods said, "Well, this is so much better than that!" 

Bread. Butter. Turkey {or ham}. Guacamole. All toasted to perfection on a griddle. Yes ma'am. Bonus points if it's served with a side of tomato soup. 

Brandon's Grilled Cheese

+ 2 pieces sandwich bread
+ 2 pieces sliced cheddar cheese
+ 2 TBSP guacamole {homemade or store bought}
+ 2 slices deli turkey or ham {more if thinly sliced} 
+ Butter 

+ Heat the griddle 325*. 
+ Lightly butter one side of both pieces of bread. (Be sure to not over-butter so as to ensure a crunchy grilled cheese vs. a soggy one.) 
+ Place buttered sides of bread face down on griddle. Lay the cheese on both pieces of bread.  Next, put your choice of meat on one piece of the bread. On top of that, add your guacamole. Marry the two and flip occasionally every 30 seconds until it's a nice, crispy, golden brown. 
+ Move to a plate and cut into triangles and serve. 

*Yield: One sandwich 

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  1. yum this sounds so good!! Guac on a grilled cheese, genius!!

  2. Yum! I love grilled cheese, but especially with guac!

  3. OMG guac on a grilled cheese, never even thought about that! YUMMY!

  4. Oh my, this sounds amazing!!! Totally saving this!

  5. Grilled cheese is seriously our favorite - looks delicious!

  6. I had a grilled cheese for lunch, but it didn't look like this. Sounds fantastic!


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